Welcome to the Wild Side

L-da Wild (@ldawild on Twitter) makes music

I got a promotion message on Instagram. In many ways, it was different. It was gentle.

So, I listened to L-da Wild.

Besides working with music, she is a yoga-teacher, an entrepreneur, and into NFT's.

The first thing that struck me with L-da, was not her music. It was her cover image. A strong image of a woman muted by love.

Then, I listened. And kept listening.

The first song I heard was «Worthy», the title track of her latest album.

Her honesty and lyrics moved me.

Then I heard «In the Making», then «Graveyard».

Sweet harmonies. Lyrics with meaning and compassion for the human condition.

«Do not give up on who you are.

You won’t finish the fight without a few scars».

Lend an ear to L-da’s musical universe.

I suggest you start with one of the songs mentioned above, or perhaps «Hero», which spoke to me on so many levels. Spiritually, emotionally & cognitively.

(Håkon has spent his life as a servant leader. www.earthhouse.church - @mancient_com on Twitter, Mancient on streaming services).

Gotta Have Faith

Pre-release review: “Just to show my Love” by The Word66

It has been said; “With great power comes great responsibility”.

I have written a few reviews. And in every review I write, I want to show respect to the creator.

As an artist, I know the dedication and grit it takes simply to create. As a man of faith, I know the burning desire to share.

The Word66 is a Christian band out of Las Vegas. Their debut EP, “On the way to the promise land”, based on the book of Exodus, and got a lot of attention worldwide, both in Christian circles and among mainstream Rock-fans.

They covered “Spirit in the Sky”, a song I have enjoyed in many incarnations since the early 80’s. Fascinating in its ambiguity.

The band consists of Steve Scott, Brian Torres and Dave Murray.

Steve lost his faith for 14 years. Then, he returned. And he wants to share!

On their website, https://www.theword66.com, you'll find scripture. Such as “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.”

IMHO, among the most beautiful and hope-filled parts of the Bible.

But let’s get back to the music.

Just to show you my Love is in many ways a classic rock-song. Danny Miranda, whom rock aficionados may recognise as the bass player of Queen and Blue Oyster Cult, chimes in with some nice bass licks.

I have written a few songs myself. One challenge I have found, which I also find in my work as a monk and priest, is “preaching without preaching”. I can’t abide people who try to save me. “You just gotta …” - fill in the blanks with the commandments of the religion you adhere to.

This is where the lyrics of this song shines. It speaks of “giving thanks”, about “showing love”, about “open up my heart to you”. The personal experience of faith, as opposed to the often judgemental expression of organised religion.

One of the finest contemporary worship singers I know is Lauren Daigle. And though the genre and expression is very different, I got the same vibe from these lyrics.

Packaged in a classic rock song.

Connect with The Word66 on their website, and on Twitter: @theword66.

And, for the curious... No. The D of Word should not be mirrored. There are no beastly numbers in their band name. But there are 66 books in the Bible.

Article by mAncient. Haakon is on Twitter: @mancient_com. He has a book:

Feeling Nostalgic?

Nostalgia by satosii

Satosii is a Twitter friend from Tokyo, who creates wistful electronica landscapes.

Nostalgia is a mellow and kind composition that shows the power of music to construct images …

For me … The long summerdays of childhood. My first real keyboard, a Korg M1, on which I typed in patches from Keyboard Magazine. Small moments … the bird that, as I write these words, flitters around in a bush outside my window.

The LoFi vibe, enhanced by guitars and pianos, the minor keys that are punctuated by bursts of well-placed dissonance, sometimes going into Asian scales that at first may sound strange to a Western ear ...

Quote from satosii’s Spotify bio: “Every sky repeats life and death, light and dark”

Lend your ear to satosii. Twitter: @satosii_music

Article by mAncient
(Håkon likes music. @mancient_com on Twitter).
Above Image: "Sunset over Lilla Le (by mAncient)"

Long Night

Preview: Long Night by John Ashraf

I quite enjoy singing. It has been an integral part of my life for 33 years, which was when I took my first professional lesson.

Towards the end of my first album, Livet er, I changed direction. Started creating electronica: Earth House, my own genre.

But singing has stayed with me, especially once I discovered Smule and StarMaker, two karaoke apps.

Here, I discovered music cultures that were foreign, yet familiar. Unknown scales. Unfamiliar intervals. Singing Mitwa in Hindi, a language I don’t know … fascinating.

And that is an appropriate term for John Ashraf’s new song, Long Night, which will be released January 22’nd.

He is an Egyptian producer, who enjoys exploring genres. His first release, a Future Bass-track called Let’s Go Now, gained recognition on several Spotify playlists and one editorial playlist on Anghami.

The vocalist, Marina Lother, graduated from Assiut University with a music degree.

