Born Free - The Second Charity Album!

Art by Irene Gardiner
Welcome to the second charity album from Minds Behind the Music in aid of The Born Free Foundation. 

I just want to say a big massive thank you to all these artists, from both amazing albums, for giving up their talentand time for my dream. I love you all! Phil G. 

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Available EVERYWHERE!!! Cover art by Irene Gardiner (artist)

And now a little about some of  the artists on the album. 

Paul Shortino

Paul Shortino is an American rock singer and musician who has sung for Rough Cutt/The Cutt, Quiet Riot, Bad Boyz, and Shortino. He briefly recorded with J.K. Northrup as the duo, Shortino/Northrup. He has also recorded as a solo artist, writing and performing the song "E.G.G.M.A.N." as the theme for Dr. Eggman in Sonic Adventure 2 for Sega, and in Shadow the Hedgehog as "E.G.G.M.A.N. Doc Robeatnix Mix". Shortino recorded lead vocals for the Heavy Metal benefit project Hear 'n Aid in 1985. The single from this project, "Stars", also features lead vocals by heavy metal singers Ronnie James Dio, Rob Halford, Geoff Tate, Don Dokken, Kevin DuBrow, Eric Bloom and Dave Meniketti.

Brad Walsh

Brad Walsh is an American singer and record producer known for his own pop and experimental music, as well as his dance remixes of pop artists including Britney Spears, Adam Lambert, and Lady Gaga.

Lorenzo Gabanizza

Lorenzo is a long life singer songwriter. Starting at an early age, 3 years old, he worked with legends and hit makers such as multi platinum Jeff Christie, Snake Davis, Rusty Wright, Vic Elmes, Grammy fiddler Ian Cameron and many more. Romantic (he likes to be remember for being born in Verona, town of the Shakespeare 's tragedy) passionate, always exploring and expanding, he likes to break barriers as an advocate for freedom in life and Arts so that you may find him on multi genre patterns from symphonic to country music. He often involves himself in important human rights, health and social campaigns like Mercury Phoenix Trust, R. F. Kennedy H.R., Mbtm, 320 Changes Direction etc.



SchizoFranic is an musician from Toledo, Ohio USA. SchizoFranic started this journey in music when she was six years of age, ever since her father introduced her to music. Over the years SchizoFanic has learned how to play an array of instruments, but mostly concentrated on guitar and piano. For the most part SchozoFranic is a self made musician that has a passion for ambient electronic music, music from the soul... Music that expresses peace, happiness  and tranquility.


Those Men 

Those Men are a UK based progressive art pop project.The duo work in the area of concept albums dealing with subjects ranging from the disposability of the modern world (Sobgod 2007)  to a day in the life of a municipal car park (Car Park 2003); pollution on the earth in its many facets (Ponky Hates Pollution 2000)  to reflections on the overrated concept of movement (Why Move? 2006); a musical interpretation of the pituitary gland (Pituitary 1999) to a four second internal journey of a middle aged man’s thought processes in response to his wife’s question ‘What’s the matter darling you don’tseem yourself?’ (Theman Simpulse 2010).

Using diverse musical forms ranging from pop songs to prog epics, from ballads to comedy moments, from dance to new millennium psychedelia Those Men have addressed these issues in a number of recordings and videos stretching over four decades. Their latest release ‘Fecundness’ (2022), which pays homage to the energy of The River and its associated elements of growth, has been released on the Minds Behind The Music label.


Phillip Foxley 

Phillip Foxley is a multi-genre songwriter and musician. He writes and produces music from his home studio in Conwy, North Wales, UK.

With influences from every corner of the world, Foxley has long experience in writing music in any genre, including original blistering blues rock guitar and soft acoustic and piano tracks, and is delighted to have a track selected for the Born Free compilation album released by MBTM in July 2022.



Haakon Rian mAncient Ueland is an artist, DJ, healer, therapist and Viking Buddha. Since 2018 he has been a pilgrim monk. His music genre is called 'Earth House', which is also the name of his charity. His music can be found on all the major services - search for "mAncient" -  and is healing. He started with music at the age of four, 51 years ago, and his best friend and bodyguard is called Trollheads Nessi.



Coen Rhys

Coen Rhys is a positive over-thinker and experimental singer-songwriter drawing inspiration from music through the ages, balancing reality with hope for a better future.
He first started writing music after picking up the guitar at the age of 11, and has since written music to “diarise” his thoughts while trying to work out this wonderful yet mad world.


