5 out of 5

The radio is so filled with mindless pop these days. You turn on any of the hot channels of the day and what you will hear is the same song over and over again. I know many might think I am exaggerating and perhaps I am a bit – guilty as charged! Yet, it’s quite remarkable how everyone is tapping into the same hooks, production gimmicks and sounds. In other words, pop and rock have become very generic and mediocre.

It’s a pity that this mediocracy is celebrated so widely on the commercial radio because there would be so many wonderful artists to choose from, artists whose music isn’t getting the recognition it deserves, artists like CS Hellman, whose new song, “The Fear I Felt” is eclectic and catchy, artistically challenging but yet familiar enough.

The song’s got it all: great guitars, poetic lyrics, wonderful breathy vocals and enough structural changes to keep the listener interested. Anyone who likes Editors should check this out. It’s got the same vibe as their music but displays perhaps more crossover mass appeal. All in all, “The Fear I Felt” is a great pop/rock track and CS Hellman is definitely an artist to follow and to keep track of. Brilliant stuff.

Listen here: ”The Fear I Felt”

Review/post by Tom Tikka


Micah Sheveloff has had a long and intriguing career in music spawning from Boston rock clubs of the 1980s to the brilliant Voodoo Jets in the early 2000s and beyond. Sheveloff's lates solo single, "Stand Me Up Again" is as a brilliant piece of art pop that feels like a breath of fresh air in today's congested cookie-cutter pop scene. We had the pleasure of interviewing Micah to learn more about his illustruous career that includes working with some rather big names such as Gary Cherone of Extreme.

Your father was a music professor. Was music ever-present in your childhood?

Music was present from birth, predominantly classical music and classical piano lessons until I discovered the Monkees and Partridge Family on TV. But my music-everywhere childhood certainly became the foundation for my journey in popular music. My father was a mean SOB, so that darkness is part of who I am as well.

When did you become interested in music?

As a child, I was interested but of course, turned off by long lessons and hours of practice. My parents also enrolled me in a serious children’s choir in greater Boston called Youth Pro Musica, which still exists today. But I’d sit in the basement and hammer away rock chord changes on an old upright to the dismay of my parents.

How would you describe your music?

I struggle to describe my music and my genre. I have had influences from Stravinsky to The Beatles and some 70s TOP 40 pop. I guess my music strives to blend pretty, melodic compositions with often dark or serious lyrical content.

Who are your favorite artists and why?

I love the bands Dada and Cheap Trick. I love Crowded House. The Beach Boys captivated me on an emotional level. Those artists blend pretty and dark, they draw me in. And the writing is so thoughtful.

Your bio says that the 1980s was your “baptism into the world of rock". This is when you played with some big names, such as Gary Cherone. Can you tell us a bit more about that period in your life?

How great is the new Extreme record?!? I got to play with Gary for about a year pre-Extreme in the Boston scene, and wow was it fun! But I was just crawling out from under the crushing weight of classical piano and finding my way with modern music. Gary was, and is, an inspiration. But it was such a trip to play loud rock and roll for enthusiastic crowds back in those days. I played in a band called The Detours as well, and they had a local hit called "Stuck In My Car" (on YouTube), and I am wearing a polished cotton women’s blouse. Gotta love the 80s!!

Your song “Stand Me Up Again” is a fantastic indie-pop number. What inspired the song?

I have been standing side-by-side with dear friends who have battled addiction, and the song was written as a nod to their strength and perseverance to forge ahead. I played with several artists who did not make it I think we all have, sadly. My producer these days, a gifted chap named Jason Pennock, helped me bring this version of the song to life.

The debut album of your band The Voodoo Jets was produced by the indie-rock legend David Minehan, who has played guitar with Aerosmith and The Replacements, how did that happen?

Ha! Sir David is indeed a legend and part of the Boston scene I am so proud to have emerged from. I remember playing the same bill with his band, The Neighborhoods, back in the day. I was hunting for a producer and two people suggested that I reach out to Dapper Dave. I am so glad that I did, he is a gem of a human and a heck of an artist.

Why did you decide to go solo after The Voodoo Jets?

Excellent question! I was the primary songwriter in the ‘Jets, and I had a deep hunger to try and sing my own shit, though I don’t have near the range that Perrouna does (Voodoo vocal genius). It can be hard to write a song and hand it over to another singer, though Francesco was certainly graceful about it! So it was just a matter of making another leap of faith and working hard. My first solo record, called Exhibitionist, is full of vocal moments that make me cringe. But without that first step, I’d not be the artist I am now.

You’ve produced Beth Patella’s solo album, “Lines In My Fingers”. How is being the producer different from being the artist?

Another great question! I was working at that time with New York City guitar monster Marc Shulman, and when I heard Beth’s demos, I felt she was headed down the wrong path. So, I gathered my amazing band and we learned her songs, recorded them, and I produced each one, including writing out cello parts, arranging harmonies, etc. But the moment from those sessions that sticks in my head is when Shulman produced my piano work on one track that had me stymied for a moment—he stopped me, gave his input, and made the song better for it. Love the muse, love the gift!!

If you could go back in time and give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Wow … I suppose I would tell myself to write and sing my songs starting at a younger age. Hit the circuit way before I actually did as a solo artist. But I also realize that the journey has brought me gift after gift and so much perspective, so I truly have no remorse. I had a dream one day. I’d play a song with Cheap Trick … and now Gary Cherone has done that, so I borrow parts of his journey from time to time. I am making music, I feel super fortunate.

You can find out more about Micah Sheveloff' here: https://micahsheveloff.com/

And you can stream his latest single here: "Stand Me Up Again"  

Review by Tom Tikka for The MBTM music blog

mAncient's Ep "Love" is out NOW! available everywhere!

About mAncient

Born 56 years ago, mAncient got into music at the age of four. The accordion. Since then, he has learnt to play keys, percussion, harmonica, a little sax & trumpet, but his foremost love is vocals. He creates healing music in the Earth House genre, and was born a healer.