What caught my attention with this song is the combination of various cultures. It is Disco House, with a strong Oriental flavour. The instrumentation of bass, rises, and elements should make any lovers of the genre listen more than once, and brings images to my mind of people swaying by the pyramids, the winds cooling their bodies while the music lights up their hearts.

Marina’s voice is wistful and very well placed in the mix.

Connect with John here: https://ffm.bio/vamxnwl for a chance to hear his song on release day!

Article by mAncient
(Haakon is on Twitter: @mancient_com).


Sounds of the Sunshine City

This week I was given the opportunity to be introduced to a talented singer and songwriter called Mason Rose Gray (Twitter: @masonrosegray1) and listened to the release named ‘SURVIVE’.

The sound of a bright acoustic guitar delicately placed on top of a bed of rain and gentle distant thunder. The soft and emotional vocals rest stunningly in the mix, the verses tell a story and sets the tone beautifully for the rest of the song.

I really enjoyed listening to ‘SURVIVE’ as it gave me a sense of comfort and security... We all experience troubled times now and again, and this song was like a subtle fresh breeze blowing across an otherwise perfectly still and serene lake.

I wanted to spotlight ‘SURVIVE’ so placed it onto my ‘The Best of Indie & Unsigned Talent’ playlist HERE

I decided to reach out and see if Mason would mind answering a few questions and of course, she did not hesitate to contact me and explained she would be honoured to!

So, Mason... Would you mind telling me about where you are from?

“I was born in Arizona but grew up in Florida. I moved to California for 7 1/2 years but moved back to be with family due to COVID. I’m currently residing in an adorable small town called St. Petersburg, with an incredible art scene. One of my hobbies is to find murals around the city and create dances to various music. You can check them out on my Instagram (@masonrosegray)”

When did you first start writing and performing music?

“I started writing lyrics when I was younger and would sing when no one was home. It wasn't until I went through a breakup and major self-transformation in my 20's, that I revisited writing and music. Since then, lyrics have been pouring out of me. I write a song a day with my guitar, most of the time just freestyling to keep the creativity alive. Lyrics and melodies pop into my head while driving, thank god for voice memos.”

What is the story or message behind your music?

“I started creating music with the sole intention of shining light into the dark and exposing the truth, my sound blends indie, folk and blues with honest and raw lyrics, unlocking a whole new world; the good, the bad, the ugly. A unique and infectious sound, encouraging self-love and ultimately providing the key to happiness.”

What hopes, goals or dreams do you wish to achieve from the release of your music?

“I'm currently working on an album called OMNIPRESENCE. My dream is to tour and be on the big stage! Although, I know it's a process. I'm enjoying every moment of it and soaking it all in.”

Lastly, are you able to tell me who or what influences and inspires you as a musician the most?

“Wow, that’s a tough one. There are so many amazing and talented artists. I find inspiration through several of them. Billie Eilish is a musical genius, the way she navigates words with her voice is an out of body experience. I find it magical and mesmerizing. Maggie Rogers vocals, lyrics and production style is outrageous and I absolutely look up to her as a mentor. I also love David Bowies eccentric style and jovial personality, it’s intoxicating. His music makes me feel out of this world.”

It was great catching up with Mason and being able to hear her story. A talented singer and songwriter from Florida and you can check out the rest of her music HERE

Or you can keep up with what she is doing on social media below:

IG: @masonrosegray

Twitter: @masonrosegray1

Facebook: MasonRoseGray

TikTok: @masonrosegray

Article by Anthony Hurney. Find him HERE


Mei-lan Maurits

I remember the first time I heard Mei-lan Maurits singing. A tender woman, accompanied by her crystal bowls, diamonds in her voice...

She has close to half a mill followers on Facebook, yet still takes time to answer all requests personally.

When I reached out to her, telling her I would love to sing with her one day, and asking for permission to use her music, her reply was "you can use all my music as long as you credit me.".

Now, that is a generosity that is rare in the world of music. And spirituality.

If you haven't met Mei-lan, start here: https://youtu.be/Qe_M2tsOs1k

From her website:

"On my spiritual path, I have learned that in order to truly serve and to fulfill what I came here to do, I had to learn to love, honor, and respect myself. I needed to learn to hold myself in reverence and remember that I am sacred and worthy of love. I also realized during this time that everything, including each of our thoughts, carries a vibration that releases out into the universe and is felt through all humanity and the Earth. This is what began my path of healing and empowerment." (https://mei-lanmaurits.com)

Wise words. If you forget that you are an integral part of this beautiful creation, that you are worthy of respect, love and care - how can you give it to others?

Take some time off from your worries. Be blessed by the healing voice of Mei-lan.

(Haakon (@mancient_com on Twitter) is a father. This is his church:

He's Not a Hermit

Peter Noone – Herman’s Hermits

Yeah, that Peter Noone. Seriously. Herman’s Hermits had so many hits you just have to go and look for yourself because I’m tired of typing. They existed alongside the other greats like The Beatles, The Kinks, The Who and, well you get the picture. Fully part of the British invasion. The one that didn’t involve tanks and bombers. For years in the sixties, the Hermits were constantly in the top billboard charts. And blow me but I only got to interview the voice of Herman’s Hermits!

