E.M.A's Out Of This World Album, Is Coming Soon! "Project 128" Pre-Save NOW!


What Is The “Electronic Music Alliance?"

Throughout 2018, 3 electronic music producers (Bufinjer, DaveyHub and Nicky Havey) met via Atom Collector Records and came together to collaborate on mixes, remixes and brand-new tracks.

As we progressed with our online endeavors, we wanted to open the doors to the wider electronic music community and so the the Electronic Music Alliance (EMA) was born.

We have been releasing new music via the Electronic Music Alliance (EAR) Label since January 2019.
With a growing list of artists releasing through EAR, you can find us in all the usual music stores and streaming sites like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Beatport, and many more.

Album Line Up

Project 128

Bufinjer-Move It Like This
Cylotron-Don't Stop
Daveyhub-Those Fantazia Feelings
DMZ-Dance till I am happy again
Electrostatic Nightmare Disco-Vampire
Erik Njolstad-Warp Drive
iconDARK-Encounter 9 of 128
mAncient-Earth House Blast
Mechanical Flesh-Flight Shift
One Devious Monkey-People  In The House, Mastered by Fat As Funk 
PlanetRobot-No Faith


Pre-Save: https://hypeddit.com/7el9wi
Album release date March 31st!

1EMAlliance: https://1emalliance.weebly.com/
Electronicalliancerecords.com: https://electronicalliancerecords.weebly.com/

The Review, E.M.A "Project 128"

If you like ground pounding electronic music, this is so for you! Where do I start? Oh my goodness this album had me seriously dancing in my seat as I listened. This whole album is nothing short of outstanding! With sounds of lushes Synths, absolute ground pounding bass in your face to amazingly played piano that sound so rich. From start to finish this album is electrifying to your senses. E.M.A has outdone themselves with this album, for sure! From Bufinjer's "Move it Like This" amazing bass line, to Cylotron's "Don't Stop" earth moving kick and bass. Not to mention Daveyhub's "Those Fantazia Feelings" beautiful piano playing and house beat. Next to Dinksterizaangel's  "Loca" amazing vocals and flow.

Following Dinksterizaangel is DZM's "Dance till I am happy again"  awesomely done side- changing and fantastic dreamy synths. Next up is, Electrostatic Nightmare Disco's "Vampire" another ground pounding kick that will rumble your speakers! This one is one for the ravers out there! To The next Erik Njolstad's "Warp  Drive" so ambient with out of this world synths!are absolutely beautiful! To an amazing explosion of sounds that made my arm hair raise!  

Next track is Hootgun's "HighSoTonic" Intense intro to the bass line that will have you taping you toes and get your head seriously bobbin. Following Hootgun is iconDARK's "Encounter 9 of 128" Wow is all I can say! The synths are amazing all the way to the bass line! not to mention the percussion of this track is phenomenal! 

Next up, is mAncient's "Earth House Blast" OMG! what a track! packed full of vocals. I can't put into words how absolutely awesome his synths are! well done brother! Next up is, Mechanical Flesh's "Flight Shift" with such beautiful arp's along side a wonderful bass line. The synths sound as if they were dancing with one another. Following mAncient is, One Devious Monkey's "People In The House (Fat As Funk is who mastered it). I just love his house beat that is pounding from the intro to the end! Another fantastic sounding synths playing in unison. The lead synth in this track is awe inspiring! Nice work One Devious Monkey!

Next up is Planet Robot's "No Faith" what an incredible bass line along side lush synths, love the change up on this track intense synths with a wobble. This Track is amazing with all the different elements in the track that seem to flow like this track is telling you a story! truly amazing! And for  the final track on this album is no other than Primaudia's "Castlemorton" loving that bass line again, its just pumping! with outstanding percussion along side beautifully done vocal chops. This track will get your heart pumping and your head bobbin! what a wonderful change up! synths are just crisp and intense! anther outstanding track!

In conclusion, This album had me just dance the whole way through. this is an amazing album with amazing artists with outstanding talent! Readers, if you want to jam out or work out this is an album that will get you there. Packed  with synths and bass lines that will get your heart pounding to the kicks that will knock you off your seat. This album has everything you are looking for if your into electronic music. You won't be let down.

Review by: SchizoFranic
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic

Gary Dranow & the Manic Emotions single, "Mellow Drama"

About Gary Dranow & the Manic Emotions

Gary Dranow & the Manic Emotions is a Park City, Utah-based classic rock band making music for the square pegs. After creating successful business endeavors in the world of outdoor sports, bandleader Gary Dranow turned to music to help him cope with bipolar disorder and the effects of a stroke. The result is a genre-defying collection of songs that provide comfort to those who are also walking a difficult path.

After several successful releases from their debut album, Destiny Road, they are finally ready to release the much anticipated collection. But for Gary Dranow, the band’s leader and songwriter, there is no other song that’s more personal than “Mellow Drama".

About Gary

This classic rock-influenced single has whispers of blues elements reminiscent of the rock of the 80’s. The playfulness of the keyboard sprinkled throughout the single adds texture to Gary’s skilled guitar.

He wrote “Mellow Drama” in the third person, from the point of view of those he’s been in relationships with, both platonic and romantic. As someone with Bipolar with mania, he explored what it must have been like for others to be around him.

“When I was in my late 40s I was diagnosed as bipolar with mania and for the first time, I had a reference for why I acted out as I did from early childhood until I started to be managed pharmacologically. I blew up three marriages and many relationships due to my over-the-top personality,” says Gary.

“It wasn't until I moved to Park City and a Ski Racing buddy of mine, referred me to his psychiatrist, Dr. Kalm (really his name, no joke) that I was put on the right combination of meds and I mellowed out tremendously. Before that I was hyper-aggressive and often people would be put off by my demeanor. That all changed under the care of Dr. Kalm. Now I'm as calm as a lake without wind, very stable, andnow a genuinely nice, caring person.”

Gary's struggles with manic depression have fueled his creativity and inspired him to make music that speaks to the human experience. To have your personal and professional life disrupted by your sensitivity to others around you, it sets you back every time you think you have made a step forward. That is where a lot of Gary's lyrical inspiration comes from in his original tunes.

Website: http://www.garydranowandthemanicemotions.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gjdranow/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/garydranowandthemanicemotions/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzVobqm6Ld7OZVOK0AbLo5Q
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0ln6vyEEr8rYl7ZB5aJv0T?si=yVZQRlNzS9mntN6O6D2-Yg
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/gary-dranow

The Review... "Mellow Drama"

This starts out with that with that iconic sound of the 80's. Guitars strumming along side a guitar lead, bass and the organ, with that classic 80's beat. Anybody from that time will enjoy this. I know I did! As the band  plays they introduce  the vocalist singing, "You think It's easy Being your friend, You think it's easy Telling you things you don't want to hear, I've had a rough time with you, Its not easy being your friends, Tell me what you want me to do." In a very inviting voice with very deep lyrics. The kinda lyric's that hit home. Song writer Gary Dramow writes an amazing track about his struggles in life. As you read above he suffers from Bipolar disorder and a stroke. Hats off to you Gary Dranow for writing such a outstanding track.