Doctor Zee

Doctor Zee are a family based band comprising of Will Jack - electro acoustic guitar & Vocals; Willie Jack Lead guitar & backing vocals; and Paul Ringrose - Bass guitar. With songs destined to be classics, they perform ‘anthems' for festival crowds to sing along to epic choruses & soaring

guitar riffs written for the 'lockdown generation.' Vocals that convey an angst ridden 21 st century message link with subtle dynamics & melodies delivering hook's which make Doctor Zee something truly special! They are about to shake up the jaded mainstream music scene and bring about a 'musical revolution!' with songs that are simply.."too good to be ignored!".


The Star Prairie Project 

The Star Prairie Project is the brainchild of Nolen R. Chew Jr., a song writer from Star Prairie, Wisconsin. The purpose of his recording project is to write original songs and make them into records. Nolen collaborates with musicians and producers from LA to London to bring his songs to life. The Star Prairie Project is named for the village of Star Prairie (50) miles NE of Minneapolis/St Paul and the Alan Parsons Project from back in the day.
Find them here


Bad Skullianz

They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for this Rock Band.

Composed of a group of inspirational musicians and skillful performers, the artists behind Bad Scullianz have earned their reputation as a talented band to look out for. From live gigs to studio sessions and more, they continue to touch fans around the world with their distinct and enjoyable musical style.


Jay Elle

Jay Elle is a singer, songwriter, and guitar player currently residing in New York City. Jay Elle has a soothing and passionate voice, blending perfectly with unique guitar arrangements. His songs bring together lyrics and music in a singular fashion.


Tom Tikka

Tom has had an illustrious career with number one hits, awards and more. In 2021, Tom Tikka won the ISSA award for International Male Emerging Artist Of The Year. He was also awarded four Josie-Award nominations as well as a nomination in the prestigious Hollywood Music In Media Awards. His new album, Better Man, was released in 2022 under the Minds Behind the Music Record label. He also appears on Born Free!

Get Wild!


Berlin Germany’s Wild Birds & Their Music delivers a little bit of everything with their music, which has blended together quite well. I was quit intrigued with the style of music that is being delivered, given the geographical location of Wild Birds & Their Music. Being familiar with the music scene in Berlin, I’d typically expect some techno, electronica, and the upbeat loud sounds of rave music. The groups opening track “Mushroom Jesus” on their self titled album “Wild Birds & Their Music” is perfectly composed.


The songwriting, and music are both very catchy. This is folk music, bringing forth elements of blues, jazz, and vibes from previous eras of pop culture. Overall, Be Bird and Andie Bird have embodied more of a psychedelic bluegrass style with “Mushroom Jesus” in my opinion. Wild Birds & Their Music deliver a well-round track I thoroughly enjoy. The harmonica is a wonderful inclusion of sounds on “Mushroom Jesus” making the track stand-out further. Be Bird and Andie Bird work very well together. The duo balances things out as both vocalists and musicians. 


Wild Birds & Their Music have released a music video to their dynamic single titled “Mushroom Jesus” and it’s fitting for the song. The energy that was captivated on the song, continues to carry with its accompanying visual. The group sings, dances, and plays various instruments during this fast-paced and catchy tune.


I’d like to see a bit more creativity with their visuals, as the music definitely deserves this. Maybe we can expect an alternate version of the music video for “Mushroom Jesus” in the near future. Please give “Wild Birds & Their Music” a listen, as they surely won’t disappoint. 


Article by: Michael A. Norman

Santa Cruz, California U.S.A.

Michael A. Norman – Medium

Wild Birds & Their Music“ are:

Be Bird         – Vocals, Backing Vocals, Harmonica, Drums, Sansula, Percussion

Andie Bird   – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Lapsteel, Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass, Ukulele, Piano, Organ, Synths, Drums, Percussion

Album Information:

Artist: Wild Birds & Their Music

Album Title: Wild Birds & Their Music“

Number of Tracks:  13

Released on Bandcamp January 1st 2022

To be released on Spotify (and other streaming platforms) March 21 2022

Recorded and mixed at Haunted Crossroad Studios, Berlin 2020 – 2021

Mastered by Dennis Kern/Studio Wong, Berlin 2021

All Songs are written and performed by Wild Birds & Their Music

Cover art, photographs and design by Wild Birds & Their Music

High Res Photos:

YouTube Links: 

Mushroom Jesus

I Shall Be Released (Cover)

Hold On!

Hold On!

Back in 2016, I worked with minor Afghan and Somali immigrants.

They came with hope of peace, of love, and a new life. Some of them also carried baggage way too heavy for a young heart.

There are many moments I remember vividly. One of them, a boy, retelling his tale (which is not for me to share) and finishing with “I will go into the forest and hang myself. You can’t stop me.”

My reply? “Can you wait one minute?”

He smiled through tears.

We waited one minute in silence. Then, I asked “Can you do it again?”.

He nodded.