He has taken his Bodhisattva vows. Which means that he is in for another round on the Earthly plane.
In 2018 he said “Enough” to his normal job, and started traveling. Since then, he has been more broke than not, but happy.

In 2021, he passed 6 million streams of his music.
With a global network of 200.000 or so, he uses his network for positive change.
His aim is to leave a better Earth for his children and grandchildren, and his best friend is a dog. They fight a lot, but that is OK. She is a trained bodyguard.










Haakon Rian Mancient Ueland Artist



The Review

I will be reviewing mAncient's EP "Love". The original track and the remixed track. So, Lets get started!

The original is as good as the Remix..Let me tell you readers these are totally amazing tracks from start to finish. If you like tribal beats then this is for you.These tracks are 3rd eye opening! with mantras and harmonic synths that swirl around in you ears,accompanied by amazing tribal rhythm that gets your soul moving.

OK, the original starts out like almost a trap beat that leads into house beat. Then comes in the synths playing a melody in unison the rhythm along with vocals that overlap mAncient's signature Wolf howl! Truly outstanding sounds in this track. At the break the riser gets you ready for a wall of sound that will get you dancing in your seat.

Now for the remix. This track starts with the mantra along side the vocals just like the original but with added flavor!This track is truly like a spiritual experience. On to the house rhythm. The beat is absolutely ground breaking with a kick that stomps. Along side the kick there is a shaker that gets you moving.

At the break more vocals come in that leads to the rise that has an incredible burst of sound! Wow, hats to you mAncient! With every single sound play at once in unison along side the rhythm. This is soul shaking beats with mantras, vocals, synths, and arps, all going at once is truly amazing sound. Reader, I urge you to check out mAncient's EP "Love", you will be transcend to a another level!

In conclusion, I personally love this EP. It opens your sense to another world. A world of sound that awakens your soul. With mAncient mantras to his harmonic sound that accompanied by his tribal rhythm. I really enjoyed his tracks from start to finish. Nice work mAncient!

Review by: SchizoFranic
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic

Minds interviewed The Americans', See What Their Frontman Patrick Ferris Had To Say!

Q&A Answers From The Americans' Frontman Patrick Farris!

My first question is, what would you most like to be remembered for?

I like to think we've invented our own approach to rock & roll, in the same way bands did back in the '50s and '60s. Like many of them, we started out with traditional blues and folk music; everything we write goes through that prism.

What are some of your influences?

Charley Patton, Skip James, Tom Waits, Joanna Newsom, Bob Dylan.

What’s your opinion of the politics of the world today?

It's more common than ever been for people to hear only the views they subscribe to. And the most extreme ideas appear more popular than they actually are. It's a distorted reality.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Opening for Dr. John before he died.

If you had the chance to speak to every human being on earth, what would your message be?

Consider opinions other than your own.

Have you ever wondered whether you were doing the right thing?

I guess so. I hope I do the right thing.

What’s your opinion of the highly engineered and marketed music we see in the charts today?

I think there's good stuff and bad stuff, just like always. A lot of the music we love is in the past, so we tend to focus on that. Sometimes I wonder what we're missing from contemporary music.

Why do you think music and words seem to work so much better than just words as a means to get a message across?

I don't know. A song is a translation of an abstract concept. It enters the ears, and is translated back to the listener. It's like a foreign language that only you speak.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Oh boy. I once got in a drinking contest with our 300 lb Texan friend at a festival. We were supposed to join Ryan Bingham on stage, but there were hours to go. I blacked out, slept beneath the main stage, woke up exactly on time, and walked on. I have no memory of doing so, but I'm told it went OK.

What would you still like to achieve?

More people to pay attention to our music.

Do you believe in man-made global warming? Or is it natural?

I do.

How do you feel about the state of the world today?

I can't tell if things are crazier, or if things have often felt crazy throughout modern history. I guess we'll have to stay tuned.

How do you think we can come together as one to stop global warming?

We're making some progress, though of course not enough to flatten the curve. Nuclear fusion could solve the problem.

What should we do about animal cruelty? What do you think should be done to the ones that "Sport Hunt" animals in a cage?

I think cruelty to animals in its present form will be remembered as a grave injustice. Not that I'm doing anything to help. We'll probably have to explain to our grandkids what we were thinking.

What would be your message to the world about unity? Do you think it can be done in this day and age?

I think the world is getting better. It doesn't seem that way, but large populations of the world's most vulnerable people have been spared war and starvation, compared to the decades prior. So I guess I have a Steven Pinker outlook. But of course it could always go south.

Finally, If there is truly a God, What would you say about humanity and where it's heading?

Help us out!


Review by: SchizoFranic
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic


Abrasive Trees Live Album Release Nothing Exists For A Second Moment only on Bandcamp!

About Abrasive Trees, From Press- Release.

Experimental rock band Abrasive Trees have announced a Bandcamp-only release of their live album Nothing Exists For A Second Moment.

Amidst waves of psychedelic improvisation, intricate live-mixed visuals, spectral spoken word, howling dogs, delayed cello, and layers of distortion, the album reveals a band shifting from delicate instrumentation to intensity with unnerving ease.

Recorded under the eaves of an ancient barn, the album documents a sold-out show the band performed during 2021 at Hatch Barn in Devon near to where the 5-piece is based.  The title of the album is taken from the Buddhist philosophical concept known as 'subtle impermanence' which explains how within each moment things appear and then cease completely - barely existing at all.

Singer/guitarist Matthew Rochford said "It was an incredibly special night.  Mark Beazley of Rothko came and played a set with us,  Matt & Lucy from Pale Blue Eyes recorded our set perfectly and we had such a wonderful night. The energy in the room is WHY we do this."

Jess Wooler added "Abrasive Trees shows are always immersive processes contrasting meditative, magical and explosive elements.  It was an important moment for us and the album brings this across perfectly."

The band, which features members of Bella Union's Silver Moth are known for their ever-evolving experimental rock which started as a bedroom project and a huge list of collaborators (including Jo-Beth Young, Mark Beazley, Laurence Collyer, Seb Rochford, Steven Hill and Peter Yates) and now centers around Rochford, Ben Roberts, Jay Newton, Will Tyler and Jess Wooller.