In conclusion, readers if you love the 80's style tracks. Well this  is a winner! With deep lyrics and a great sounding band that will take you back to the past with that classic 80's sound. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this band, and I think you will to!

Review by: SchizoFranic
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic

Franc O'cher, 'Stars At Night' A Heart Touching Track!


A little bit about Franc O'cher

Franc O'cher is a Canadian singer/songwriter from Montreal, Quebec who is now making his living in a quiet town in New-Brunswick.
Between being the captain and a fire service instructor, Franc's addiction for music has never failed.
Multi-instrumentalist, Franc is an artist who by the force of work has been able to win the hearts of many listeners with his releases

Franc O'cher, who mixes folk pop with folk acoustic elements, is here to gift the world some of his soulful creations. He got his musical inspiration from James Bay, Simple Plan to Bryan Adams.


DOWNLOAD by BandCamp
Stars At Night: https://francocher.bandcamp.com/track/stars-at-night
SO: https://francocher.bandcamp.com/track/so
Out Of You: https://francocher.bandcamp.com/track/out-of-you

DOWNLOAD by Soundcloud
Stars AT Night: https://soundcloud.com/francochermusic/franc-ocher-stars-at-night
SO: https://soundcloud.com/francochermusic/so-1
Out Of You:https://soundcloud.com/francochermusic/outofyou?si=f5cb6c2615f54e298cc7609628c5240b&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing

Starts At Night: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErKmn2y2fr0
SO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ph1_B6tpBY
Out Of You: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znWceO2q_fQ

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/francochermusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/francochermusic
Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@francocher
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/francochermusic
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@francochermusic

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/50IPd82gIgh0OnboFmTNzN
Apple Music:  https://music.apple.com/cg/artist/franc-ocher/1644363816
Amazon Music: https://music.amazon.ca/artists/B0BDSJNDVQ/franc-o'cher
Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/en/artist/182807767
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/francochermusic
Bandcamp: https://francocher.bandcamp.com/

Website: https://www.francocher.com/

The Review, 'Stars At Night'

This is really beautiful track very soft warm feeling track. it's got the feel's similar to  Bryan Adams meets U2. A very warm tone to the track. The track starts out with a guitar strumming along side the percussion and bass that introduces Franc O'cher singing, 'Here I am, Thinking about you...' This is a song about love. A kinda love that you may feel for an 'X' or someone that don't know that this person is in love with them. The guitar is well played and the percussion and bass is the heart beat of the track. I think this is a charming song, a song of endearment of a love for one to another. A kinda song you can sit down with the one you love and enjoy the story of this track.

In conclusion, This track is a well written track. The percussion and bass is warm and inviting as too is the lyrics. Readers if you want to sit back and unwind  with a loved one, this track is for you. Give Franc O'cher's  track, 'Stars At Night' a listen and find out for yourself.

Review by: SchizoFranic
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic

Marseille upcoming news about their final single, 'Thinker' building up to their debut EP, 'FREEDOM'



Marseille are a young rock n roll band formed in late 2021 in Derby, England. The band consists of Will Brown, Joe Labram, Lennon Hall, Tom Spray and most recently Felix Moxey. The 90's Madchester scene and the 60's Merseybeat is where Marseille draw most their influences from.

In 2022 Marseille, have already had some success with the singles "Forget It All" which was played on Soccer Am and the 9 minute monster "The Jungle". Over the summer, the band have also performed at the Y-Not and Isle Of Wight Festivals.

With an average age of 18, Marseille are sure to go far…

Marseille are dropping the euphoric, heavenly masterpiece “Thinker” as their final single in the build up to their debut EP the “FREEDOM” EP.

The single will drop on the 17th of March 2023 across all major streaming platforms.

 The new single “Thinker” is a truly beautiful ballad which will find it’s name amongst some of the greatest songs of all time. A heartfelt sweet song accompanied by divine strings, lyrics which play with heart strings and hooks that seem to have been created by masters of their craft. Marseille are showing that they have what it takes for their name to be up in lights amongst legendary bands. A band of musicians at the top of their game and songs which could define a generation.

Marseille lead singer and songwriter, Will Brown, had this to say about the song: “The song was written when I was quite young, maybe when I was about 13 or 14 but Joe saw potential in the song and insisted we bring it back into the light of day. I always saw the song about relationships until recently. I now see it as a song which talks about lost loved ones and all the things you want to say to them now they’re gone.” 


Find Marseille on social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarseilleBandOfficial

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marseilleband

Twitter: https://twitter.com/marseilleband

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0CKzwR7ixevIfFPRD9NnbM

Email: marseille.bandofficial.uk@gmail.com

Press Release from Marseille

Posted by: SchizoFranic
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic



“Sultry vocals atop intense electric soundscapes” - Earmilk
“Fresh, spacious and wildly original” - BBC 6 Introducing

Perfectly aligning with International Women’s Day, Venezuelan London-based multi-hyphenate Pao Pestana has just revealed ‘NMIGO’, her high-energy new single out today via Big Indie Records. Alongside the single release, Pao also announces the release date for her debut EP No Apagues La Luna, due out 12th April.

No Apagues La Luna is a phrase that Pao used to say at 3 years old to her father when he went to turn her light off before bed: “don’t turn off the moon”. It’s that age of discovery where children play around with the meaning of words, exploring and creating the world around them in ways that spark intrigue. Through the EP, Pao is reconnecting to her inner child, letting herself be playful and free, tapping into that same curiosity that she explored as a child. Created with no expectations and no pressure, Pao illuminates her identity and true being on No Apagues La Luna.

 ‘NMIGO’ (a play on the Spanish word ‘enemigo’ meaning ‘enemy’) was written as an ode to the power of women and their determination to overcome any hurdles or doubt that comes their way. It was made on the same day as a business situation with a man that led to Pao being deceived. The result is a cathartic release of energy that is simultaneously empowering, motivating and exciting. It’s a strong example of how art and creativity can flourish in the face of adversity, as Pao left the session with her producer “feeling like Superwoman.”

The record introduces itself with ominous bass-led synth pulses and an overpowering Latin percussive rhythm underpinned by Pao Pestana’s haunting vocal, which quickly fills out with thick basslines. The track builds tension throughout, before climaxing with thundering drums and a layered chorus rich with expressive backing vocals. Not only is the track a perfect cocktail of Western and Latin production styles, Pao Pestana continuously switches between Spanish and English throughout the song, once again highlighting both her Venezuelan roots and her London-based style.