Then I said “Next time you tell yourself you are not worthy of living, remember this moment. And wait one minute.”


I wish I had had Patricia Bahia’s song then. It would’ve been a good reinforcement. She is on Twitter ( and the song can be found here: 

It was released during Mental Health Awareness Month.


I cried a lot during the year and a half I worked with the young boys. Not while working, but during my 1 1/2 hour drive back home. A therapist which cries faced with a clients pain only serves to reinforce their hopelessness. 

But the bouts of crying after the meeting with the 14 year old boy … it was a long drive home. Frequent stops.


Patricia Bahia lives her bucket list. A cancer survivor, her music can be heard in TV-shows such as Pretty Little Liars, Quantico and The Perfectonists, and in ads for Google, Target and Optimum.


Give her song a spin. Let it touch “your heart and soul”, as Melody Maker Magazine said it.


Wait One Minute. And Hold On!


(Haakon Rian mAncient Ueland is multidimensional. Considered the Healer of Healers, his healing offerings can be found on, and his music and books here: 

He will soon have a new album, Holy, released on MBtM.)

Haakon Rian Mancient Ueland


Falling Petals - Music Review by SchizoFranic

The Petal Falls...."Let The Music Do The Talking".

I'll tell the history of this band in the words of the band. This band has had quite the ride over the years, so lets get started.

The history of The Petal Falls stretches back to the mid/late 90’s in Kent, UK. It was originally formed with the intention of providing a performance platform for singer and main songwriter Keith Leahy’s stunning music. After some band name and personnel changes the 5 member core of The Petal Falls eventually came to life in the mid 90’s.

Introducing you to The Petal Falls. Keith Leahy – (Vocal, Guitar & Keys), Robert Harpum – (Guitar), Dave Richards – (Guitar), Marius Ryndziewicz – (Bass) and Robin Tucker - (Drums).

The band states, early success led to them signing to a mid tier label that would ultimately stifle the bands creativity and stall its career for a number of years leading to a great deal of frustration and the eventual demise of the original band, after never being given the opportunity to publicly release the wealth of rich material that had been built up over those years.

Thankfully a few years back the music became available to release and Keith seized the opportunity to re-master the original songs into 4 albums with the help of old friend and Producer/Engineer/Drummer John King, with the intention of releasing the music of the original band line up of The Petal Falls to an unsuspecting public.

In return the public's response and interest has been nothing short of incredible to the music released so far by The Petal Falls.

The irresistible blend of hard rock and pop with a mixture of brilliantly catchy music, clever lyrics and maddeningly beautiful production have produced a brand of music that so many have now found impossible not to fall in love with.

This popularity and critical acclaim has led Keith to resurrect The Petal Falls as a solo project which has risen like a “phoenix from the ashes” of the original band, with brand new music now being recorded by this amazing singer/songwriter in collaboration with John King who also has a wealth of talent and history as a drummer in various Bands such as Legacy, White Lightning, Tru Blues, Bad Habbits, Colonel Kurtz and as a Producer/engineer with Olympic Sound Studios, Townhouse Studios, The Manor Studios and Local Radio Scotland as a Sound Engineer, Programme and Commercial Producer.

There is now a lot to look forward to in the coming years from The Petal Falls. So go have a listen to The Petal Falls and “Let The Music Do The Talking”

The song the I reviewed from The Petal Falls is called "The Gift". This song starts out with drums beating into electric rhythm guitars struming beautifully played chords that sound so rich with a nicely played bass line. The song softens..The lead singer comes in singing "I Have A Gift, Especially For You". A beautifully sung part of the song. This is a type of song with a genuine 90's sound that takes you to that time. This is a song about wishing someone that you love dreams comes true...A song about true love for another human being. And about a love that can save another from whatever fears that they may have.

A true love song. I really appreciated this song. I love the sentiment of it, what it stands for, true love a pure love. I recommend this song to an audience of all ages.

You can find their music here, 



The Petal Falls new single "The Gift" will be released June 10th 2020. So readers please keep an eye out for this band you don't want to miss this release. 

More over, The Petal Falls in my opinion is an outstanding band that had their trials and overcame the odds. Their sound is rich and will have you humming the melody of their songs at the end of the day. The message of their single "The Gift" is of true love, a type of love that keeps your heart beating. 

A love we seak to have all our lives.

Artical by SchizoFranic 

Star Prairie Project Success Story


The new album from The Star Prairie Project is really making waves. After just a few weeks, this album packed with awesome music, has already had over ONE MILLION plays on spotify alone. 

We just want to offer our congratulations to Nolen and the team for an amazing job. Well done! 

Why not go and have a listen! Click here Shine a Little Light - NEW Album (

Here's to the second million! From us at MBTM Records. Minds Behind the Music Records 

And here's a few of the videos! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel for even more awesome music! 