If you could be any other musician past or present, which one would it be and why?
I think Louis Armstrong because he was the real thing and always enjoyed PLAYING music.

If you had to name one song from any genre that really speaks to you, which one would it be and why?
“I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate”. One good version is Frances Faye. Fun and bright and I never made a dance song, and this was one that made my mum and dad dance.

Note: All together now… shimmy. Dude, what’s a shimmy?

Are you a Mulder or Scully? Do you believe aliens have visited planet earth and if so what do you think they think about mankind?
I am just a human from humans. Just minding my own little world one day at a time.

Note: Have you ever considered politics Peter? Evasion tactics like that would go a long way.

What was the happiest day of your life and why?
I ‘m hoping its tomorrow and a surprise.

Note: Amen to that.

If “God” (whatever your idea is on that) were stood before you now, what one question would you ask him/her and why?
Hiya G-d. Why did you chose me for all the good luck?

Note: Now if we could all say that!

Extracted from the new book, Minds Behind the Music. Featuring over 80 music legends. More HERE

Too Noisy?

It’s Time to Make some Noise!

Noisecide are an upcoming Industrial-Metal band from Asunción, the capital city of Paraguay.

I had the pleasure of being introduced to frontman Danicide and the bands hit single ‘Get Together’ last year on social media, since then the band have had many successful releases.

Noisecide skilfully blend elements of Rock, Metal, Industrial, Dubstep and Cyberpunk into one truly unique and powerful sound.

With hits like ‘Failing Upwards’, ‘My Desires’ and ‘Killer Instinct’... Noisecide are quickly taking the underground metal scene by storm.

I recently got in touch with Dani and the band to see how they were doing and to ask them a few questions about Noisecide.

I am interested to find out how Noisecide was formed, are you able to tell me the history of the band?

“The band consolidated in 2018, originally it was a one-man project created by Danicide in 2012, after that he started to create demos, and then he started to make auditions to consolidate the band.”

Do you have any achievements or goals you hope for the release of your new single ‘High Tech Slash Low Life’?

“We hope to reach people with our new single and hope they like it as much as we do, it was just released and is getting some attention actually, placed in a few playlists already, so, we hope the best for every single we release.”

I am curious to know, who are some of your biggest influences or inspirations?

“NIN, Zeromancer, Extra Terra, Frustration Experiences and Technology to name but a few...”

Finally, climate change and environmental issues are appearing in the news a lot recently, what are your thoughts or opinions about this?

“We are not too much aware of these environmental issues, but we try to keep up to date with this, there is too much info on the internet about climate change and we think we should listen to both parts, some people say there is not such a change, and some people say yes, so, we have to inform ourselves more to have a better conclusion or a better panorama in our opinion.”

Noisecide are an awesome band with a distinct and recognisable sound, and perhaps one day in the future I would love to do a collaboration with them! Their new single ‘High Tech Slash Low Life’ is an absolutely incredible record, I liked it so much that it found its way onto my ‘The Best of Indie & Unsigned Talent’ Spotify playlist HERE.

You can check out Noisecide and all of the band's other releases on Spotify HERE.

If you would like more information about the band and what they are getting up to, you can visit the official website HERE.

Article by Anthony Hurley. Find him HERE 

Got Any Broken Pottery?

Just as the Phoenix rises from the ashes once more...

Kintsugi 金継ぎ - The Japanese art of mending broken pottery by filling the damaged areas with lacquer.

This is the story and inspiration behind Matt Jaffe (Twitter: @MattJaffeMusic) and the new album ‘Kintsugi’.

In January 2019 Matt unfortunately suffered a seizure onstage, landing on and wrecking his acoustic guitar that he had owned for 12 years. After approaching several luthiers to try and have the guitar repaired, Matt had almost given up hope. That was until Schoenberg Guitars (SF) took on the job and provided Matt with a superb result, filling in the space between the shards of wood with a caramel-coloured epoxy.

As several of Matt’s friends noted the similarity between the repaired guitar and Kintsugi, and also after the surgical reconstruction of his skull following a 2015 craniotomy, Matt decided that he had the perfect name for his album.

Just as a Phoenix will rise from the ashes once more, Kintsugi is a story of destruction and rebirth which Matt has found through his new music.

Matt is a talented singer and songwriter from San Francisco and I had the pleasure of listening to Kintsugi today. Featuring tracks such as ‘Cut Me Down the Middle’ and my personal favourite ‘Voodoo Doll’, the album portrays his story perfectly.

Being a fan of artists such as Bowie, Neil Young and E.L.O, I found the listening experience of ‘Kintsugi’ an absolute pleasure and have added it to my own personal playlist!