Speaking on the single, Pao shares, “It’s a badass ‘don’t f*ck with me’ song. Sometimes we need that energy, especially women. I had this as a clear intention when writing NMIGO. I envisioned all the incredible women in my life that I admire, and how hard they work on developing their talents and the knowledge they hold. We continuously get underestimated by some man which becomes fuel for us. I want this song to be a companion to the powerful women that are following their call no matter the adversities. We are powerful.”
The release of ‘NMIGO’ follows Pao’s alluring February release ‘San Menace’ which was accompanied by a slick visual that was creative directed by Pao herself, and directed by Anna Francesca-Jennings.

Consistently shifting perceptions of Latinx pop music, Pao Pestana’s innate curiosity and hunger for experimentation allows her sound to mutate into something truly unique, pulling inspiration from her new home in London as well as her birthplace in Venezuela. Her career so far has already been littered with highlights, including two sold out shows in 2021, as well as performances in major London venues including Jazz Café & Rich Mix London. With support from key tastemakers such as Rinse FM, Earmilk and BBC Introducing, she has an extremely exciting 2023 ahead, with many more genre-bending hits to follow.

Hailing from a family of artists, Pao Pestana fell in love with theatre at an early age, exploring acting and dance as a way to indulge her creativity. Growing up in a home filled with music, she gravitated towards singing, later learning to bring her visions to life with production. With a hunger for opportunities and collaboration, she moved to the city of London, immersing herself in its diverse musical landscape, and shining a light on the flourishing Latinx scene.

‘NMIGO’ is another captivating taster of Pao Pestana; an innovative and rule-defying exploration of the Latin & Western music scene who is gearing towards her debut EP No Apagues La Luna.


Stream: 'NMIGO' Here: https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ewUEfg2wYi8t5r-vmn7-bWz0P17ci3ebLMf5cr_lTvhXGGJbejRrLekgIcD0MTwj0RzwhJlTklgmXMRE3dKptvuFRhYqpV-2zbIe8bN4r6X0VTwxSyX7COlkZiounSDUDsEx3e35KCEnNMiMGj5u3JtPu5ZVQn7k&c=V7kMprLx97u7vKZ6eFjxdTjBKaGAtmWbAT-LX2VJRUMOxgVwY91cxA==&ch=zAvmCt3B47wUymb72rQ3PBLCF9eshOeS_QEaIj1LGHORTZ7TvreNMg==

Pre-Save: No Apagues La Luna EP: https://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ewUEfg2wYi8t5r-vmn7-bWz0P17ci3ebLMf5cr_lTvhXGGJbejRrLekgIcD0MTwjFquKWtyIuKrc5KzHCJiasrFdZN8AP4x0Y7VkOYwTdXZMUj86_q7uZamr_ftEhTLg-Z4Z2NEpYAdprEKrvpDeUYCUxamVHPJh&c=V7kMprLx97u7vKZ6eFjxdTjBKaGAtmWbAT-LX2VJRUMOxgVwY91cxA==&ch=zAvmCt3B47wUymb72rQ3PBLCF9eshOeS_QEaIj1LGHORTZ7TvreNMg==

 The Review.. ' NMIGO'

This track is very original, and electrifying. Right out the gate I was dancing in my seat. Pao Pestana has a inviting voice that keep you interested even though the track is mostly in Spanish. The track starts off with this incredible bass synth, that I found to be outstanding along with  background  vocals and percussion. Then the track pauses for about a second. After the pause  Pao Pestana  vocals comes in, in Spanish in a Reggaetón  fashion. At the break Pao sings, 'I Can Be Sweet, Can Also Eat You For Din-nah..'. This Track is just incredible the tribal  feel of the Reggaetón with drums pounding just gets you moving in your seat. If you like to dance well, this track is for you. I personally loved it! I loved the fact that even though she is singing in Spanish there is English mix in the track. You pretty much understand what she is singing about. Give this track a listen too readers. You'll be dancing in your seat also.

Photo Credit: Karolina Wielocha

Review by: SchizoFranic
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic

Kane Kalas Tells All In His Q & A....Plus, His single, 'Luck Be a Lady' Releases His Rendition of Frank Sinatra’s Classic!.


Q & A for Kane Kalas

Tell me about yourself.
I am a classically trained recording artist, professional poker player, and investor. While I’m
originally from Philadelphia, I’ve lived in many different places around the world including Costa
Rica, Malta, and currently Puerto Rico. I have a passion for the Great American Songbook.
What are the essential qualities that make a good musician?
A musician’s most important job — in any genre — is connecting to their fans. Bob Dylan and
Taylor Swift do this through their profound yet accessible lyrics. Sinatra, on the other hand, used
his one-of-a-kind phraseology. Patsy Cline connected to country fans with her haunting and
heartfelt vocal dynamics. Dean Martin? Off-the-cuff comedy.

What first got you into music?
My father, who was raised in the 40s and 50s, never lost an appreciation for the exceptional
music of his time. So growing up, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and Bing Crosby were
always playing in our house along with early musical theatre.
I went to a small private middle school — so small that every student was compelled to be in the
middle school musical. I thought, “if I’m going to be in musicals for the next three years, I might
as well learn to sing,” so I found a local voice teacher who happened to have a classical
background. The rest was history.

Who inspired you to make music?

My father. Dad is very well known in Philadelphia and in sports circles around the world. He
broadcast baseball for the Philadelphia Phillies for 37 seasons and was the voice of NFL films
for more than two decades. He received the Ford C Frick award from the Cooperstown Baseball
Hall of Fame for broadcasting excellence in 2002.
In Philadelphia, dad was known to sing Sinatra’s “High Hopes” whenever the Phillies made a
postseason run. To this day, thirteen years after his passing, the Phillies still play a video of dad
singing “High Hopes” on the jumbotron after every home victory.
My debut album, is titled High Hopes — it’s a tribute to dad as well as the city of Philadelphia.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Nostalgic, melodic, symphonic, “a breath of fresh air” — are all terms I would use to describe my
music. For some time, mainstream music has strayed further and further away from strong
melodies and an orchestral sound in favor of the spoken word and computer generated beats. I
believe it’s only a matter of time before the pendulum swings back the other direction and
younger generators rediscover an appetite for big band style music.

What is your creative process like?

To brainstorm ideas, I listen to all types of music from various eras. Standards, country, pop,
rock, classical, reggae — you name it. Then I think, “do the lyrics of this song speak to me? Are
they relatable today?” If the answers are, “yes,” the next things to explore are, “does this song
have a strong melody? Would it sound good with a big band in a croon or swing style?”
Then I get together with the rhythm section of my band. I normally come in with a general idea
of the kind of sound and feeling I’m going for, not a formal composition. I’m lucky to be working
with some of the best musicians in the country so we’re able to just jam out and see what works.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
Frank Wildhorn, the best living musical theatre composer.
If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?
Trying to entertain and connect with someone else’s audience for 20 minutes who may or may
not understand and relate my music and message isn’t for me.
I would headline the show.

Where have you performed? What are your favourite and least favourite venues?