July 1st. The New Fundraising Album! 


Packed with talent. 

Help #savetheplanet and SHARE!

Proceeds in aid of The Born Free Foundation - saving wildlife.

Major Weakness

Major Weakness had many formations of band members. Going from two musicians to
five, then they add two more to the group. In the end Major Weakness found his ideal band, a trio.

Major Weakness developed a sound somewhere in between Grunge, Blues, and 

Introducing you to Major Weakness... Nick G. Murray (Guitarist,Siger), Dee Dee C (Bassist, Lead Singer) and Jayy McLovin (Percussionista).

Major Weakness is inspired by Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, and other musical giants.
The band aims to reach an audience of any age, songs that make you think about current events and certain events. These events reflect in their lyrics and their sound that invites you to listen to them over and over again.

Major Weakness has a single out called " Friday 13th ". The song starts out with roaring guitars with outstanding beating of the drums that gets your heart beating in rhythm. The Lyrics comes in that gives you a Led Zeppelin meets Kiss feel to the song. The combination of guitars and percussion is just stunning, a wall of sound. This song is pure rock in every way. A must listen to in my opinion. I really enjoyed this song.

Friday 13th's producer is, Dave Traina from The Damn Truth. The Studio that was used, The FreqShop. And the mastering, Harry Hess from HBOMB MASTERING. Members of the HBOMB MASTERING: Bare Naked Ladies, Billy Talent, Big Wreck, Arkells,Three Days Grace, Doc Walker, Monster Truck, Moist, Danko Jones, Cancer Bats, The Glorious Sons,
Die Mannequin, Rhydian, Amy Sky, One Bad Son, X Factor, Idol, Disney, Waner,  Universal, Sony, EMI. 

Another song I reviewed was "Major Song". This songs starts out with a Pearl Jam feel. With the Guitars being played chord by chord in unison with the percussion. hormonized by the lead singer singing similar to Eddie Vedder. At the Bridge, a wall of electric guitars in grunge fashion. This song is just amazing! The message of this song is also amazing, basicly never give up, no regrets! I really enjoyed this song. I definitely recommend this song to people of all ages.

You can listen to their music here on Spotify, 

In conclusion, Major Weakness in my opinion is a really versatile band. Their sound is amazign with guitars that rock and drums that gets your hear pumping. With lyrics that make you think and beautifully sung.

Their music ranging from Grunge, Blues to Rock. Major Weaknesses offers good Music for all ages.

Artical by SchizoFranic

It's All Freddie Mercury's Fault

Freddie Made Me Do It

Why did I start this project? Trust me, over the past few months I’ve often considered this question. Music managers, pop agents, sarcastic rock stars and the endless chasing have more than once seemed like a nightmarish battle of wills. But if we can’t stand up for what we believe in then why bother getting out of bed in the morning?

It all started after I’d finished making a documentary about overpopulation. I popped on the old musical machine, hit the random button and the Queen song, “Is This The World We Created?” came on. It’s a truly beautiful song delivered brilliantly by Freddie. The words struck me like no other. We claim to be the most advanced species on planet Earth, and yet if we were to judge on the levels of destruction, we’d be the worst. There and then I decided I had to do something. In my past life I was a marketing man. Yeah I know, line up to take aim. My head spun, I must be able to use some of my rubbish skills to help out our planet and all the suffering we create!

And then it struck me! I had absolutely no idea what to do. Needless to say I was in a bit of a mood that afternoon. And so off to bed I went. I woke up with the whole idea in my head. Music stars have a massive amount of influence in the world. I mean, why else would people wear hoodies and a certain brand of training shoes? It’s a selfie and selfless world we often live in. If I could possibly get through to a few musicians and get them to give me interviews then maybe people would read a book. If I went for rock, pop and folk stars I’d be getting a wide range of people interested. Even if they bought the book and went straight to the chapter with their music hero in, it would be worth while. The questions would have to be interesting of course and so why not ask them stupid questions? Like do you believe in aliens? Obviously I was perfectly capable of coming up with stupid questions. Boy was I surprised with the answers.

And so, that morning I put together an email and opened up the web browser. I already knew a few music stars and I tried them first. Within an hour I had responses. Within a week I had dozens of stars all saying yes Phil! Blimey. I have to say it, the response from the music world has been amazing and I want to thank each and every one of them for putting in the effort. Apart from those who didn’t of course. I just deleted them from my play lists. You know who you are. Of course, you can always get in touch now and we’ll consider you for the follow up book.

Find out more here Minds Behind the Music 

Listen to some of Francis Rossi's answers here

The Darren Holland Project

Who Are the DHP?