However Matt is truly unique and tells a story that everybody needs to hear, which is so beautifully and perfectly reflected in his music.

I highly recommend checking out the album on Spotify HERE

If you want to keep up with what Matt is doing, you can follow him on Twitter HERE

Review by Anthony Hurney (Twitter HERE)

Band of Gold

Freda Payne Speaks to Minds

Singer and actress, Freda Payne is a legend. She is the older sister of Scherrie Payne, a singer in a little group called the Supremes and has been entertaining us from the 1960’s. In the 1970’s her hit “Band of Gold” was huge and since then she’s starred in movies, on stage, had a talk show and much more.

But bless her, she still had time for little old me.

If you could be any other musician past or present, which one would it be and why?
I would like to of been Hazel Scott, she was an African-American pianist affluent in all genres of music. She played in night clubs as well as concert halls in the United States as well as Europe. She was married to congressman Adam Clayton Powell. My reason for wanting to be her is that she was a true Renaissance woman.. She accomplished many things and was an excellent concert pianist in the classical feel. She stood up for herself and was afraid of nothing.

If you had to name one song from any genre that really speaks to you, which one would it be and why?
“Here’s to Life”. The lyrics are simply philosophical and sobering, recognizing one’s mortality and the desire to continue to live and accomplish more things in life.

Are you a Mulder or Scully? Do you believe aliens have visited planet earth and if so what do you think they think about mankind?
I am neither a Mulder or a Scully. Yes, I most definitely feel that aliens have visited planet earth and that there are probably humanoids walking around among us. They probably think we are idiots and are stupid.

Note: Then you’re a Mulder and the FBI have a file on you.

What was the happiest day of your life and why?
When I had my son. Because it was life-changing and it changed me for the better. Even my body chemistry had changed.

Note: Same for me, only it was my bank account that changed.

If “God” (whatever your idea is on that) were stood before you now, what one question would you ask him/her and why? I'd ask why are we here?
If God stood before me I would ask him why does he allow so many horrible things to happen to mankind and why did he allow this pandemic to come upon us.

This is an extract from the Book, Minds Behind the Music. More HERE

The Remnants

Welcome to The Remnants

The musicians in The Remnants, Mark and Alex, grew up together in the same Berkshire town. Two of the original members of punk band, The Nasca Lines, bonded over their shared passions for sound, rhythm and beats.

Each member brings a unique musical aesthetic to the band and over the years they've grown comfortable jumping genres and mashing up influences.

Born of One-Nighters
Starting out in Mark's front room they soon got signed by Heavy traffic music and released an EP, You Make Me Smile, as well as a debut album, All That Remains. Now available on all digital platforms. They logged dozens of gigs with the occasional festival appearance, in towns around Berkshire UK. Their time playing live has made them musically tight.

Looking to the Future
They have more gigs lined up across Berkshire, they're in talks with a label and are hoping to release a second album in 2022. They're also going to appear on the next Born Free Foundation fundraising album from Minds Behind the Music Records.

Please check out their live recordings at

Or listen to their single, Lockdown here

The Duke of the Kingdom of Atlantis Speaks

Like The Stars

So, just like in the book (Minds Behind the Music) where we asked over 80 music stars the same ten questions, we've decided to ask those same questions of indie music stars too. Why? Because it's fun, that's why.

We start with a colourful character. A man who I personally have a lot of time for. My friend and brother in spirit, mAncient.


Haakon Rian Mancient Ueland is a Norwegian-born living Buddha. He makes music, works with healing and coaching, and though he dislikes the term “influencer”, he can be a stubborn biatch that knows how to use his network when the cause is important.

He lives with his dog, Trollheads Nessi, in Ed, a small town in Sweden.

"The Sigil of Archangel Gabriel, the Hammer of Tor, and a wedding band"

He recently became State Minister of Arts, Culture and Science & Duke in the Kingdom of Atlantis; a sovereign decentralised kingdom (
www.kingdom-of-atlantis.com), and is an ambassador of GGA (www.globalgoodwillambassadors.org)

His church is online on www.earthhouse.church, and he is a proud participant in the first MBtM’s charity albums (video at the top).

He is a child welfare worker, which is a specialised type of social worker, and a celibate monk.

His socials are here: https://linktr.ee/mancient where you also find a link to his book, “The Glass Onion - Making of a Buddha”. And his music!

If you could be any other musician past or present, which one would it be and why?
Wow… tough question! I would want to be an amalgam. I want to have Bobby McFerrin’s and Lady Gaga’s voices - with a dash of Freddie Mercury, the stage presence and “total artist ability” of Bowie and Madonna, and Beethoven & Theodorakis compositional abilities. Oh … and the deep bass notes of Martti Talvela … now, there is warm growl! I want to move like Jagger & Beyonce, to write lyrics like Kari Jobe, Bono & Lauren Daigle, and be able to be fully in the moment like the two kings; Elvis and MJ.