I love singing with a big band; this genre of music is electrifying when the audience can hear
each instrumental section filled out by a full or chamber orchestra. For that reason, my favorite
place to perform is on large stages that can accommodate fifteen or more musicians, such as in
theaters, casinos, and concert halls.
One unusual venue I frequently perform at though are sports stadiums. I sing the Star Spangled
Banner to kick off each season for the Philadelphia Phillies at their home opener. While
performing at a stadium comes with its own unique challenges, such as cold and windy weather,
hearing your own reverb, and the necessity of singing a capella, I absolutely love the experience
and hold the tradition dear.
Last season I had the honor of performing God Bless America during game four of the World
Series; there is no greater feeling than connecting with 43,000 fans over a shared respect for
your country and love of baseball.

What is one message you would give to your fans?
I don’t like generic, Hallmark-esque messages. So instead of answering with something like,
“follow your dreams,” I’ll touch on something specific that I think could help people.
Personal finance is the most important subject that is not taught in schools. It’s for this reason
people pay financial planners to put them in cookie-cutter products that more or less mimic
index funds that people can easily access themselves.

Promise yourself you will set some portion of your salary aside each month to add to your
savings. If you don’t know what to do with your savings, simply open a brokerage account and
put it in the S&P 500, which has averaged 10% returns over nearly 100 years. Do not keep your
savings in depreciating fiat currency, such as the dollar, or in low-yielding promises to be repaid
fiat currency in the future (such as in bank savings accounts or bonds). Promise yourself you will
not move your savings into cash at any time, even during down markets.
People who stick to this plan for a decade or longer will see a remarkable growth in their
savings due to the effects of compounding returns.

Kane Kalas, 'Luck Be a Lady' Releases His Rendition of Frank Sinatra’s Classic.

Kane Kalas has a single, 'Lucky Be a Lady' It offers a glimpse into the life of a gambler — the song is filled with hope and suspense,” Kane says. “In capturing this feeling, I really explored playing with the lyrics, dynamics, and even the melody. These liberties capture the dramatic essence of the piece.

Listen to “Luck Be a Lady on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/2MINkfDaa5XWYCNOkrR9dd?si=f0618307f3c84ba5&nd=1

Connect with Kane Kalas

Website: https://kanekalas.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kanekalas/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kane.kalas

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kanekalas

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6PppY7ZK_5rhk4GfX_w9Pg

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@kanekalas

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/02085d2Dl1uAc5qEcUlBOf?si=y4Vj1J09TxmXojn_K8e1Sw&nd=1


Q & A by: SchizoFranic
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic

New Song by The Darren Holland Project-'Picking Sides'

The Darren Holland Project is just that, a project with many players involved. The main two are husband and wife Darren and Cheryl Holland from Grain Valley, MO. Darren writes all songs and plays guitar, keys, bass, vocals, and programs. Cheryl plays percussion, keys, drums on some songs, and vocals and flute. On some songs, Barb Wilmoth adds backup vocals and drums, Scott Mitchell on guitar, and JenCat on vocals. Andy Oxman of Sound Works Recording Studio produces and records most songs in Blues Springs, MO.

Darren has been influenced by all he listens to, from the new to the old and in-between. He writes several genres but mostly stays within rock. His songs are catchy but always have a meaning behind them.

 We are sending Picking Sides  and will be available on all platforms on March 1st. Picking Sides is about being stuck in the middle and trying to pick the correct side. ISRC QZFYZ2338042
All links are provided under Linktree to our social media accounts.

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/thedarrenhollandproject

The Review, 'Picking Sides'

This is an outstanding group of indie musicians that I've had the pleasure to write a review for in the past couple months. So I am happy to here there new single, 'Picking Sides' Lets get to it!

This track starts out with banging drums and a guitar picking out a melody following this a wall of guitars are heard. And that just 12 seconds into the track! then the lyrics come in singing, ' Come On Baby, Come On Into play, We Can Drown On Such A Sun Shiny Day' Wow those are intense lyrics! As distorted guitars play along side the lyrics. The bass and drums are just pounding. This group has such a intense  but, impressive sound. This is a very outstanding indie rock group. The lyrics are gripping  as you listen the story unfold. If you are into indies rock this is a fantastic group to listen to. I know I have already listened to they work more than twice. You won't be let down by the hardcore sound of this group.

In conclusion, 'Picking Sides' is a brilliant track. Chalked up with pounding drum and bass. And  lyrics that has you gripping at your seat. Like I said above you readers will not be let down by the enormous sound of this Indie band. Give them a listen and find out for yourself.

Review by: SchizoFranic
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic

The Subtheory – 'Cut to Black' News and Review!

The Subtheory set out their stall early for a busy 2023 with an ethereal, atmospheric new single; Cut to Black.  Eerie piano leads you to floating, airy synths, jangling guitars laid upon a descending bass groove with Cate DeBu’s melancholy cautionary tale of a life spent playing the odds on both sides.  There is an intriguing contrast between the sweet, dreamlike quality of the music and melodies juxtaposed with the harsh and slightly bitter tang of the lyrics.

“There will be a certainty for those who like to bet..”

 The Subtheory are building a head of steam as they springboard of a successful 2022 with a series of releases planned throughout Spring off the back of a number of live shows in the UK as well as mini European tour in early Summer.

 Cut to Black will be available from March 31st 2023 on their Bandcamp as well as Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music and more.

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The Review....The Subtheory-Cut ot Black

Wow, this is a outstanding track it is exactly what The Subtheory said it would be. An enchanted piano opens up the mystery of  this track,that leads into the synths slowly interning into the track.  They reminds me of  The Verve's Bitter Sweet Symphony, totally fantastic sound. The lyrics are inviting starting off like a song bird singing, 'What's done is said, What's said is Done, My Thoughts my mind misread...' That peaks your interest right off the bat. Like I said at the beginning of this review, this track is very enchanting and totally epic! Oh, how I love this track. The mystery of it, the sounds that  float around in your ears and the mystery of the story being told in this track. Readers, this is a must listen too. This track is truly amazing.

News from The Subtheory
Review by: SchizoFranic Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic

PRESS RELEASE: Abrasive Trees EPOCHA Album Release + Launch Gig At The Black Heart, Camden


Introducing Abrasive Trees

Post-Punk/Post-Rock crossover band Abrasive Trees have announced a CD-only release of their compilation album EPOCHA.

The new collection features 9 tracks all written and recorded by Matthew Rochford between 2019 and 2021, and mixed by Rothko's Mark Beazley.  Rochford, a member of Bella Union's recently announced collective Silver Moth created much of the music in isolation working closely with Beazley to finalise each track and enlisting an array of musicians to guest.  Jo Beth Young, Peter Yates, Steven Hill, Laurence Collyer, and Roberts are among those who appear. Beazley added bass to tracks such as Before and Replenishing Water, which features celebrated drummer and Rochford's younger brother Sebastian.

The band have also announced their Saturday 4th March show with This Is Radio Silence at The Black Heart in Camden will be a launch gig for the album.