The DHP is a husband and wife duo from Kansas City Missouri.

I'll start by telling you that we are a team but I am the writer. Cheryl, my wife gets the pleasure of being woken up at 2 am bc I feel I have come up with something cool and she actually listens. Cheryl is the one I trust to put her voice, her style, musicianship, her mark into the sound that we call the DHP.

A fifth Album is ready to go called "Vibe Mutha Vibe". It is a 10 song release and should be released soon on May 1st, 2022. I am sending "October", The song about a woman who will no longer stand for the abusive relationship she is in and feels empowered to leave.

Oh and lyrically I write about life, the good, the bad and the ugly. I write the story of everyone I know, everyone I meet and some I miss. I write about the sex, the drugs and the mental issues we all have at times. My stories can be viewed differently by each person who listens and that it touches.

Who has influenced me?

I am influenced by every sound that has ever passed by. I could say, Queen, the Doors, The Weekend, Poison, STYX, Justin Timberlake, Adel, The Muse, 21 Pilots, The Black Keys, and George Winston,,, or I could say, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The BeeGees, NIN, Eminem, Faith No More, Pink Floyd, Chris Cornell, Katy Perry, Neil Young, Neil Diamond, Taylor Swift, and Imagine Dragons. As I said, everyone mainstream and every indie band and every sound that I have ever heard has influenced me!

Who are the DHP?

Darren Holland : Guitar, Bass, Keys, Ukulele, and Vocals.

Cheryl Holland : Keys, Harmonica, Drums and Percussion and Vocals.

Barb Wilmoth : Drums and percussion and additional back up vocals

Andy Oxman : Producer

It's Carry On Bond Girl Time!

Valerie Leon: Carry On Star Talks to Minds

Valerie Leon appeared in several of the Carry On films and has been a Bond girl twice: in The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) and Never Say Never Again (1983). Other supporting appearances include Revenge of the Pink Panther, The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer (as the secretary Tanya), a hotel receptionist in The Italian Job, and a callgirl in No Sex Please, We're British, alongside fellow Carry On actress Margaret Nolan. The 1971 Hammer horror film Blood from the Mummy's Tomb offered Leon a rare lead role, as a reincarnated Egyptian queen. And now she's even more famous because she spoke to Minds.

My first question is, what would you most like to be remembered for?

I would love to be remembered for having added a little fun and pleasure to people's lives.

We know most politicians were born in the fiery pit of hell as the spawn of Satan, but what's your opinion of the politics of the world today?

Politics are beyond me. The one rule I live by is Do not harm and if we all followed that rule the world would be a better place.

So, how does it really feel to be fancied by millions of blokes (and probably some women)?

When I was young I thought it was scary but now I love it.

If you were an alien visiting planet earth, what would you do? Would turn around and go back? Or stay and try and help? Or maybe conquer?

I would just marvel at the beauty of nature (which I presumably would not have experienced on the planet where I come from).

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Producing two decent, caring and hardworking children.

What has been mankind's greatest achievement?

To survive.

If you had the chance to speak to every human being on earth, what would your message be?

Live and let live and recognise how privileged you are to be alive.

If your life depended on it, which Soap Opera would you do a cameo in?

Without my life depending on it I would love to be in Coronation Street, whatever the cameo!

If a tree falls in a forest, and nobody is around to see or hear it, does it make a sound?


Have you ever felt pressured by the fact that what you do in the public eye or when you're acting it may affect society? Have you ever wondered whether you were doing the right thing?

No. So far I have not had that problem. My parts have been too insignificant. But I do believe in the copycat factor, which truly scares me.

What advice would you give to actors today?

Develop your imagination as much as you can.

Why do you think music and words seems to work so much better than just words as a means to get a message across?

Music stays in your head longer than words on their own. I love singing and when you sing with your whole being the words become part of you.

What kind of movies do you watch and why?

I love good old-fashioned romantic comedies

What are your opinions about the power of the internet?

It is amazing. The benefits far outweigh the dangers.

Do you think man is created in the image of God (or Goddess) or the other way around?

I think God is created in the image of Man/woman.

A recent scientific report stated that religion will eventually die out completely. What's your opinion on that? A good thing or a bad thing?

In my opinion religion in its literal sense is intended to re connect us to the greater whole from which we come, I think that feeling part of a greater whole is a human necessity which will never die out. Organised religions who use their power to limit people's freedom may well die out.

Is “free will” the whole of the law? Can man ever be truly free?

I think absolute free will does not exist. We are always conditioned by something.

Do you back Nuclear Power? If not, why not.

No. I think the risk is too great. We should cut back our needs.

Do you believe in Ghosts? UFO's (i.e. aliens visiting planet earth)? God?