The Questions

If you had to name one song from any genre that really speaks to you, which one would it be and why?
The first song I remember hearing. “My Sweet Lord”. It touched me like a … feather to my soul. I believe I was two or three?

Are you a Mulder or Scully? Do you believe aliens have visited planet earth and if so what do you think they think about mankind?
Initially? Mulder. I want to believe. Then Scully sets in … with her clear head and scientific mindset.

But yes … I believe that aliens have visited us, and that they walk among us today. They go under different names. Some come in animal form. Each one have a purpose, and collectively it is to lift Humanity.

What was the happiest day of your life and why?
May 9’th 1994. February 2’nd, 1999. August 29’th, 2003.
The birthdates of my three children.

If “God” (whatever your idea is on that) were stood before you now, what one question would you ask him/her and why?
“When you sang the universe into existence, what key was it in?”

As an expressive artist in the music industry, how does the state of the planet make you feel?
Honestly? It brings me down, if i don't shield myself sufficiently. And that is in spite of all the wonderful sentient beings doing so much to help us.

Let me quote a man of wisdom:
“We’re talking about a species that permits 1.7 billion of its members to go their entire lives without a drop of clean water; that seems not to be bothered by the fact that 1.6 billion still do not have electricity; that looks the other way as 2.6 billion exist without indoor toilets; that allows over 650 of its children to die of starvation every hour. There has been armed conflict somewhere on this planet for 92% of recorded history. One member of our species commits suicide every 40 seconds. In 2017, just under 465,000 of us were murdered. Add the numbers in these statistics and you get a pretty good idea of how well our species is doing as a civilization. And if you think our ideas about God have little to do with all of this, think again. 80% of civil law in most of the countries of Europe and the West is based on Canon Law. In other words, the teachings of a religion.” (Neale Donald Walsch. The God Solution: The Power of Pure Love (p. 5). Phoenix Books. Kindle Edition).

Do you think as a person of some influence that there is a duty on us to help influence humanity for the better?

What one cause would you say you feel most associated with and why? Whether it’s equality, poverty, politics, the environment or other?
I guess I could chose “all the above and more”. But my prime cause is simple: to make tomorrow’s world better for our children in all ways. And with "children" I don't only mean the human species ... we are the shepherds of Mother Gaia.

If you were stood before the leaders of the world, what would you say to them?
“Dear friends. I want to take you back to the moment you decided that you wanted to devote your life to politics.

When I look at your faces, I know that you came to the position you are, in not from a place of greed. Not from a hunger for power or to hurt the planet.
You came from love.

Now, please consider … what is the single thing you can do tomorrow that will truly help out planet?

Happy 22. Now, go out and do it.”

And finally my last question is in fact one written by Freddie Mercury in the song “Is This the World We Created”:
If there's a God in the sky, looking down
What can he think of what we've done
To the world that He created?
You Can Do Better!

He's a Super Tramp!

John Anthony Helliwell – Supertramp

Saxophonist, keyboardist, singer and much more John Anthony Helliwell is a member of that truly super group, Supertramp. Not to name drop or anything, but he also played with Pink Floyd on their album, A Momentary Lapse of Reason, and to be honest, just go do a web search, because he’s into just about everything with everybody. How on earth he managed to find time to answer my questions I don’t know, but I’m grateful he did, or the book would have been too thin.

If you could be any other musician past or present, which one would it be and why?
Julian “Cannonball” Adderley, because of his musicianship, soul, artistry, and sheer ebullience.

Note: Cannonball Adderley was an acclaimed saxophonist in the 50’s and 60’s.

If you had to name one song from any genre that really speaks to you, which one would it be and why?
“You’ve Got A Friend” sung by Donny Hathaway, from his album “Live.” A great song, great sentiments sung about, the best voice, a wonderful audience who sing like angels, a crack band — just one track from the very best live album ever!

Note: A crack band is not one of those 60’s psychedelic bands getting high on too much powder.

Are you a Mulder or Scully? Do you believe aliens have visited planet earth and if so what do you think they think about mankind?
I lean towards Scully and if aliens ever visited Earth, I don’t think that they would have been too impressed with us.

What was the happiest day of your life and why?
Yesterday — I have lived nearly 40 million minutes, and my heart has beaten about 2.5 billion times, and I am grateful for having survived that long.

Note: How on Earth did you manage to keep count?

If “God” (whatever your idea is on that) were stood before you now, what one question would you ask him/her and why?
“Why do you allow such pain, death, and disaster to be perpetrated by evil people on the world’s populace?” I cannot countenance such bringers of war and catastrophes.

Extract from the book: Minds Behind the Music. More HERE

We Are Not Alone...

The Coherent Alliance - “Forest Child” preview
A review by mAncient

Sometimes you can tell.

Tell that there is a story behind the song.

‘cause - let’s face it … there are some songs that seem to be made by an algorithm rather than a human being.