The album is available from Bandcamp (release date Friday 16th June) on CD, chrome cassette, and download. There is a launch gig at Hatch Barn, Loddiswell, Devon on the same date.

Bandcamp Link:

Launch gig: https://click.mlsend.com/link/c/YT0yMjM2OTU1OTY4NTczMjgyNzY5JmM9YzFlNCZlPTAmYj0xMTU2NTY2NTY2JmQ9aTZvNHA3dw==.Eg4GFbeGvYeRfGoA6OQmVKvNfT1KOOv-b4GgqamLsIg

Track listing:

Now You Are Not Here
Kali Sends Sunflowers
Moulding Heaven With Earth
Replenishing Water
Bound For An Infinite Sea

Album Credits

Recorded and mixed by Lucy Board and Matthew Board
Mastered by Mark Beazley
All songs written by Matthew Rochford

Jerome Hitchens - Drums and percussion
Jay Newton - Guitar and keys
Ben Roberts - Cello, keys, bass
Matthew Rochford - Vocals and guitar

Jess Wooller - Live visuals
Jo Beth Young - Vocal sample on Before; spoken word sample on Moulding Heaven With Earth
Hempston - added howling

Graphic design - Paul Newson
Photos by Sophie Gould
With thanks to Mark Beazley, Christian Murison, Mark Arnold and Ben Addicott.
Recorded at Hatch Barn, Saturday 9th October 2021

Interviews/podcasts/queries: Sophie - shapta@mail.com

The Review

From this album I will review two track that really caught my attention "Before and "Moulding Heaven with Earth". Lets began.

The first track that I reviewed is, "Before". This track starts out with a zen feel to it. You could get lost in all the different sounds playing in unison. The guitar and vocals are hypnotic, with the guitar's bright sound all though the track with a twist at the end. Everything starts to play backwards. It give the track a unique melodic sound. This track is a instrumental, and an absolutely fantastic track. I really enjoyed this track. and I think readers you will like it too.

The Second track I reviewed is, "Moulding Heaven with Earth" This track too starts out with a hypnotic guitar, bass, creating a melodic sound of unison. The vocals are spoken words that say, "I Tried To Mould Heaven and Earth, My effigies crumble, And My Offerings dispersed." Like the track the vocals are just as hypnotic. This track would make a good good track for mediation for those who mediate. I really enjoyed this track also. Like "Before" it to has a sound that you could immerse yourself into.

In conclusion, This is a really good album to do some soul searching. This whole album has a feel of the mystical to it. Transcends you to a many dimensions of sound. Readers Please give this album a listen. You just might get lost in it.

Review by:
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic

Robbie Harte Announces the Release of her Fiery Anthem, "Sticks and Stones"

About Robbie Harte,
Words from her press release. 

An empowering female in every sense, Robbie Harte is one of those artists who uses her inner strength and femininity to create music that connects and builds confidence in the listener. She does that once again with this latest offering.

Country music is synonymous with the truth, and Harte isn’t afraid to speak her mind, especially when she’s creating, and with ‘Sticks and Stones’ she expertly flips the narrative on a negative relationship and takes a positive stance against the effects of gaslighting, using it as fuel to create an anthem that is ready to become an instant Radio hit.

Following an incredible journey over the past five years, Robbie Harte, put a stamp on the country music scene with the release of her single ‘17’ in 2020 after deciding to follow her dream of becoming a professional singer/songwriter. Since then she has hit the number 1 spot numerous times, has been nominated for multiple Josie Awards, and in 2022, won 2 ISSA awards.  

Now she is ready to take her career to the next level with ‘Sticks and Stones’, an anthemic and powerful song that will have country fans singing along in full voice. This is a track that is going to ignite a spark in many.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/robbieharteofficial/?hl=en
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robbieharteofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/robbie_harte?lang=en
YouTube: https://youtube.com/@robbieandkk2009
Website: https://www.robbieharte.com/

The Review, "Sticks and Stones"

This track starts with guitars being picked along side with the kick pumping as Robbie Harte sings, "Started Out On The Right Track, And I Thought You Had My Back,When We Are On The Same Page..." Wow, what straight forward and bold words. I think I've said that at least once or twice in my life. Perhaps most of us has. as the track moves forward there is a burst of sound kink is pumping, bass playing along side the drum in the same pumping manner. Guitars playing as if they were dancing with every word Robbie was singing.

This is a track about not taking anything form a person that tries to hide the bad part on themselves. Once that was revealed the character in this story put her boots to the ground as she states in the track. She tells the story of how the man that she thought was on the same track as she, started smearing her name all over town. But, Character is not going to be broken down, like the title states, "Sticks and Stones" no matter what the person says the main character will not be broken.

In conclusion, I really liked this track. Robbie Harte has an incredible voice and she tells it like it is. This track has a story line that is relatable to the listener. The band play magnificently. I loved the rhythm really gets you pumping and the guitars sound bright as they played. Readers I ask you to take a listen to her track.You can find it on all major streaming platform's. Like I said before, some of you might just relate to it.