I believe, but am not sure in what.

Have you ever experienced altered states of consciousness? How, why and was it beneficial? And would you recommend it to all politicians, business and religious leaders?

Personally I have not but I have friends who have and I am open minded about it.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

Turning down a personal invitation to meet Federico Fellini to discuss the possibility of a part. because I was breastfeeding and embarrassed about leakage! I was too green/ ignorant/barmy to realise that that is precisely what would have inspired him to give me the job!

What would you still like to achieve?

I would love to become a professional cabaret singer or work on Coronation Street.

Would you ever record a duet with Justin Bieber?

I would love to.

Do you believe in manmade global warming? Or is it natural?

Some natural but I am in no doubts predominantly man made.

And lastly please feel free to say anything at all you want to the world of readers and tell us all about what you're up to these days, plug something, a website or carboot sale.

Just that it is truly flattering to think that people still want to read about me and that you can visit my website for all up to date details. Also that I have put together a presentation about my life and work


"Mrs. Ghost is excited to announce the release of debut album Entertainment For The End Times available everywhere on June 17th, 2022. Album single, “We’re Not Ok” will be available on May 20th, 2022. 

Entertainment For The End Times is the debut album by Austin, TX and Missoula, MT-based power pop band Mrs. Ghost. The 11 track album, with moments ranging from Bob Dylan-esque acoustic singer-songwriter moments to fast-paced tracks like Jimmy Eat World’s early 2000s output, is the culmination of band members Jacob Godbey’s and Sean Larichiuta’s contrasting personal tastes coming together in an extremely complimentary way. It is an album with elements that are enjoyable for fans of stripped-down sets, aggressive rock, and everyone in between.

Production and mixing on Entertainment For The End Times was done by Kurt Skrivseth at Echo Bass Studio in Missoula, MT, known locally for his recording and work in the band Pale People. Additional album contributors include Tuna Metesh, Ryan Perras at District Recording, Mack Gilcrest, and Shawnee Kilgore. Album single “We’re Not Ok,” written and sung by Larichiuta, will be released on streaming platforms on May 20th, 2022. The entire album will also be available for pre-order on May 20th, 2022 at"

Shaky Ground

It All Counts

Helen Counts has created powerful and passionate vibes of Indie rock in her latest indie rock track ‘Shaky Ground'.

The song has both current and retro vibes, and it delves into an intense topic that the songwriter loves to explore.
The natural born singer works with an up to the minute production house called Demo My Song® and 5050 songs Music Publishing in New York City. She began her musical career singing in coffee houses in her 20s on the East coast and then self published her own CD 'Into Your Arms' in 2002.

She first broke into Spotify with her single 'That Look' on 7/21/2021, followed quickly by 'Some Healing' on 12/01/2021 which delved into the emotional impact of the pandemic..

She has now released “Shaky Ground” on 3/29/2022 with an even stronger indie rock sound. All her songs have both lyrical and visual intensity that captivate her listeners, and she has a very loyal following. She can write songs with varying musical styles and sounds which shows her broad interests and skills. She is busy working on her next single. She is based out of Madison, Wisconsin US.

Her links

Hit Songwriter Launches New Album


Award-winning, hit songwriter, Tom Tikka is back with a brand new album packed with what his record label calls, “hit after hit.”

The album, entitled “Better Man”, is released on 20th May world-wide on every platform from the Minds Behind the Music Record label. The distribution is via their mainstream deal with Sony Orchard.

Tikka has been working closely with Minds Behind the Music on the album. It all started when his song “Venetian Rubber Boots” was selected to the label’s upcoming environmental fundraising compilation album to support the fight against climate change.

Now Tom and MBTM have released Tikka’s sophomore effort entitled Better Man. The album features the hit single “By 2022” (#14 on iTunes Canada), a song that’s been reviewed in multiple music blogs and is also now nominated in the single of the year category at the ISSA awards 2022.

Tikka said: "Better Man is my attempt to write one of those records that I grew up with. I thought it’d be nice to try to reproduce some of the magic that the great singer-songwriter albums of the 60s and 70s had – albeit with a modern twist. This was also an era when the Top 40 was a lot more eclectic than it is today. There could be many artists from radically different genres on the same week’s Billboard chart: Uriah Heep, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Kris Kristofferson, Roberta Flack, Marvin Gaye and Three Dog Night. This was yet another aspect I wanted to revisit."

Formerly the songwriter of the Sony/BMG & Warner Music band, Carmen Gray, Tom Tikka has managed to build a rather successful career for himself as a solo act. Tom’s previous album, This Is My Happy Face included three international iTunes smashes. Both "Doormat" & "With Eyes Closed" were #1 hit singles, while “Heart’s on Fire” made it to #2. Tikka has been featured on Huffington's Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, Melody Maker Magazine, Ballroom Blitz, The Hollywood Digest, VENTS Magazine and many others, while his music videos have won at film festivals around the world.