TCA (Twitter: @coherent_music) creates electronica. And here is the story behind his, as yet unreleased, track (premieres on www.radio-dark-tunnel.net on NYE - 22:00-00:00 CEST, and later the same day on his YouTube).

What will you get to hear?

ASMR is a fascinating thing. “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” - aka “Brain Message”, it comes in different forms. The tingly, pleasant feeling you get with specific sounds and frequencies - or the horrible feel of a shovel scraping tarmac.

The intro of Forest Child, with the LoFi-sounding treble combined with a thunder blast, sets the song up perfectly. Then a vocal line drives through your body. Makes your fingers want to dance.

Actually, that goes for the whole track. I am typing this in beat with the rhythm, and my fingers are searching for the keys of my Yamaha.

This is so complex, yet so seamless. Spiritual voices that soar, perfectly placed arpeggios, a bass that grates and moves … wow.

Since I can’t share the song, here is the story behind Anthony’s track. And if you get chills reading this, just wait until you hear “Forest Child”!

"I was woken up by a brilliant white light shining through my window when I was 9 years old...

I ran to the window and witnessed a giant orb of light moving seamlessly through the dense forest that was behind my house.

I knew instantly that this was some kind of profound event, because the forest was so thick that it was difficult even for a person to walk through easily, let alone a vehicle.

I watched the orb come to a stand still in a nearby field, and after about 10 seconds the orb vanished and everything went pitch dark again.

I went back to sleep and what followed were what I can only describe as lucid dreams of the event replaying over and over, each time revealing more details that I did not quite understand. In the dreams, I was visiting the field that the object was sitting in...

So the next day I went to investigate. What followed from that day on were many mysterious events and experiences that some find difficult to believe. You will be able to find out more about this event and what followed on my website soon”.

Here is his website: https://thecoherentalliance.carrd.co

The Coherent Alliance is also a part of the Minds Behind the Music-movement.

Haakon Rian Mancient Ueland (@mancient_com om Twitter) is a Buddha. This was his Bodhisattva vow: https://songwhip.com/mancient/c-@-shangrila
He can be quite dense at times. According to his daughter Anna.

Rainbow Emotions

A Review by mAncient

I have heard it said, that rainbows are God’s love crystallised.

A corollary would be that music is emotions put into action.

MP Clarke (Twitter @mpclarke5) just released his solo album, “Drawers through the Ceiling”. Martin is also a part of the art prog pop duo Those Men, and has had a long career in music.

I have been singing for many, many years. Being a professional musician, I have developed some criteria as to what makes a “good song”.

And I could talk for hours about tonal quality, scales, chord changes, the advantages of ABACAA vs. ABABA song structure, and all the other ways we try to put music into words.

But actually, it is simpler than that. Does the song make my body move, my heart beat and do I start singing along the second time I hear the chorus?

Besides “Mystery Girl”, the song on this album that really got to me was “Someone in this world loves you”.

Here, Martins voice truly shines. The transition from chest to head voice is lovely, the simple instrumentation augments his voice perfectly, and the lyrics speak of a deep longing for release from all that scars us in this world - and compassion and hope.

Thank you, fellow pilgrim MP Clarke. Keep shining your light!

There is a video available of one of the songs, “Mystery Girl”. Somehow it reminds me of Scandinavia … visit his profile to see it.

mAncient (Twitter @mancient_com) loves music. For healing, dancing, sharing & caring. His music can be heard here:

Get A Grip of Yourself


One of the biggest issues I see as I come into contact more and more with indie artists is the lack of clear marketing. The fact is, the next "big thing" in music will be pushed upon us by the marketing machines of big labels. It won't have anything to do with good music. 

So, what do indies need to think about? Firstly image. Yes I know, folk will be screaming at the screen now and say it's the music. But for this article, we are assuming there is an audience out there for your music already, you just need to find it. 

This article is not a list of things to do, more, it's a things to think about. Image is really important. It has to come from the core of what you are about. Not created to fit with what the people want. If you are honest with your image, your target market will come. 

Marketing is all about selling a product and your music is more than "art" it's a commodity that you want to sell. 

First thing to think about is a "unique selling point". This is what makes you different. What makes you stand out and what makes you different to all the others? Seriously, it matters. It's what made people like David Bowie stand out. A genius of recreation. But always honest to himself. 

Secondly you have to understand the basic marketing premise of AIDA. This is simple really, but hard to do.

A = Attention.

How do you grab the attention of your prospective listener? Image, colours, music, movement. All these things are "natural" elements used by marketing men for generations. 

I = Interest.

Once you have caught the gaze of the listener, you need to keep them interested. This is basically smaller "attentions", movement, colours, sound. It all depends on you and your music. More of the core revealed. 

D = Desire.

Once you have their attention and you're keeping them interested, you need to build a Desire to buy. Often this is by "association" whether that's you being played by Lady Ga Ga or your political opinions etc. Association is massive and all encompassing. She's eating that chocolate bar and she's sexy so I need it too!