Review by: SchizoFranic
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic

How to Promote Your Music

Promoting indie music can be a daunting task, especially for independent musicians who do not have the resources or budget to compete with major label artists. However, with the rise of digital platforms and social media, independent musicians now have more opportunities to reach a wider audience and build their fan base. In this guide, we will discuss the strategies and tactics that independent musicians can use to promote their music and increase their visibility.
1) Define your brand
Before promoting your music, it is important to establish your brand and identity. Identify what makes your music unique and what you stand for as an artist. This will help you create a cohesive message that resonates with your audience and differentiate yourself from other musicians.
2) Use social media
Social media is a powerful tool for promoting indie music. Choose platforms that align with your brand and audience, such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Use these platforms to share your music, engage with your fans, and promote your upcoming shows.
3) Collaborate with other musicians and industry professionals
Collaborating with other musicians and industry professionals can expose you to new audiences and help you gain new fans. Reach out to other musicians and collaborate on new projects or consider working with a producer or manager to help you promote your music.
4) Use targeted advertising
Targeted advertising can be a cost-effective way to reach your ideal audience. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer options to target users who match specific demographics, interests and behaviors. This can help you reach people who are more likely to appreciate your music and become a fan.
5) Create compelling visual content
In addition to great music, creating high-quality visual content can help increase your visibility and reach. Consider creating music videos, cover art, or behind-the-scenes content that showcases your creativity and personality as an artist.
6) Play live shows
Playing live shows can help you connect with your audience on a personal level and build a loyal fan base. Consider performing at local venues or festivals, and promote your shows through social media and other platforms.
7) Get your music on streaming platforms
Getting your music on streaming platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music can help increase your visibility and reach a wider audience. Consider using digital distribution platforms to help you get your music on major streaming platforms.
8) Build an email list
Building an email list can help you stay in touch with your fans and promote your music directly to them. Consider offering exclusive content or early access to new music in exchange for their email address.
9) Engage with your audience
Engaging with your audience is important for building a loyal fan base. Respond to comments and messages on social media, ask for feedback on your music, and create opportunities for your fans to connect with you.
10) Be persistent and patient
Promoting indie music takes time, effort and patience. Don't be discouraged if you don't see immediate results. Consistency and persistence are key to building a successful music career.
Promoting indie music requires creativity, hard work and a willingness to try new things. By using social media, collaborating with other musicians, creating compelling visual content, playing live shows and leveraging digital platforms, independent musicians can increase their visibility and build a loyal fan base. With persistence and patience, independent musicians can successfully promote their music and achieve their dreams of a successful music career.

Darren Holland Project - War Machines is being released today! June 1st.

About the Darren Holland Project

The Darren Holland Project is just that, a project with many players involved. The main two are husband and wife Darren and Cheryl Holland from Grain Valley, MO. Darren writes all songs and plays guitar, keys, bass, vocals, and programs. Cheryl plays percussion, keys, drums on some songs, and vocals and flute. On some songs, Barb Wilmoth adds backup vocals and drums, Scott Mitchell on guitar, and JenCat on vocals. Andy Oxman of Sound Works Recording Studio produces and records most songs in Blues Springs, MO.

Darren has been influenced by all he listens to, from the new to the old and in-between. He writes several genres but mostly stays within rock. His songs are catchy but always have a meaning behind them.


Spotify Link: https://open.spotify.com/track/5qwPceNj76IPIvLaHdqMct?si=0c44dbd936d146ec

The Review

This track starts out with guitars, bass and drums playing in unison as if they were dancing with one another. Next, a  Woo! to accent the rhythm bass and guitar. To imply something really cool is about to happen so, brace yourself. Then the lyrics come in singing, "We Know We Both Have Reasons with you, Hang On The Wings Have Seasons, Miss You, Ah Fools or Angels" This is a breakup song and those are some interesting lyric really get your mind peaking to see what comes next. The bridge is rather quite nice with a guitar solo and the vocalist sings along side the solo. The track gets more intense as it goes, and the couple in this situation relies that what they had is really over and its time to bring in the "War Machines".

In conclusion, this is a really good track about breakup. It keeps you interest to see what comes next with the couple in the situation. The guitars,bass and drums were played perfectly setting up the stage for the story line. All the vocalists sung like song birds along side one anther. Readers I really enjoyed this track. And I encourage you readers to give it a listen. I'm sure you will love it!

Review by:
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic

Willy Kuo's track, "Don't Have A Minute"


This is Willy Kuo.

A comprehensively passionate songwriter based in New York.

Willy always has had an exceedingly prosperous desire to make exceptional music. He is strongly experienced with songwriting and music arranging, He thought, "It's time to get musical."

As music is the expression of art, he devotes himself to writing for it, life is art, music is the way of helping people truly get into it!

You can contact Willy at: fefe41412@gmail.com


WillKuoMusic: https://www.willykuomusic.com/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxBUpbdLNDYPcgTa03Ckmfw
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/willykuo_/

The Review - "Don't have A Minute"

This track starts off acoustic, just Willy, his guitar and his camera. Starting off this track with a delightful guitar riff the leads into Willy singing, "Focus, Don't get Distracted...." Willy has this unique way of playing his guitar and tapping his guitar for rhythm, really makes his style of playing similar to that of unplugged Eric Clapton style. Willy plays beautiful chords along with slides and harmonics in his tracks. He has a bright sound for his positive message in this track. Part of his lyrics is, "No Filter, Be true to who you are! Still Shine Bright Like Diamonds..." What a wise statement for everyone! This young man from New York is going to go places in his music journey. Singing tracks about love, being strong, and staying true to who you are.

In conclusion, Willy Kuo never ceases to amaze me with his beautifully played tracks about life, love, hardship and self-confidence. His never give up mentality makes his tracks shine! Readers, Please hit the YouTube links about and find out for yourself.

Review by:
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic

The Petal Falls has a track coming out, "Obsession" off the album, "The Rhythm Train" being released.. June 2nd 2023

About, "Obsession" from press release.

Obsession is The Petal Falls first single from their hugely anticipated fourth album
titled 'The Rhythm Train' due to be released in October 2023.

A song about a brooding, reckless, passionate affair and the obsession it breeds.
Performed in a spectacular mix of catchy choruses and brilliant production that is
the signature of The Petal Falls music.

Band Line-Up:

Keith Leahy - lead vocals/guitar/keyboards
Robert Harpum - guitar
Robin Tucker - drums
Martin Corder - bass
With help of – Backing Vocals – Avril Davis/Tracy Tucker – Keyboards – Lee Tucker -
Guitars - Barry Kitchin and Mastered by John King

Website - https://thepetalfalls.com
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ThePetalFalls
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/thepetalfalls
Twitter - https://twitter.com/FallsPetal
Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/@thepetalfalls
Spotify - https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/thepetalfalls/obsession

The Review, "Obsession"

This track start off with, a swirling of guitars that is very pleasing to the ears. in the background there is a electric guitar playing a lead that sounds as if it is in the distance. What an outstanding sound from The Petal Falls!
In comes the vocalist singing, "I Dove off a Mountain, If I found you stop and stare..." That says a lot for what one feels for another.