Tikka is also an ISSA Award winner (Emerging Male Artist of The Year) as well as a Josie Music Awards and Hollywood Music in Media Awards nominee.

"Tikka has been at this a long time so I rue not discovering him sooner…" – THE HOLLYWOOD DIGEST

"I don’t normally use the word genius for many musicians, however the cap fits with Tom Tikka." – TUNEDLOUD

Contact: MBTM for press packs/photographs

Record Label:

Album available here

Latest News from Minds Behind the Music

New Indie Label Gets Mainstream Distribution

A brand new music label released a charity album for planet Earth and because of that were offered mainstream distribution through Orchard.

The label, Minds Behind the Music, released a compilation album of the same name featuring stars such as Mungo Jerry and Simon Kirke of Bad Company. They also featured a host of awesome indie musicians. Following this they released an album from the legendary Star Prairie Project which has so far had millions of plays.

Now with global mainstream distribution in place they are releasing two more albums from two indies.

The first is actually the second album from the electronic ambient and established indie, SchizoFranic, entitled Event Horizon. Her first album from the label was called Vibes and is already being considered by several film companies for inclusion in movies.

The second new album is called Fecundness and is quite different. It comes from prog-rock indie band, Those Men, who are quite a name in the indie world for being totally insane.

“We want a broad spectrum of the best talent in the indie world and with these two very different releases we believe we’re getting there.” said MBTM owner and author, Phil G.

Both albums were released world-wide on every platform on the 22nd April.


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She Loves 2 Shop

SHE LOVES 2 SHOP, Artist/Producer Greg (Rollo) Wigz…

Article by SchizoFranic

She Loves 2 Shop…..There is a message in this name.

Talking to She Loves 2 Shop was an amazing experience. She Loves 2 Shop is a down to earth, God loving person with a view about the wold that Greg notices that we are in the midst of turmoil. And Greg believes That the world needs to be more aware of the state of things that are happening in our society. She Love 2 shop incorporates these views in his music. The meaning behind the name “ She Loves 2 Shop” will be revealed at the end of this review…

My first question was tell us about how you became a musician/ songwriter? Tell the readers a little bit about She Loves 2 shop. This is what he had to say.

I was raised in a musical family. My father was a guitar player and singer , had his own country/Rockabilly dance bands.

We had music at Grandmas house every Christmas , Aunts & Uncles cousins everybody sand and played either a guitar or the piano.

Pretty stunning renditions of the Christmas Classics, white Christmas, Silent Night, Come All Ye faithful etc...

I played a violin for a year , moved on to a trumpet ( more flash) and then started guitar at 14 yrs/old ...

Was playing in a band (electric gtr ) with my younger brother , he played bass, at 17 yrs old.. we made money with a drummer and a lead singer.

We got jobs at the same clubs/bars our Dad played, In fact about half our songs we learnt from his band ... The owners loved us, everybody did.

The old ladies use to get a kick out of us young boys up there on stage , lol. Our singer school chum was a natural entertainer/comedian !

And our drummer was a child prodigy , we slayed them with Wipeout and other cool tunes.

I just liked the idea of having fun watching the crowd groove. It's a natural high getting paid to have fun and we were our own bosses.

So I wanted to be a lead guitar player like my Dad , but better ! My Dad didn't write songs but I started because i didn't think it was that hard to do.

I really learnt how to write songs when I quit trying to write, I wanted to sing but wasn't very good at singing other peoples songs... lol

so I made my on songs that I could sing, and the more I sing the better I get, If you can talk , you can sing THATS my attitude towards it.

So I became my own style ... out of necessity .

My next question for She Loves 2 Shop was, What influenced you to become a musician, for example favorite band, issues in your community, the state of our wold… ect?

My Dad and older cousins who could play Rock guitar. I have always been aware of my surroundings so I pull influence from other instruments, genres  etc .. by dad like country and 50's music , my mom liked classical and Big band Swing ...

I liked the 60's and 70's Rock I learnt on .. going into the 80's we had the big Hair band thing.. I liked Punk and Hard Rock ...

The alternative bands I found great in the 90's. Songwriters everybody knows that I studied Lennon, Cobain and tons of others.

Next question I asked She Loves 2 Shop was, What are some of your songs and their meanings?

Sometimes I don't know but vaguely what they mean ...

The song ...    Walk With Me ... is a fantasy about a guy wanting to take a girl he likes on a date. thinks about her but has doubts she'd accept

Taking her to Jurassic park I think is his way of saying I might be scary but it may be thrilling .