A = Action.

This is the most simple one. How do they now get your music (or chocolate bar - vegan of course)? These are now more often than not links to where to download. Make sure you have a linktree or something similar because people buy from all different places and if they don't see iTunes they might not buy. Twitter is a big promo tool these days and SO MANY bands and singers don't have a pinned tweet with links. It's madness not to use this facility. 

All of the above relates to your website, your videos, twitter, instagram and even press releases. Try to think like the newspaper man and come up with a grabbing headline! Journalists don't want to have to work too hard, give them the ideas! 

So, there's a brief overview of the basics of marketing. The complexities all come from breaking these elements down and that's where a lot of people fall down. Understanding who you are and portraying that well, in a clean, crisp and uncluttered way. 

I'm always open to helping so if you need help, just say! 

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All About the Bass

Eva Gardner – Bass legend - Speaks to Minds

Excerpt from the book, Minds Behind the Music (HERE)

In 1993 the legendary engineer/producer Andy Johns (Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton) took a Pignose amplifier and bass guitar to the Hollywood Hills home of British rock bassist, Kim Gardner. Kim was a member of The Creation and The Birds with Ron Wood, was surprised when Johns handed the bass guitar to his 14-year-old daughter, Eva. Johns then goes to turned up the volume on The Kinks’ classic “You Really Got Me” and proclaimed, “Now this is a solid bass line!” Eva never looked back.

Eva began performing with live bands in her home town of Los Angeles at the age of 14. She decided to further her musical studies and attended the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and then at UCLA, graduating with honours. Her professional career began when she toured and recorded as the original bassist in The Mars Volta in 2001/2002. Since then, Eva has performed and toured with numerous artists worldwide, including Pink, Gwen Stefani, Cher, Tegan & Sara, Moby and Veruca Salt.

In 2014, Eva became the first female artist to have a signature bass with Fender. It has been released for public purchase and is available worldwide. So there, now you know! And then to even greater acclaim, she put down the bass and answered my questions.

If you could be any other musician past or present, which one would it be and why?
I would be Chopin! He had such a distinct and individual style. His music is intimate and delicate, conveying so much emotion.

If you had to name one song from any genre that really speaks to you, which one would it be and why?

Jimi Hendrix, “Bold as Love.” As Harry Shapiro’s says, “Love comes in many hues, love is hard work and to get properly involved takes commitment and courage.” Like a shift in the axis of the earth, love can change everything.

What was the happiest day of your life and why?
Happiest day of my life - playing at the Isle of Wight Festival in the UK - it truly felt like I “had arrived” as a musician. It’s such a legendary festival and I met Paul McCartney backstage, as we were opening up for him (with Pink). I was introduced as Pink’s bass player and he proceeded to sing a walking baseline to me and proclaimed, “Us bass players gotta stick together!” A momentous day all around!

As an expressive artist in the music industry, how does the state of the planet make you feel?
The state of the planet often makes me feel very overwhelmed and heartbroken if I allow myself to go there. I’m very interested in history and I realize that humans have always been this way - it’s all about “survival of the fittest,” “divide and conquer,” etc. Human nature can be quite cruel and selfish which, in turn, wreaks havoc on the planet and those inhabiting it. It feels so heavy.

Excerpt from the book, Minds Behind the Music (HERE) with over 80 music stars speaking out on aliens, God, the meaning of life and the environment!

Tears of Joy

by mAncient

This last week has been horrible. I’ve had to grab the corners of my mouth and drag upward to smile, and would’ve preferred to have a back bracelet to keep my back straight.

I work 17 hour days, seven days a week, which has been my life since 2018.

As a healer and coach, with 22 years of social work in my baggage, I do know a little about picking myself up. So, I got to work. Meditation, nutrition, connecting with good people.

But … there was one special key that became especially important.

I was waiting for my weekly Zoom with Neale Donald Walsch. On Mondays, it starts at 02:30am, and as I was waiting, all the struggles and battles I am in, caught up with me.

Feelings of inadequacy, imposter syndrome, and all the darkness I have accumulated as a social worker and empath, working with people whose lives were plagued with darkness … I felt like a pressure cooker with no safety-valve.

I sat down to find songs for my show on @RDTVF (Twitter), and this song came up…

I had only listened to it for a few seconds, before I started crying.

Tears of joy.

It is said that monks are HEB (Highly Evolved Beings).

I am a monk. Can’t say I feel highly evolved; just another dude doing his life.

But if you want to hear what a HEB sounds like, check out this song: Shakyamuni Mantra by Kanho Yakushiji (Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mantra-earth/shakyamuni-mantra-by-kanho-yakushiji)

I could tell you a lot about why this song grabbed me. But I think you will understand, once you listen to it.

May it bring blessings, joy and healing to the rest of 2021, and to all of 2022!