This song is just what the title implies about being Obsessed with another and you would do anything to get their attention. The guitars are just outstanding. The percussion and bass play in unison to a beat that is seductive. The synth part at the bridge is just an amazing touch that complements the track.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed this track. It is the embodiment of an obsession. It is well played and well mastered. Readers, listen to this one it is very ear catching, you'll be humming it by the end of the day. This is a good track for those who are in love with someone so much they become their "Obsession".

Review by: SchizoFranic
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic

Celtic Dreams dropping June 9th, Escape to another Realm!

SchizoFranic is a Ambient Instrumentalist Musician signed to Minds Behind the Music Records label, and working with EAR (Electric Alliance Records) label. SchizoFranics sound is a mixture of multiple genres combined to create an ambient surreal sound for listeners to experience an array of emotions. SchizoFranic mixes orchestral textured soundscapes along with trance and analog synths with vocal textures. The rhythm is a mixture of different genres from meditational beats to Trap. SchizoFranic is inspired by everyday events in our world from wildlife, and poverty to climate change.

"Celtic Dreams by SchizoFranic a fantasy inspired album. Epic and Mysterious just for your senses. Made for you to take a journey to the unseen, the land of fairy tales. Let your mind let go of this reality and explore another! This album in where dreams come true. Keep and eye out for Celtic Dreams and please take the magical journey!"

Promo Video

The Light Circle


Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic

Astounding Album By the Legendary Ten Seconds, Already Released On The 25th April 2023! What an wonderful Folk Album!

About Legendary Ten Seconds!

He is a singer songwriter based in Torquay and He records his songs as the Legendary Ten Seconds. He has recorded another album of his new English folk rock songs. The album is called Astounding. The album release date was, the 25th of April 2023.

Press Release

Astounding Songs by the Legendary Ten Seconds, Released the 25th April 2023

Richard the Third Records R30123

1] Before the Golden Age - 1930s science fiction song
2] That Noble King - a song for Richard III
3] He Got it Wrong - a failed love affair song
4] As Long as You Get Your Way - a song about no giving just taking
5] The Semi Acoustic Interlude - instrumental
6] Keep Us Free - a song for Ukraine
7] The Despatch Rider - a song about a first world war despatch rider
8] Battle of Jutland - the first world war naval battle as a song
9] Omaha Beach - a USA infantry division during the Normandy landings in WW2 in a song
10] A Horseman Came Riding One Day - a fairy tale song
11] Platinum Jubilee - a song about Queen Elizabeth II's platinum jubilee
12] The Valiant Squires - a song for the squires of the Duke of Gloucester in the fifteenth century

Ian Churchward - guitars, mellotron sounds and vocals
Lord Zarquon - keyboards, bass guitar and drums
Phil Swann - mandolin, bouzouki and guitar
Martyn Hillstead - percussion
Ashley Dyer - trumpet
Bridgit England - vocals
Violet Sheer - vocals
Jules Jones - vocals

All songs written by Ian Churchward except for the Despatch Rider written by Annie Routley and Ian Churchward, and A Horseman Came Riding One Day written by Martyn Hillstead and Ian Churchward

Recorded in South Devon throughout 2021 and 2022

Mixed and mastered by Lord Zarquon

Album artwork created by Graham Moores

That Noble King

His body lying battered
Now the battle has ended
Stripped of his armour that looked so splendid

A once proud King in his armour with gold
A tale of treachery to be told






The Review

There are twelve tracks on this album. I will be reviewing one off this album. and add an inculcation at the end of the review of the album in its entirety.

So lets get to the review readers!

I'll be reviewing the track, "Keep Us Free" this is the sixth song on his album.

This track starts out with beautiful guitar playing with a slight reverb sound that moves into violins and the vocals start! The rhythm is quite nice and subtle but noticeable. I love the message of struggle and the changes in power that rule over the land. The break is absolutely beautiful! This track is a beautiful rendition of all people wanting to be free from the rulers that be. And how the people pray for better days, free from struggles.

In conclusion, this track is a wonderful folk song. It describes a time where it was hard for people and a struggle to survive because of all the changes in power that rule over the land. It is a wonderful story, and I encourage readers to listen to this album and listen to the many stories being told about days of struggle. These tracks also relate to our world today. The struggles that we are now going through, day by day. Readers, again give it a listen and sit back and listen to the stories being told. You just might relate to it!

Review by: SchizoFranic
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic

EMA's Future Sounds Anthology 4.0 Totally Amazing Album! This Is One To Remember!

How It All Started

So the history of the Future Sounds Anthology is pretty simple. After creating the EMA group, we wanted to showcase the talents of the group and promote them to the world. So for the 1st anniversary of the group we decided we wanted to compile as many members that wanted to submit and put out a compilation album.

We talked about what to call the compilation. First it was just DaveyHub, Nicky Havey and I. The three co-founders. Then we went out to the group for advice and ideas for names started flowing. We started by saying Electronic Sounds, but that was off still, so the Future idea came into play so it was then Future Sounds, and we wanted something more profound than a simple compilation, or Future Electronic Sounds. After some back and forth ideas the name Anthology was suggested and that stuck. We then had the Future Sounds Anthology.
When we first started the group and therefore the FSA idea we had a lot more activity and we decided that we would do quarterly FSA compilations. So the first year we started FSA we did 4 compilations. That’s why you will see Future Sounds Anthology Vols 1,2,3 and 4. That was 2020, when Covid hit, and things got crazy with the Pandemic, things started to quiet down and members were either sick or focused on the real world so music started to go on the wayside and we’d get less and less submissions for the compilations. And life began to take over for us co-founders and we had less time to do things with the group.

Introduction of the EMA artist's


Bufinjer started making music in 1999.
For years it was just for fun and just for Himself.
In around 2007 or 2008 He had a hard drive crash and lost a lot of music. He started making music again in 2009 and have been ever since.
He started releasing to the public in 2014. Currently have 6 albums and one EP and countless singles since his last album in 2020. He plan's to release an album this year of all my tracks released since his last album. He don’t stick to one genre, I mix things up and change styles frequently. Bufinjer feel's it makes Him better at what I do by being diverse.

