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She Loves 2 Shop…..There is a message in this name.

Talking to She Loves 2 Shop was an amazing experience. She Loves 2 Shop is a down to earth, God loving person with a view about the wold that Greg notices that we are in the midst of turmoil. And Greg believes That the world needs to be more aware of the state of things that are happening in our society. She Love 2 shop incorporates these views in his music. The meaning behind the name “ She Loves 2 Shop” will be revealed at the end of this review…

My first question was tell us about how you became a musician/ songwriter? Tell the readers a little bit about She Loves 2 shop. This is what he had to say.

I was raised in a musical family. My father was a guitar player and singer , had his own country/Rockabilly dance bands.

We had music at Grandmas house every Christmas , Aunts & Uncles cousins everybody sand and played either a guitar or the piano.

Pretty stunning renditions of the Christmas Classics, white Christmas, Silent Night, Come All Ye faithful etc...

I played a violin for a year , moved on to a trumpet ( more flash) and then started guitar at 14 yrs/old ...

Was playing in a band (electric gtr ) with my younger brother , he played bass, at 17 yrs old.. we made money with a drummer and a lead singer.

We got jobs at the same clubs/bars our Dad played, In fact about half our songs we learnt from his band ... The owners loved us, everybody did.

The old ladies use to get a kick out of us young boys up there on stage , lol. Our singer school chum was a natural entertainer/comedian !

And our drummer was a child prodigy , we slayed them with Wipeout and other cool tunes.

I just liked the idea of having fun watching the crowd groove. It's a natural high getting paid to have fun and we were our own bosses.

So I wanted to be a lead guitar player like my Dad , but better ! My Dad didn't write songs but I started because i didn't think it was that hard to do.

I really learnt how to write songs when I quit trying to write, I wanted to sing but wasn't very good at singing other peoples songs... lol

so I made my on songs that I could sing, and the more I sing the better I get, If you can talk , you can sing THATS my attitude towards it.

So I became my own style ... out of necessity .

My next question for She Loves 2 Shop was, What influenced you to become a musician, for example favorite band, issues in your community, the state of our wold… ect?

My Dad and older cousins who could play Rock guitar. I have always been aware of my surroundings so I pull influence from other instruments, genres  etc .. by dad like country and 50's music , my mom liked classical and Big band Swing ...

I liked the 60's and 70's Rock I learnt on .. going into the 80's we had the big Hair band thing.. I liked Punk and Hard Rock ...

The alternative bands I found great in the 90's. Songwriters everybody knows that I studied Lennon, Cobain and tons of others.

Next question I asked She Loves 2 Shop was, What are some of your songs and their meanings?

Sometimes I don't know but vaguely what they mean ...

The song ...    Walk With Me ... is a fantasy about a guy wanting to take a girl he likes on a date. thinks about her but has doubts she'd accept

Taking her to Jurassic park I think is his way of saying I might be scary but it may be thrilling .

So he tells her he's a risk but he’s also not gonna let anything bad happen to her, he seems to enjoy teasing her !

Mother Hurt - Is about living in the modern age of Oil energy dependance. The crucial lifeline of oil is a vulnerable catastrophic event , happening now

Mother earth is feeling fine ... the planet will survive , mean while it’s business as usual as people , go about in an ignorant bliss? denial?

This following question was, how do you explain your music style?

My Music Style ... Is the Sum of all Ive seen and heard ... Spit out by my attitude as a fighter for the people, a voice for the simple upright truth loving person.

When I asked She Loves 2 Shop What is your writing process this is what he had to say…

My writing process ... has been something as simple as sitting with my acoustic guitar and feeling inspired ... to sitting at the Recording Desk and creating from scratch a multi-track that I work out into a finished song adding the parts as inspired by what I am given as do this . It’s all about decisions.

My Take on She Loves 2 Shop single… “Walk With Me” that was released in 2021

First thing right off the bat you get hit with powerful drums accompanying with a wall of electric guitars. Then the vocals come in with…” would you love to talk a walk with me!”…”Would you like to take a walk with me to Jurassic park”, suggesting that the world is a zoo perhaps? The style of the music borderlines puke rock in my opinion, with punchy drum lines and the lyrics a bit playful. The song itself has a bit of the Ramones with a Sound Garden    feel to it. Guitar solo is interesting fades into a synth sound like time ticking then back to the chorus….. would like to take a walk….

All around I think this is a really good Track very original with hints of a lady screams when Jurassic Park is mentioned adding a bit of dark humor and with a quirky references stating keep off the grass…

She Loves 2 Shop described 2 more songs in his words and this is what he said….

Why Oh You

She Loves 2 Shop has a song called Why Oh You the back story of this song    is quite sad but I think that people can relate to it one what or another. The story told to me by She Likes 2 Shop goes … Greg had a girl friend who was a fantastic poet. She wrote a poem titled Sunshine to Shadows. Greg asked her if he could put it to music, she said yes. Greg was inspired and it was the first song her ever wrote. Greg was 17 years old and the year was 1978.

Greg just recently recorded it for the first time and had to add a chorus to her verse as he recorded it for the first time.

Greg said from the beginning it spoke to him as the emotion of attachment fondness and endearing heartache at being apart…the verses are as she wrote them. The chorus is his input as to finish the idea. Greg instantly was able to recall the words to her poem and it has been with him all this time.

Greg says he has no idea what has become of her, but he always had sympathetic feelings for her.

The next song is call…. DAMN

The Song DAMN is also about love heart emotion of wanting, in this song it is about recognizing the want and thinking it is unhealthy to be obsessive, causing emotional distractions and also recognizing it needs to stop as in a painful attraction Greg states. DAMN is the most recent song that he has written. Greg had thought to include it on his next album, but he felt it came out very well and would compliment the tracks on his upcoming    album PROFANITY In April 2022.

I asked She Loves 2 Shop what are some of your releases this is what he had to say.

My Release's

In April 2021 I released The Album SHE LOVES 2 SHOP , The Debut Album It contains the song SHE LOVES 2 SHOP , the title track. It contains 13 songs. One instrumental DARKSIDE

In December 2021 I released The Album DEAD RIGHT & BLEW ... the opening track is Mother Hurt , it contains 13 songs, One instrumental FEAR GOD

In April 2022 I will release The Album PROFANITY ... the opening track is NOT NOT MAD , it contains 13 songs , One instrumental HOLY MOUNTAIN

Here are the links where you can find She Loves 2 Shop work:


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Or his songwhip

The following question that I asked was, How do you feel about the state of the world today? And how does it affect you and your work? This was Greg’s Answer..

Todays current world situation ... Is very bothersome and I am compelled to condemn the evil and fight, condoning the prevalent belief system that is widely held , where wrong is right , up is down and the self reigns supreme to the natural order of spiritual law.

It effects my works in that it is my hope that people can find spiritual peace and believe in Love and live in harmony with the will of the creator in their hearts.

And here we come to the conclusion of this review. What does “ She Loves 2 Shop” stand for, and why did you choose the name? This is how I sums up what Greg’s message is…

SHE LOVES 2 SHOP…. Metaphorically is represents America, being    materialistic in their beliefs, behavior thru consumerism .

The selfish behavior of materialism that is taught and worshipped in place of a spiritual DIVINE nature, vulgarity, and profanity are applauded.

America has become the leader in atheism. Selling her self to the followers of the world. How this monopoly has enslaved the people.

But It doesn't need to include you.

Article by SchizoFranic

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