So he tells her he's a risk but he’s also not gonna let anything bad happen to her, he seems to enjoy teasing her !

Mother Hurt - Is about living in the modern age of Oil energy dependance. The crucial lifeline of oil is a vulnerable catastrophic event , happening now

Mother earth is feeling fine ... the planet will survive , mean while it’s business as usual as people , go about in an ignorant bliss? denial?

This following question was, how do you explain your music style?

My Music Style ... Is the Sum of all Ive seen and heard ... Spit out by my attitude as a fighter for the people, a voice for the simple upright truth loving person.

When I asked She Loves 2 Shop What is your writing process this is what he had to say…

My writing process ... has been something as simple as sitting with my acoustic guitar and feeling inspired ... to sitting at the Recording Desk and creating from scratch a multi-track that I work out into a finished song adding the parts as inspired by what I am given as do this . It’s all about decisions.

My Take on She Loves 2 Shop single… “Walk With Me” that was released in 2021

First thing right off the bat you get hit with powerful drums accompanying with a wall of electric guitars. Then the vocals come in with…” would you love to talk a walk with me!”…”Would you like to take a walk with me to Jurassic park”, suggesting that the world is a zoo perhaps? The style of the music borderlines puke rock in my opinion, with punchy drum lines and the lyrics a bit playful. The song itself has a bit of the Ramones with a Sound Garden    feel to it. Guitar solo is interesting fades into a synth sound like time ticking then back to the chorus….. would like to take a walk….

All around I think this is a really good Track very original with hints of a lady screams when Jurassic Park is mentioned adding a bit of dark humor and with a quirky references stating keep off the grass…

She Loves 2 Shop described 2 more songs in his words and this is what he said….

Why Oh You

She Loves 2 Shop has a song called Why Oh You the back story of this song    is quite sad but I think that people can relate to it one what or another. The story told to me by She Likes 2 Shop goes … Greg had a girl friend who was a fantastic poet. She wrote a poem titled Sunshine to Shadows. Greg asked her if he could put it to music, she said yes. Greg was inspired and it was the first song her ever wrote. Greg was 17 years old and the year was 1978.

Greg just recently recorded it for the first time and had to add a chorus to her verse as he recorded it for the first time.

Greg said from the beginning it spoke to him as the emotion of attachment fondness and endearing heartache at being apart…the verses are as she wrote them. The chorus is his input as to finish the idea. Greg instantly was able to recall the words to her poem and it has been with him all this time.

Greg says he has no idea what has become of her, but he always had sympathetic feelings for her.

The next song is call…. DAMN

The Song DAMN is also about love heart emotion of wanting, in this song it is about recognizing the want and thinking it is unhealthy to be obsessive, causing emotional distractions and also recognizing it needs to stop as in a painful attraction Greg states. DAMN is the most recent song that he has written. Greg had thought to include it on his next album, but he felt it came out very well and would compliment the tracks on his upcoming    album PROFANITY In April 2022.

I asked She Loves 2 Shop what are some of your releases this is what he had to say.

My Release's

In April 2021 I released The Album SHE LOVES 2 SHOP , The Debut Album It contains the song SHE LOVES 2 SHOP , the title track. It contains 13 songs. One instrumental DARKSIDE

In December 2021 I released The Album DEAD RIGHT & BLEW ... the opening track is Mother Hurt , it contains 13 songs, One instrumental FEAR GOD

In April 2022 I will release The Album PROFANITY ... the opening track is NOT NOT MAD , it contains 13 songs , One instrumental HOLY MOUNTAIN

Here are the links where you can find She Loves 2 Shop work:


All places Streaming:



Or his songwhip

The following question that I asked was, How do you feel about the state of the world today? And how does it affect you and your work? This was Greg’s Answer..

Todays current world situation ... Is very bothersome and I am compelled to condemn the evil and fight, condoning the prevalent belief system that is widely held , where wrong is right , up is down and the self reigns supreme to the natural order of spiritual law.

It effects my works in that it is my hope that people can find spiritual peace and believe in Love and live in harmony with the will of the creator in their hearts.

And here we come to the conclusion of this review. What does “ She Loves 2 Shop” stand for, and why did you choose the name? This is how I sums up what Greg’s message is…

SHE LOVES 2 SHOP…. Metaphorically is represents America, being    materialistic in their beliefs, behavior thru consumerism .

The selfish behavior of materialism that is taught and worshipped in place of a spiritual DIVINE nature, vulgarity, and profanity are applauded.

America has become the leader in atheism. Selling her self to the followers of the world. How this monopoly has enslaved the people.

But It doesn't need to include you.

Article by SchizoFranic

You can find out more about SchizoFranic here