YouTube.com/bufinjer1 (there is a 1 after this one)


Daveyhub likes to create electronic music of various styles and sounds. He is heavily influenced by the rave and breakbeat tunes from the early 90's as well as bands such as The Prodigy , Chemical Bros , Underworld , Orbital , Leftfield and many more.

His musical styles may vary but never stray from the sounds of electronica and dance music. Wether it be downtempo and dubby or drum and bass and breakbeat Daveyhub drifts through the different sub genres of electronic music effortlessly creating contrasting soundscapes and moods.

Daveyhub is also a founding member of #ElectronicMusicAlliance or #EMA for short which is a global divergent collective consisting of producers and DJ’s from across the planet who have come together to share, create and collaborate on new electronic music.

We eventually decided to cut the FSA comps down to one a year. But we had other project compilations through the year. Albums like 11:11 Invasion, which was a compilation where rap meets electronica. Project 135, an idea of DaveyHub where everyone made a track at 135 BPM. And Future Sounds of Halloween , a Halloween compilation. And of course Project 128, all tracks being 128 BPM. But each year we’d do another FSA at the beginning of the year. Year three was FSA 2.0. Year four was FSA 3.0, and of course the latest FSA 4.0.

Link to DaveyHub's work: https://songwhip.com/daveyhub


ARPRAXIS is a vinyl DJ, Techno, House and U.K. breaks artist who pushes the boundaries of genre. Inspired by early Detroit artists like Carl Craig, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson whose original sounds are still etched into memory, ARPRAXIS is now emerging from the studio ready to share a unique blend of sound. It is only the beginning. There’s still so much to learn. Upcoming releases will include, jazz, pop and sounds of the 80s as well as dance and tech house music. The vision is ‘never compromise on originality’ and continue taking listeners on a musical journey. ‘Do what you love and love doing it’. For ARPRAXIS, music that keeps the attention from wandering is a wonderful thing. Hope you can experience this in the music. Keep things moving!

Link: https://linktr.ee/arpraxis


"My grandmother got me into electronic music at an early age. It was love at first listen and I knew that one day I wanted to be a producer."
There was a quote that Chris Lowe from the Pet Shop Boys said once that I totally related to and still do to this day. "I don't like much but what I do like, I love passionately."
Chis Lowe From the Pet Shop Boys is the artists that inspires him. He has been a fan since the 80's, he says, "So many tracks, so many he could relate to."


Born in the hills of Yorkshire U.K. Hootgun started making music in the early 90s. After djing at a few venues Hootgun was asked to get involved with a local techno outfit called "Ibibio". This continued for a 2 years, with 3 self released 12" E.Ps
This is when the name "Hootgun" was born. Hootgun was a blend of two samples (horn/gunshot) on an Akai S3000 sampler.

Hootguns Dj sets slowly started to include more hip hop, funk, trip-hop and rock tracks which lead to him learning guitar and subsequently bass too.

After a few years playing in local indie rock and punk bands (as well as producing tracks for fun) , a chance meeting with former Ibibio member and established Dj/producer Mark Franklin lead to the formation of "Mudita", a 3 piece, chilled out, soundscape, electronica band.

Since then, all skills learned and influences taken on board have come together to what is now a one man production outfit known as Hootgun. Not planning on changing the world, not sticking to any sub genre, Hootgun is loving the artistic freedom that modern electronic music provides. 


"Automated Acoustics has been making music for 25 years. He uses live instruments blended with electronics and found sound. Rather than sticking to any one genre, he likes to mix it up a bit and over the years has written everything from classical pieces to ragga-jungle. Lately he has been focusing on writing trailer music and sound design, and had parts of his music used in the trailers for Alien: Covenant & Antlers. He also releases music on his own label Alternative Blueprint Records."


Born 56 years ago, mAncient got into music at the age of four. The accordion. Since then, he has learnt to play keys, percussion, harmonica, a little sax & trumpet, but his foremost love is vocals.

He creates healing music in the Earth House genre, and was born a healer.

He has taken his Bodhisattva vows. Which means that he is in for another round on the Earthly plane.

In 2018 he said “Enough” to his normal job, and started travelling. Since then, he has been more broke than not, but happy. In 2021, he passed 6 million streams of his music.

With a global network of 200.000 or so, he uses his network for positive change.

His aim is to leave a better Earth for his children and grandchildren, and his best friend is a dog. They fight a lot, but that is OK. She is a trained bodyguard.





Electronic industrial music duo from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. David started playing guitar when he was about 13 and then learned his first DAW in middle school called Acid music 2.0. It was more just a collection of loops that you string together and layer. Donovan is our vocalist and he goes by Professor MBN, acronym for Micro Bio Nerd. He has played piano and has been singing for probably his whole life. Today we use a combination of hardware synths and and VST’s in FL studios.
David is not sure who his influences really are but He would say that Gary Numan and Nine Inch Nails have been a big inspiration to a lot of his songs. His drum patterns are driven by my love for Witchhouse music. He also love's industrial music.

He like the play on words. He try's to remain somewhat hidden. He wear a mask on stage and don’t usually show himself on social media for the band. He kind of like's to be behind the scenes which played a big part in bringing on a vocalist. Let’s me just make music and not have to be out front.

What drives Him to make music is just passion. It’s all He want to do. He love learning new techniques and finding new sounds. He absolutely love music production and he recently started learning stage lighting and making our own lights for the show. One day I will make us masks, LOL!

Donovan joined around December of 2022. Our first track together was released on the FSA 2.0 compilation I think. It was titled The Sentient Machine. They have played live at Factory Obscura in OKC and are trying to play more live shows as soon as possible. 


As an electronic music producer of chilled, ambient, and experimental electronic sounds, his musical journey began in his teenage years. PlanetRobot's passion for electronic music was ignited the moment I heard 'Oxygene' by Jean-Michel Jarre, there was no turning back after that ! He was always drawn to the futuristic and otherworldly sounds of electronic music, and he spent countless hours tinkering with synthesizers, drum machines, and sequencers, experimenting with different sounds and textures, even buiding his own electronic sound making machines, sequencers & computer controlled instruments.

PlanetRobot started creating his own music in earnest in his early twenties, using a combination of hardware and software to craft dreamy, ethereal soundscapes that were both calming and thought-provoking.He found inspiration in the works of pioneers like Brian Eno, Jean Michele Jarre, Kraftwerk & Tangerine Dream, as well as more contemporary artists like Jon Hopkins, Tycho, and Bonobo.


SchizioFranic is a Ambient Instramentalist Musician signed to Minds Behind the Music Records label, and working with EAR (Electric Alliance Records) label. SchizoFranics sound is a mixture of multiple genres combined to create an ambient surreal sound for listeners to experience an array of emotions. SchizoFranic mixes orchestral textured soundscapes along with trance and analog synths with vocal textures. The rhythm is a mixture of different genres from meditational beats to Trap. SchizoFranic is inspired by everyday events in our world from wildlife crisis, and poverty to climate change.


Nottinghamshire based TECH HOUSE and TECHNO DJ/producer One Devious Monkey, inspired by the dance floors and electronic sounds from the 90s to the present. Alter ego of his other alter ego - Skaarl, but keeping this one a little bit more genre specific, but still taking the approach of "whatever happens, happens".

One Devious Monkey is involved with various other electronic projects as part of the Electronic Music Alliance (EMA) and Bad Haz Techno.  Recently performing DJ sets, releasing tracks on compilations, as well as a remix for DaveyHub's Wonderland EP.


iconDARK is the recording name of Atlanta, GA-based electronic music producer Marc Washington. Marc spent years penning tales of dark fantasy, horror, and science fiction before going on an extended creative hiatus and then, in 2017, switching from the written word to music.

But, while his medium may have changed, his genres and subject matter have not. iconDARK’s ominous instrumentals range in sub-genre from dark ambient soundscapes and haunted lo-fi to spooky synthwave and eerie cinematic electronica.

Often, his tracks draw their names and inspirations from tales of the paranormal, unsolved mysteries, UFOs, cryptids, and his own stories, both published and not.   

Among his creative influences he lists Marilyn Mason, Rob Zombie, the Prodigy, and John Carpenter, but he is quick to point out that he doesn’t want to imitate their respective styles, but rather to be listed among them as influences for some future generation.


An Electronic music producer from Leicester, UK. A member of the Electronic Music Alliance, E.N.Ds music is a diverse collection ranging from chilled out trip hop instrumentals to dark and industrial techno, via DnB and classical piano. The producer of the Techno Addict series of Industrial, dark and occasionally downright scary Techno.


Hegstraction is a UK techno producer, Beatport Top 100, Awakenings, & BBC Music Introducing artist. Runs Bad Haz Techno Record Label & Promotion.

Dark & Dirty Beats played by Joris Voorn Live at Awakenings NYE 22/23, Amsterdam.

Supported by DJs - Joris Voorn, Richie Hawtin, Maceo Plex, Marco Faraone, Dax J, Paco Osuna, Anela, Anthony Pappa, Gigi de Martino, Anderson Noise, Abstract Division, Takaaki Itoh, Blue Amazon, Chris Fortier, Esther Dune, Uakoz, Keira Meier, Jon Hodgson, Luis Nieva, Stefan Weise, Stefano Lotti, Rob Impact, & Maetrik.

ARTISTIC VISION 3 album project - Space, Movement & Light - COMPLETED

Currently releasing The Minimal Series, Industrial Series & Hard Series.

BACKGROUND Hegstraction grew up in the 80s & 90s heavily influenced by the emergent electronic music in Amiga, Nintendo & PlayStation video games & the movie soundtracks by electronic music pioneers Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream & Kraftwerk. Recent influences from German techno DJ/producers Felix Krocher & Stephan Bodzin.

INSPIRATION His inspiration differs from most artists as it comes from the dance floor where he is most at home. From over 20 years experiencing DJ sets worldwide throughout Europe, Asia, South & North America, his ideas have been shaped.

METHODOLOGY He approaches each track as a mini set, building up slowly, using level changes, sounds that stimulate & energize, following Skeletalism (using closely related sounds) & Massification (layering sounds over time) methods


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hegstractionmusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/HEGstraction/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HEGstraction


The Review, "Future Sounds Anthology 4.0"

Hyperlink: https://hypeddit.com/sid3tq

This is an amazing album with amazing talent on it. Its a musical ride through different dimensions of melody and tones that will take you on a digital ride to remember! Readers lets get started!

OH! and be sure to read the artist's bios above. You will get a better understanding about their love and passion about what they do! OK, "NOW" lets get to it!

First up!

Mechanical Flesh with, "Trickle Down"

This track starts out so intense. Beat pumping synths and apocalyptic lyrics about the truth of our reality. This track has a machine type feel to it, like it is driven by truth. What heart pumping beats and beat stopping synths that dance around in your ears. I truly love this track just for the fact that it speaks the truth about the machine that is running our would.

Following Mechanical Flesh is, Automated Acoustics, "Bump Your Head"

Starting this track is a beautifully eerie played piano with a ever so smooth melody. It is played along side with a  atmospheric sound that take you to another world! that introduces a wall of vocals in a mysterious fashion. It got my senses pumping and ready for this musical ride! OH MY, straight into the bass-line and percussion that rocks your head! Well done! with the beat just banging to the synth arps and counter melody this is just an amazing track. A track that you can feel in your stomach. with breaks of ambient piano and a dark choir that give you Goosebumps! Anther outstanding track!

Next up, DaveyHub with, "A Broken Record"

Opening this track is a bell-ish sounding synth that sounds so transcendent. that leads into a Mad Max kinda feel to it. Like you about to embark on an adventure. Another beat pumping track. With kicks that knock your mind and synths that transcends you to another time. Wow, the build is absolutely incredible an array of synth sounds. This track gets your head bobbing and your leg rocking to the beat! Well Done DaveyHub! hats off to you!

Following DaveyHub, is Bufinjer! with, "Go Huge or Go Home"

What a beautiful start, with atmospheric sounds with a synth that is being played so mysteriously fashion. In comes the hats! along side a short snare hit! sounds just so good! They synths in this track are just incredible played with bongos. Truly fantastic! like I said above the synths are out of this world. The percussion in this track is sure talent! making your body want to move to every single beat. The vocals are also out of this world with a sound that sucks you in. This track had me just dancing in my seat! This is a must list too readers!

Next, we have DZM! with, "Whirlwind"

starts of with earth rocking kicks! and outstanding percussion that leads in to lush sounding synths. truly amazing side chaining in this track. what a mysterious track. You do feel as if you are in a "Whirlwind" of sound! just a brilliant track! Well done DZM! This is a track to remember readers.

Now coming next is, One Devious Monkey's, "Smokescreen"

Oh the drums! with a pumping bass line! just right up my alley! reminds me of my old club days! The build up is absolutely amazing has me wanting to get up and dance. Oh my, the synths are just outstanding in this track. Vocals are well done with just the right delay on them. "Smokescreen" is a track that elevates your senses and makes your body sway and in dance mode. Well done, One Devious Monkey!

And Next is, Cylotron, "Bad Boy Sound"

Anther heart pumping kick in your face track! With atmospheric sounds that accommodate the vibe. in comes the synths and an arp sound as if it was mores code. while the whole time this incredible kick is stomping to the rhythm. This is truly a "Bad Boy Sound". The build is incredible it jumps right in to the heart pounding bass that pumps with the kick. This is anther get out your set and dance track! It makes you body move that is for sure. vocals and lead are about mind blowing. This track is hardcore sound! Amazingly done Cylotron!

Now we have, HootGun with, "My Sacrifice"

Wow, synths! the lead in off the hook! With a  bass that pump in your chest. Vocals are well done. This has a lot of synth work in it, really amazing. Percussion is just amazing it get your toes tapping and head bobbin. The Vocals effects are well crafted. Well done HootGun, "My Sacrifice" is a banger!

Now, Primaudia Records with, "Ensanguine"

A Wall of sound! is how this starts! OMG this is so hardcore! with synths, swooshes and a banging bass line. this track is just pure sound. Sound that dances in your ears. This track reminds me of Nine Inch Nails.. just absolutely freaking off the hook pounding. I really love the dark feel to this track. It sparks up emotions that makes you wan to jump out your skin! Holy cow Primaudia you made a banger! Hat off to you!

Following Primaudia is, SchizoFranic with "Destiny"

SchizoFranic wrote this track for listeners to experience the sound of "Destiny". The mystery of it, and how you know its there, that you are experiencing it a every moment of your life. This track is "Destiny" singing to you. with warm synths and Subtle drum beats with distant vocals that represent the heart beat of the soul.

"Now I'm gonna leave this one up to your readers to review this track! leave comments on Twitter or anywhere you desire to leave them, if you choose to".

Next up, Hegstraction with, "Stranded in Space"

This track is four on the floor stomping right off the bat! thsi is a kink of track that make you immediately jump off your chair and just dance! Wow, synths and vocals are amazing! this track give you the feel of being "Stranded in Space" Just,Wow! this track is blowing my mind! what a drop! Readers the craftsmanship of this track is phenomenal! what an incredible rise in this track, perfectly side chained. This is another banger folks.

And now, ARPEAXIS! with, "ENERGEY is the REMENDY - Non-stop Edit"

OMG! can you say synths dancing with one another! This is a tango of sound. How amazing! the change up is totally awesome. the vocals are really well done with vocal chops. Drumbreak is outstanding! This track has me rocking out as I write about it. Makes me wanna just dance for hours to this mix. I really like the vibe to this track. It is bright and very inviting to the ears. Can you say, BANGER! Well that is exactly what this track is.

Next, we have Electrostatic Nightmare Disco with, "Alien Funkadelica"

This track starts out with a bassy sound that reminds me of data being streamed over an alien frequency that introduces the percussion, and synths. OMG the arp is out of this world. The lead is absolutely beautiful! This is anther track that the synths sound as if they are dancing with one another. This track has an array of sound for your ears. This is a head bobber! a banger! the change up is fantastic with a synth funk symphony. What an outstanding track!

And next, iconDark with, "Haunted Valentine"

How eerie.. with a dark piano played with a smooth percussion's. Bass line is deep and dark, really nice sound. The piano is well played and gives the track the eerie sound that it has. I love the psycho acoustics. This is truly a perfectly haunted track! I love the percussion in this track it complements the arrangement. Readers give this a listen, this is a very outstanding track! Amazing work iconDark!

Following iconDark is, PlanetRobot's "Klingons At A Disco"

This track stars out with amazing synths with a outstanding bass line. OMG! yeah disco! This is truly amazing PlanetRobot! love the vocals,outstanding.The groove is really smooth and nice makes me wanna dance in my set.. Actually I am dancing in my seat! Man, this disco beat has a bluesy fell to it, is just fire! Readers OMG listen to this one! you will love all the ear candy!

Finally, we have mAncient with, "Holy - Norwegian LoFi"

OMG Brother! This is so ambient! absolutely beautiful! mAncient track starts out with a swirl of sounds and vocals that will take your breath away! I love the bass line with the guitar playing in unison. This track is full of harmony for your senses. Harmony for your soul! This is just amazing! I can say enough how outstanding the vocals are in this mix. As usual mAncient has made an outstanding spiritual ride in this track. Readers sit back and immerse yourself in this track. Phenomenal work brother! Hands are clapping!

In conclusion, Future Sounds Anthology 4.0 is just an masterpiece. An adventure of the senses. There is so much talent on this album you will find yourself listing to this more than once! Readers PLEASE listen to this album, and take a ride, you wouldn't regret it! Please follow EMA, I'm sure there is more to come from this group of amazing artists.

Video Made By: Arpraxis

Review by: SchizoFranic
Link: https://linktr.ee/SchizoFranic