Matthew Rochford said:

"This work marks a particular phase of creativity, borne from a unique set of adverse (yet special) conditions.  I was fortunate to work with Mark Beazley on these tracks with additional support from Jo Beth - which was invaluable. After these were made things definitely changed as we moved into more of a traditional band set-up.  It's a chapter that I think is worth celebrating and one that I will always be hugely grateful for. The live show in London will showcase some of our favourite tracks plus some newer material too.  We can't wait."

The album is available for pre-order now and starts shipping on Friday 10th March, with the launch gig at The Black Heart, Camden on Saturday 4th March (supporting This Is Radio Silence).

The Review...'We Rise'

I reviewed one track off of the 'EPOCHA album', 'We Rise'. First of all this is an amazing track, it is so ambient. Guitar's slightly at first, the a distorted guitar comes in  with such feeling  and by the way  the percussive is amazing! this is an brilliant track with so much feel to it.  the vocalist sings don't give up. surrounded with the wall of sound and textures. The drums are exceptional along with the guitars creating a surreal landscape. what a beautiful track. This whole album is just amazing from one song to the next.

In conclusion, I really love this band. it give me a sense of escaping into a ambient soundscape filled with emotion. This is a innovated band with a sound that is out of this world. Give them a listen, I'm sure you readers will love their wok as I do.
Review by: SchizoFranic
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic

The Southern Gothic's single, 'Rich Folks'


Words from Rachel Sellick about The Southern Gothic duo.

The forthcoming release from the Connor Christian fronted act was written by Russell Sutton, Kyle Coulahan, and Troy Thomas Walls with the trio creating a fantastic toe-tapping country crossover jam that will have you reaching for the repeat button. There is also a truly brilliant guitar solo from Quinn to listen out for too.

Following several stints in previous bands, frontman and principal songwriter Connor Christian founded The Southern Gothic with former Truckadelic drummer Shawn Thacker. What first started as a high energy, house cover band at venerated Atlanta dive bar, Dixie Tavern, has grown immensely along with Connor’s writing skills to become the band Billboard Magazine called its ‘Band on the Verge’

 And with ‘Rich Folk’ they continue on their rise to the top with a standout country Americana smash that is best played at full blast with the windows down. Lyrically engaging and musically inspiring, this is a track that showcases the growth of The Southern Gothic.

 Speaking about the single, Connor Christian says:

“This is a song a bunch of my buddies wrote and I felt left out, so I had to sing it.  It was written by Russell Sutton ('Whiskey On You" Nate Smith/"My Boy"Elvie Shane) with Troy Thomas Walls (who co-wrote several other tunes on the album with me including "Talking in My Sleep") and Kyle Coulahan.  It's just a super fun jam, Quinn's guitar solo is INSANE, we brought in a few horn-playing buddies to add some finishing touches, and just really got to get a feel for how far we could stretch that song from the original vibe, which we loved, and still stay true to it. Throughout this tune, we meet a host of characters, the most important of which is the bar itself.  Anyone who's spent any time in a low down dive bar, seedy-pub will recognize a lot of the people and scenes in this tune.  I love singing it, and can't wait to play it for everyone!”

Links to The Southern Gothic

YouTube: https://d321-r04.eu1.hubspotlinksstarter.com/Ctc/L0+113/d321-r04/VVpt4s5NF15XW4j0DjT50ln4zW4YmM-14XxnjNN6rgBpZ3lSbNV1-WJV7CgP9QVvQpmH35DRFpW8g1Szm83z4QMW8GzwbL32pQ1pW8qPGBQ5276xYN3sK2m_1WFMgW9bCYyc1_M0-fV1WcHJ917ZsFW3wXFcS1-ZxX3W1h2TY02zs2bPW5-VtXt459r1nW1BjQ3K2B7jgHW1zw9p96WLKW_W4QNN4c4c1fRlW55gRb42pXDn3W4qwX8J2D2RzXW75B4rN22zb50W891Vh58G_bDzW387sn14CDqm-W5gxJBm8JgfbmW6plw5l82-FRkW7wzPh31mQc6MW3sgMVW8vX-pR3q3K1

Instagram: https://d321-r04.eu1.hubspotlinksstarter.com/Ctc/L0+113/d321-r04/VVpt4s5NF15XW4j0DjT50ln4zW4YmM-14XxnjNN6rgBpZ3lSbNV1-WJV7CgZ5LW98k08h1stN80W5mH5L05hVZnJW8K80hL2Qt3FFW67Lg8q6W5s-NN5kqK4HM6fXFVBZDB02WYj01W1_Y5Mq4dzXD-W1XjXgq6Q1f2BW7SzL7g2qB736N3j6vWGSDD-4VgsnsN9fcqqJN6J4hy9HyQ1HW88Q1kM272jnSVl3SgV39FT1lW45H8Pm7kyCm9W8NHNBg17Pt9lW3wsnj69fvVr-W4XgThd4L0p-dN4xyrjsqKLhVV9lpkQ7jh-q-W80-XwL874bjBW5SRPJ99hM5LT3kzD1

Facebook: https://d321-r04.eu1.hubspotlinksstarter.com/Ctc/L0+113/d321-r04/VVpt4s5NF15XW4j0DjT50ln4zW4YmM-14XxnjNN6rgBpZ3lSbNV1-WJV7CgHRdW5KGZYP37GbN1W1tVdPv4PD77sV4HQpz1r4rXRW1BCP_N32yrnBN7-r_8RFkR5kW4-4XH378vcG6W5l7H0H2DGLKqW37cqND88_2wRW2czqPm2NKYbzW82GTK17xsFWyVct1fH7z20H4Vb03Cm3VNyXtVlSZcC3RQrSCW9dPgtm5xtfFZW2gL6DC4ZRvXWW6VGTV27-ZzxlW8hxd941nPdJdVbf8by730_lzW6ChlN21NJ2CZW4xd6f91RP8GQW3JNXYv74b31lVr37dy33klpB2gK1 

The Release

On March 10th, Nashville-based country-influenced duo The Southern Gothic release their brand new single titled ‘Rich Folk’ which sees them continuing to cross sub-genres with ease whilst retaining their natural soundscape.

The Review.... 'Rich Folks'

This track 'Rich Folks' starts out brilliantly with the chatter of people in the background along with a guitar playing like it itself is in the background but just a bit over the People's chatter, that sets the mood of this track. You feel as if you where in a bar listing to a band on stage. After the intro  there is a burst of sound of guitar's, drums and bass introducing the lead vocalist Connor Christian singing with that good old boy country sound. the Connor Christian sings..'Billie is chain smoking while he is pumping his change in the video poker machine' later he sings..'The beer is ice cold and the whisky is dirt cheap and everybody's got a red neck..' This track makes me feel as if I was in a country bar on a Saturday night drinking and dancing, having a good time. I love the sound of this band, they have a similar sound to Garth Brooks older work. This track is toe tappin, dancing in you seat kinda track. Makes you wanna get up and dance. Readers this is an amazing band with a good old country sound. So, readers if  you into good old country bands, well this band The Southern Gothic is just right up your ally.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed listening to this track, 'Rich Folks' They are toe tapping good. The story being being told about a country night out puts you in the bar having a good old time. 'Being under the tin roof under the neon light, on the front porch with a double wide view...' This track puts you there, 'Wondering what the rich folks are doing tonight' as the track states in the lyrics. This is a well produced track, good sound, and well written. This duo will have you listening to this track over and over again.