Håkon (@mancient_com on Twitter) is a Norwegian-born monk, expat in Sweden. He lives with his dog, and has three children who live in Norway. They are the light of his life. If you want to learn more about him, visit https://www.linktr.ee/mancient.

Run For Your Life!

Extract from Minds Behind the Music Book. More HERE

They don’t get more rock ‘n’ roll than John Corabi. A legendary guitarist and lead singer for The Scream and Motley Crue. In fact the list of mega rock bands John has been part of is rather long and I’m trying to save money on ink, so I won’t name them all. Needless to say, the dude is awesome. Thankfully he came down to earth to speak to little old humble me.

As an expressive artist in the music industry, how does the state of the planet make you feel?
In a word....WORRIED!!!! Everybody doesn't agree on the "global warming" issue but there was one statement that made sense to me in that documentary that Al Gore did. "From the beginning of time til 50 years ago when Al Gore was 10 years old, we amassed 3 billion, and in the last 50-60 years we've almost tripled that number!!!!" So just looking at that blueprint, common sense says we're using more OIL, WATER, and NATURAL RESOURCES, and putting much more stress on the planet....So yeah, I'm worried...

Do you think as a person of some influence that there is a duty on us to help influence humanity for the better?
Duty???? No.... But as a concerned PERSON/CITIZEN I try to do what I can. I will NEVER tell anyone how to vote. (That's their choice)... I don't believe in telling people how to live their life, but I do believe in doing what I can to change things that bother ME. There's a fine line between entertainment and standing on stage and "ranting" about the state of the world. I think people are paying me to sing, and play music, and escape the insanity of daily life. So the last thing they're wanting is me talking about how SHITTY things are. I look at it like the band that kept playing music on the deck of the TITANIC while it was sinking. But I also understand and RESPECT people that are really vocal about how they feel. And it's their RIGHT to say what they want...That's why GOD invented channel changers...If ya don't like the program...you can change the channel....lol

What one cause would you say you feel most associated with and why? Whether it’s equality, poverty, politics, the environment or other?
I just believe in being KIND to everyone....PERIOD!!!! If you can help someone in need, then help. If you can treat someone with respect...DO SO! Even if they're different from you. So I do TOTALLY support equality for women/people of color/religious freedom. I would love to figure out poverty. I would love to figure out how to make the planet a better place...I just believe in being the best HUMAN I can be each day...It's really not that difficult if you think about it…

Read the rest of the book with over 80 music legends! Available everywhere! Or HERE
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It's So Much!

Dancing Like It's Studio 54!
by Anthony Hurney (Twitter HERE)

Today I was given the pleasure of being introduced to “Studio 54” which is the 'Retro Nūvō' new dancefloor hit by a funky and upcoming new band from Italy known as SōMuch.

Studio 54 is a bright and uplifting song that pays homage to the classic sound of 70s disco but with a fresh contemporary twist!

Instantly I was presented with a beat and funky Motown inspired bassline that couldn't help but get my body moving. I was then impressed by the steady progression of the uplifting vocals, intricate guitar riffs and brass / strings sections which really gives the song the edge to stand out on the dancefloor!

I pictured being at the disco where the music just makes me want to dance and boogie all night long! This song is sure to get everybody partying and would make a fantastic edition to any playlist for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

SōMuch are made up of:

Valentina Salvi - Vocals

Andrea Giovannini - Guitar

Francesco Carli - Drums

Roby Creazzo - Vocals

Andrea Belloni - Bass

During late 2017, Roby discovered an advert on social media for one-to-one drum lessons with Ralph Rolle who is the drummer for Nile Rodgers and Chic. Roby decided this would make the perfect Christmas gift for drummer Francesco, so in the December they both flew over to Manchester to meet with Ralph.

They built up a good friendship with Ralph and a couple of years later, decided to send him a couple of demos of the band. He was thrilled with what he heard and asked SōMuch if he could fly over to Italy to produce the song.

So, in early 2020 they all entered the studio and started work on the debut EP album. Ralph's valuable input really helped the band to shape their 'Retro Nūvō' sound and the first 2 singles were completed just as the pandemic hit.

Various lockdowns later, Ralph was finally able to return to Italy to finish producing the EP, which was then sent to New York for mixing and mastering.

The band's debut single "Studio 54" was released in November and was premiered by Chris Hawkins on BBC Radio 6 and has already featured on Craig Charles' BBC Radio 2 show and several other stations around the globe. It's a dance floor filler that brings listeners back to the iconic New York nightclub.

The band's mission is simple... To make music that spreads love and happiness to the world. They are set to release a new single in early 2022, followed by the full 5-track EP in the Spring.

Studio 54 is available now on all streaming platforms.

Website www.somuchband.com
Instagram: HERE
Facebook: HERE
Twitter: HERE

Review by Anthony Hurney of The Coherent Alliance and part of the Minds Behind the Music Team.