Review by: SchizoFranic
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic

Artist: Willy Kuo single, 'Experiences'


A word from Willy Kuo

A comprehensively passionate songwriter based in New York.
Always have an exceedingly prosperous desire to make exceptional music, and strongly experienced with songwriting and music arranging, it's time to get musical.

As music is the expression of art, I devote myself to writing for it, life is art, music is the way of helping people truly get into it!

Willy Kuo Tracks

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcSC0QJVFzA (Falling Rain)

2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoA2DaHVKEY (Don't Have A Minute)

3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dszlBoPcStw (Experiences)

The Review

On this review I'll be  reviewing Willy Kuo track, 'Experiences' So, lets get to it!
This Track is totally unplugged.  Willy Kuo is playing a mean guitar, his sound is very bright and very attractive to the ear. As willy is playing his acoustic guitar he is telling a story about his Experiences as the title suggests. willy starts  of singing, 'Oh Baby, I Try To Let My Guard down, But it ain't easy with you..' I think that is a statement that everyone on earth has thought about someone at least once in their lives, in my case twice in my life. the next verse  he sings is, ' I just gets vicious, contagious,When You Have The Intention To Start To Play Me Around' that is a bold statement and a situation that many people have to  deal with someone they either love or interested in. Wily Kuo is telling a story about what the character in the story is hearing on the streets about who this person He calls 'A beautiful Beast' a person he either like or loves and he wants the chance to charm them. Willy goes on stinging that he does have mysteries along with his experiences.  But, in the next sentence he is singing about being played around by this so called 'beautiful Beast'.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed that fact that Willy plays unplugged. You can really hear his style and how talented he is. His voice is very inviting. The story line is something we all can relate to. All in all, this is a well played track and this is a track you can listen to more than once. So, go  to Willy Kuo YouTube and give his track 'Experiences' a listen. I'm sure you will enjoy it!

Review by: SchizoFranic
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic

Hit Singer/Songwriter Joins Forces with Minds Behind the Music

He’s lived with Pueblo Indians, spent time in jail in Istanbul, travelled the world and had numerous music hits with Warner and Sony. Now, Tom Tikka has joined forces with Minds Behind the Music to release his new album, Better Man.

Tikka is a prolific songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a proven track record of hit songs. One of those songs found its way onto the Born Free Foundation fundraising album (from Minds Behind the Music) alongside music stars Paul Shortino and Brad Walsh.
His new album, Better Man, is packed with hit after hit that entice and captivate the listener. In a world of music often lacking in melody, Tikka’s album stands out head and shoulders.
Tikka lives in Finland with his wife and six children where he is constantly working on new music both solo and helping out other musicians get just the right sound. In fact Tikka is now working closely with other artists from the Minds Behind the Music label to help them release music through the labels mainstream distribution deal.

Better Man is out now and available on every music platform in every country.
Tom Tikka is available for interviews. Tracks available for air-play. Please contact via email below.
Contact: officialmbtm@gmail.com
Tom Tikka Website www.tomtikka.com
Minds Behind the Music Minds Behind the Music Records 

Kelly Williams.... 'Nothin' Comes Easy'


About Kelly Williams

From a very young age, Kelly has loved the arts and spent many of her early years on stage starring in multiple theatre productions whilst also playing piano and guitar. It’s that pure love and passion for music that carries through in her songs and you can hear it clearly in ‘Nothin’ Comes Easy’, this is an artist with something to say.

 That love of creating brought her back to music in 2015 following time away from the industry where she worked as an interior designer and raised her two daughters, but she also found time to stay creative. In 2006, she wrote her first picture book manuscript and between 2006 and 2014, worked with a writing critique group and joined the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators to develop her craft further.

 And now she is pursuing her passion for country music once again which was further fueled by her incredible performance at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville back in March 2020 and shortly after she released her debut album, ‘Outside Looking In’ and is continuing to shine in 2023 with the track ‘Nothin’ Comes Easy’ which drops this February.

 ‘Nothin’ Comes Easy’ further builds on Kelly Williams’ success and showcases her natural country twang with an emphasis on her artistic writing prowess that comes through in this hit song about knowing that anything that’s truly worth having in your life is not going to come easy. There’ll be bumps in the road but it will be so worth it.

 Clearly, the creatively gifted artist is gearing up for a very busy and productive 2023, and within the first two months, fans will have two brand-new songs to play on rotation.

"'Nothin' comes easy, Nothin' comes for free'... compromise and understanding are part of any good relationship, but most important, being kind to each other through it all".

Release: 24th February

Pre-Save: https://show.co/Tj2q46s


Debut album: https://d321-r04.eu1.hubspotlinksstarter.com/Ctc/L0+113/d321-r04/VX8PCV2dglGkW6gx1bj64LF8DVXkGBG4WJqPxN1MKF_73lScGV1-WJV7CgDCFW6wwDjG66nr7RW5XBlJ93-QPlyW9c73S31hQb5LW7ml38G6Z6ssLW7dj3ql589w36W12Kmsr89P1yLW3PWBsc5NVmxsN7wtlCvjHvhnW5pLyFv2BvPNlN24q6707f32mVwbhrn8GRHP8W6HxL5180C5hBW86GTnS7cg-B0W2-s56Z7314XqW4-_pJR6VZfmvW9k5KL62RVycLVZ9_5w1dMXXKW2-cbnV3L1z_YV1MD6X892r3yW60fS6g8LjgzGW2yTdzr8FSXFhW3D1VmT1_0-1sW8TlMYv8F19MkW4SVTkt4GGZNbW5rD5Pn7qfBLMN1G8wtJ7kjGgVM0zlW5VmqmqW8zYgNN1NC6Dz3lgS1


Instagram: https://d321-r04.eu1.hubspotlinksstarter.com/Ctc/L0+113/d321-r04/VX8PCV2dglGkW6gx1bj64LF8DVXkGBG4WJqPxN1MKF-y3lSc3V1-WJV7CgzKTW1bWJPN8q1bXqW1V6bnF9bDmnzW4K0n_S7q4hQmW799Ccp1y3mgjN2MNhbl_-H4xW7dl1qD54FKWGW82xy-S4hQX3dW1F0bsS4qbVL7W8k8xkX9cpJmbN95g3cWMQnfHW6Xpm1z1kxmG8W8pFmkP18GwbNW2dKGJW13CKgfVwZGSC4pdB3YW2cBx038_LtbDW2GlZ486k2N9WW77Sq0n1CPdrVW3mlgSH5mcfSwN7dCtqhnvYZNW26KJFw6rLQt7W2ZyBjV6lmrRhW7M9BTV6jRpmmW8SMZZR8Ghjk_W3pMZw54ZRlRD3m211


The Review

This Track 'Nothin' Comes Easy' starts out with a beautifully play piano along side guitars and bass. The sound is smooth and flows nicely. Very pleasant on the ears. Kelly Williams starts singing, 'Nothing Comes Easy, Nothing Comes Free' What a true statement I must say. And I think most of you readers feel the same. This is a track about letting the person you love that you want all of them. Kelly sings, 'If You Wanna Keep Me, You Gotta Love Me Tenderly' That's what we all want is to be loved tenderly, after all we are humans and we need to be loved.
This is a track about real love and all that comes with it. And that love will survive though bad times.

In conclusion. This is a absolute wonderful track about love and how you want to be loved. And that love should withstand trying times with things get rough. Readers if you wanna relax sit down and drink your favorite drink and just listen to a fantastic song this track is it.
I thoroughly love this track, the way it flows to the story being unfolded to you as the track plays on. This Track had me swaying back and forth to the lovely sound of the guitar's and piano being lightly played to the drums and bass that compliments Kelly as she sings.
Again, another fantastic song to sit back and just listen. I'm sure you readers with love Kelly Williams track, 'Nothin' Comes Easy'.

Review by: SchizoFranic
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic

Claudia Blackstar featuring Wana White, Single...."Diamond"

Introduction.... Say Hello to Claudia Blackstar!

"My name is Claudia Blackstar. I'm a singer and music producer from Birmingham, UK. I was raised within a musical environment since my early years. My staging character as Claudia Blackstar comes from my love for scene arts, where actors perform a role on stage wearing masks. Adding that to my artistic venue and my love for bands like Slipknot or Ghost, I think it was enough inspiration for me to craft this whole visual imagery as a masked singer.

    I made a total of 10 singles so far: 5 solo songs ("From Shadows", "Dreaming Blue", "Late At Night", "Mirage"and "Upsidedown"), 4 collabs ("Sick Of You" with Chypriann, "Devil's Night" with Nakatomi Freefall, "Diamond" with ARDENITE, "Shattered" with Elegize) and 1 lo-fi version of "Gymnopedie Nº 1" by Erik Satie.

    My musical influences go from goth bands like Bauhaus, Sisters Of Mercy, The Cure, S&TB, London After Midnight to modern stuff like Evanescence, Lacuna Coil, Linkin Park, Korn, Deftones, Zeraphine, to electro music like Blutengel, Solar Fake, also bands like Slipknot, Ghost, Marilyn Manson and an endless list of darkwave and lofi music."

    I'm also the female vocalist on the electro-goth project Drop Beat Empire, leaded by my partner Lestat Von Mondlicht. We have released an EP on September last year called "Aftermath", and now we're about to release a collab single with the Italian producer Valkiria Synth called "Entity" on next February 10th."



Listen to "Diamond" on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7oToN14W8GBQTLGLNqKjSz?si=JRiTi2siRhqY_nR6Agmbkw&utm_medium=share&utm_source=linktree&nd=1

The Review..... "Diamond"

This song starts out with a beautiful piano being played leading into Wana White from ARDENITE singing..."Tell me girl, how do you keep it all together, all the weight of the wold must be tearing you up inside" with vocal effects that sound out of this world. A verse that some of us has gone through at least once in our lives. This track has a vibe that is just smooth. Wana's voice is soft but, powerful. The drums and bass is just outstanding. I love the synth sound that Claudia Blackstar has in the bridge of the track gives the track an amazing sound. This is a track you can jam out too. its simple just a beautiful track. This track had me bobbin my head and taping my foot while I sit and listen to Claudia and Wana's track "Diamond".

In conclusion, to me this is simply an amazing track. I loved the vibe of it, the story it tells. I just loved everything about Claudia and Wana's track "Diamond" and I'm pretty sure if you give this track a listen, you love it too.

Review by: SchizoFranic
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic

New single coming.... 'Irresistible' - UK rock band Gone Savage

Gone Savage are an originals only UK rock band formed from former members of Sweet Sin, Sam Thunder and Dare.

ABOUT - We would describe our music as Rock with a modern melodic feel, together with a hard edge and tight under belly! All tracks are accompanied by soaring melodies and up to 4part harmonies. The touring line-up consists of Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Guitar and Lead Vocal, with all members singing backing vocals. Live sets incorporate audio and visual effects to supplement the live audio.
LIVE – Not currently gigging but…Previous performances included Stage2 at HRH AOR6, which was met with great enthusiasm from both the people attending and the gathered media. We were also invited to perform an acoustic set for VIP’s and press for HRH.

LOCATION - Based in and around Manchester UK, our current fan base is predominately North West England / North Wales.

INTEREST - In the UK we have a loyal following within the rock record company / journalist community, with the likes of Hard Rock Hell, AOR Underground, Powerplay Magazine, Classic rock radio, Fireworks, Manic Mosh, Steelheart records Italy and many others taking a genuine interest in what we do.

- We are currently on rotation on over 100 national and internet stations globally. We have been invited in for acoustic live sessions, on air interviews and have several live audio / videos of our acoustic versions which are available by request. Also we are able to do specific radio ID’s and tags for you.

RELEASES – Friday 1st November 2019 marked the start of a new era for Gone Savage with the release of a new track BULLETPROOF and accompanying Lyric video. The follow up single, ‘LOUDER THAN THE SUN’ was released on February 7th 2020 and as part of special re-release, ‘LOVE CAUGHT ME OUT’ was remixed and remastered with Will Glover back on lead vocals and dropped on the 25th September 2020 as our last single!

The debut album, PastLife was released May 2022 to much acclaim from reviewers and media alike!
The band has a long history with previous contributors including Vinny Burns ( Dare) James Marsh (Resurrection EP – lead and rhythm guitars and lead vocals) and Andy Halliwell (Sweet Sin) together with the original drummer James Ross (Also Ex Dare).
Currently the band line up is Ian Salpekar and Will Glover with guests musicians brought in to cover live work. All writing and production is done in house by Will and Ian.
Social media links:

Website - www.gonesavageband.com
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/gonesavageuk/
YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZC6gwzJP1aZglAYClmnobw?view_as=subscriber
Twitter - https://twitter.com/GoneSavageband
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/gone.savage/

The Review..."Irresistible"

The Track starts out with a wall of guitars the sound is powerful. The drums and bass are booming, introducing the vocalist singing, "Save me Im drowning in you Silently breathing you in I fear" with a roaring voice. This track definitely gets your heart pumpin and your legs taping to the rhythm of this track. Wow, at the bridge there is an amazing change up. This tracks guitars are just played amazingly. This track is Irresistible, what a perfect name for this track.

In conclusion, I was blown away with this track. With the amazing wall of guitar's, and heart pumping drums and bass. Definitely check this track out! Pre-Save this one. You'll be blown away too.

Review by: SchizoFranic
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic

Abrasive Trees..... "EPOCHA" compilation release!

A bit about Abrasive Trees...

Abrasive Trees have been described as ‘stunning’ (BBC Introducing) and ‘transcendent’ (Post-Punk.com).  Their musical creations display a willingness to experiment alongside a sound that sits loosely within a post-punk and post-rock aesthetic.

Creating a visionary, cinematic sound, the band use intertwining guitars, distorted cello and leviathan drums set against stark vocals and spectral spoken-word - noted as “utterly enticing” by Louder Than War. Their line-up includes members of Bella Union’s Silver Moth as well as regular contributors to the music of Evi Vine, Rothko and Jo Beth Young.

PRESS RELEASE: Abrasive Trees EPOCHA compilation release

Post-Punk/Post-Rock/Post-Folk crossover band Abrasive Trees have announced a CD-only release of their compilation album EPOCHA.

The new collection features 9 tracks all written and recorded by Matthew Rochford between 2019 and 2021, and mixed by Rothko's Mark Beazley.  Rochford, a member of Bella Union's recently announced collective Silver Moth (along with fellow Abrasive Tree Ben Roberts) created much of the music in isolation working closely with Beazley to finalise each track and enlisting an array of musicians to guest.  Jo Beth Young, Peter Yates, Steven Hill, Laurence Collyer, and Roberts are among those who appear. Beazley added bass to tracks such as Before and Replenishing Water, which features celebrated drummer and Rochford's younger brother Sebastian.

Matthew Rochford says of the release:

"This work marks a particular phase of creativity, borne from a unique set of adverse (yet special) conditions.  I was fortunate to work with Mark Beazley on these tracks with additional support from Jo Beth - which was invaluable. After these were made things definitely changed as we moved into more of a traditional band set-up.  It's a chapter that I think is worth celebrating and one that I will always be hugely grateful for."

The album is available for pre-order now and starts shipping on Friday 10th March, with a launch gig at The Black Heart, Camden on Saturday 4th March (supporting This Is Radio Silence

Pre-Order: https://click.mlsend.com/link/c/YT0yMTQ0MjMzOTk1NTY1NTM4Mjg3JmM9eDVtMCZlPTAmYj0xMDc3OTIzODc4JmQ9ZTl0OGs3cg==.Qb6212BGY1G0NdpQfr-vIPJSR7mWKh9v9sAM--onT2Y

Launch gig: https://click.mlsend.com/link/c/YT0yMTQ0MjMzOTk1NTY1NTM4Mjg3JmM9eDVtMCZlPTAmYj0xMDc3OTIzODg3JmQ9ZzhuNmwzYg==.nArdzjnehyRvqOczPHqhiEadY_jMY5HN5xxB-M1s4ew

Silver Moth: https://click.mlsend.com/link/c/YT0yMTQ0MjMzOTk1NTY1NTM4Mjg3JmM9eDVtMCZlPTAmYj0xMDc3OTIzODcwJmQ9ejNwMXEyeA==.wD17ODsXDlZtnP-3WCxLUpkVgJf0dwv41sVZr-NVFEk

Listen to the most recent recordings: https://soundcloud.com/abrasivetrees/sets/moulding-heaven-with-earth/s-ZdYfTFZjdlA?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing

Watch  the video for Without Light: https://youtu.be/SZeKk0wWJ_k

Interviews/podcasts/queries: Sophie - shapta@mail.com

The Review..."EPOCHA"

This Track starts out fantastic with guitar and  synths playing in harmony  that introduces the main Vocalist. This is an absolutely amazing track. The vocalist starts the track singing.."The Shadows Of What You Do, Fallow you" with the guitars and bass  playing in harmony.  This track sounds  similar to the Cure. This is just an amazing track. The kinda track you can listen over and over again.

In conclusion, This is a fantastic band and a fantastic track like I said, there sound is rich and the lyrics tell a  story what you do, will fallow you. Epocha is a track for everyone. Give it a listen and decide for yourself. I found it to be absolutely fantastic of a  track.

Review by: SchizoFranic
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic

Arctic Monkeys and Country... Savannah Jaine's "I Win Again"


Getting To Know Savannah Jaine!

Savannah Jaine is a dynamic artist, based out of New York City and Manchester, UK.  A diligent workhorse from a young age, this NBC's America's Most Talented Kid's alum honed her chops as a contract vocalist working long hours on stage in hotels and on cruise ships - and that unique and immense experience shows itself in her rich, resonant and powerful vocals.

 A big believer in ‘creating your own opportunities’, she toured, busked and traded live music for beds at hostels throughout Europe and blogged about her adventures all the way. In 2019, Savannah took a contract gig for a rock band in Dubai, where she met British Guitarist and Producer Lee Meadows. Bonding over their love for Americana, Country and Blues, these two fire signs began writing and playing together at an Artist Residency in Ibiza, Spain. The couple got married during Covid-19 and began building an online following with Tik Tok ‘Live Songwriter Rounds’ from their home in Adlington, Lancashire.

 Following on from “Sunshine & White Wine” - her first editorial placement - and Live session EP in collaboration with Milkshed Studios, Lancashire, Savannah is gearing up for her brand new album ‘Slow Burn Baby’, set for release in May 2023. The lead single “I Win Again” is a rock-driven track inspired by Savannah’s time working on cruise ships, playing to thousands of people per week:

“Most were kind and wonderful people, some became lifelong followers and fans, and a very, very small few of them were mean, loud, drunk, unruly, and hurtful. It’s one thing to not like someone’s music but it’s another to completely disrespect them on stage and those few incidents inspired the hook “you're a has been who never was” “you gave me so much hell just because”

 Lee Meadows has delivered a dynamic lead rock guitar riff and solos that provide the perfect setting for Savannah’s powerful vocals which we know you’ll love! Recorded at Milkshed Studio and produced by Chris Hope.

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The Review...."I Win Again"

This track starts out with a single guitar with a crunchy vibrant distortion sound. Then the band comes in along side of Savannah Jaine, singing..." Said I Sing too Loud, and My Skirts are too tight! Said you hatted my sound She cut me up at night" As if someone is judging by the way she presents herself, and that person is judging her style. Savannah has a stunning voice a certain soft but bold sound as she sings. The guitars are played brilliantly with there rich sound. The drums and bass played hand and hand to give this track a country rock feel. Had my feet tapping to the rhythm. I also found myself nodding my head to this track

In conclusion, This track is about someone that is jealous of the main persons  look and sound. The person she is singing about is a has been and is not too happy about that. So ever chance that this jealous person gets, cuts on the one that is successful. So, oftain that this happens to a lot of musicians trying to make it. If you like country rock, then I recommend you to give this track a listen. You just might be finding yourself relating to Savannah Jaine's Track "I win Again". I hope you enjoy this track as much as I did, and find yourself dancing in your seat.

Review by: SchizoFranic
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic