The Satellite Station – "Slow"

5 out of 5

"Slow" is full of emotion, hauntingly beautiful and a song that truly touches you. The arrangement is very delicate. There are no big crescendos but yet the way the song unfolds is in a way, perfect. From that point of view, perhaps crescendos are not really needed. One of this track's appeals is that it stays in one feel. I respect that. This is difficult to do without losing the listener. Yet, The Satellite Station does this expertly. They grab the listener in the beginning and don't let go until the very last note.

"Slow" is a show of force from Travis Rue, whose moniker The Satellite Station is. To me it doesn't matter what he calls his project. The music this multi-instrumentalist is producing is wonderful.

Listen here: "Slow" by The Satellite Station

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Cade Hoppe – "Faded Love"

5 out of 5

This is a great pop track and one of those songs that will grow on you. It's got a gorgeous melody and very subtle but effective production AND it even has a proper middle eight – something that is no longer a given in today's pop music. Another thing I find appealing is that, although the song is unapologetically rather commercial, it still has its own distinctive character. It's distinguishable and original. In short, it's irresistible.

Also, "Do you want to love me just to love somebody?" is a wonderful line and the question at the core of love, marriage and relationships. As we age, this question becomes more burning in our minds. Staying with a person to whom we are replaceable is perhaps one of the worst decisions anyone can make. I could go on but I won't but I will say this, the above line alone validates this beautiful track.

Listen here: "Faded Love" by Cade Hoppe

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Zach Hood – "When She Was Mine"

5 out of 5

Well, even though I'm not really that big on love songs simply because they are usually very one-dimensional (some guy missing some girl somewhere, wishing he hadn't let her go), I do love this track. I suppose it's the feel of the song and the vocal delivery that makes it stand out from all the other similar tunes I've heard lately. The way Zach Hood delivers the song gives it credibility and you find yourself thinking, "Yeah, that's what happens sometimes. People want different things." 

But there's more to the song than just the delivery. "When She Was Mine" also has an incredibly inviting melody and the production is magnificent. Check it out. You'll love it.

Listen here: "When She Was Mine" by Zach Hood

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Mad Meg – "Beyond Repair" 

6 out of 5

It's original, it's crazy, it's got a great lyric, a fantastic melody AND a thrilling performance. I love it. It's not with every track that I get to say that there really isn't anything like this out there right now but with Mad Meg's new single that is a fair statement. If it brings to mind anything, I'd say it's very close to what the Turtles were doing in the sixties. 

I also want to point out that comedy is one of the most difficult things to attempt to inject into a pop song but Mad Meg has truly succeeded in this. It's a brilliant release.

Listen here: "Beyond Repair" by Mad Meg

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Pasha Black...Music that Makes You Soar!

The technological developments of the XXI century, along with the proliferation of the internet and digital media, have changed the face of musical practices and forms once held to be the norm. Under these shifting circumstances, Pasha Black of Kyiv (Ukraine) devotedly carries out the role of today's musician, showing both excellent songwriting and production, while striving to maintain an exceptional purity of sound and the clarity of his music's message.

A musical patchwork of pensive joy and thoughtful sadness, impressive mature melodies and deep lyrics, accompanied by richly textured instrumentation, help him to tell his picturesque story. Pasha’s commitment to every small detail of his music enables him to take his listener's minds to faraway places, allowing their spirits to soar.


Remedy+ (2022)

The Lookalike's Dream (2018)


The Review...

There are two albums, First album, "Remedy+" and the second album,"The Lookalike's Dream". I'll be review two track of each album.

The Fist is an album called, "Remedy+". There are 8 Tracks on this album, I'll be reviewing the 2 songs
that I enjoyed the most. The first song is #7 called, "World Number Two". This song starts out beautifully with the piano playing accompanied by a crisp guitar playing like birds singing. As the guitar and piano plays they introduce the bass and vocals stating, "I Did Nothing Wrong..." Something we all have said in our lives. Then Pasha goes on singing  that everything is all right in his wold number two. The string instrument are just sublime in this track they really add to the mood of the track.This is just an outstanding track, a track about escaping to another place where the is peace that is not found in the "Real" world of hate and destruction.This song is absolutely beautiful.

The second track I reviewed on this album Remedy+ is track #1 "Amazing Anyway".
This track starts out with powerhouse drums and guitars with a lead playing in unison. Vocals come singing, " I believe I'm Keeping Sanity..". While guitars are playing in grunge fashion. At the bridge the hole mood of the track changed to an amazing wall of guitar and drums along with the vocals. Then the track slows down for a change up, which is totally amazing. I must say this is a true rock out song. had me dancing in my seat. what a well done track.

The second album I'm reviewing is, "The Lookalike's Dream". There are 10 tracks on this album I'll be reviewing two track that I enjoyed the most of the album. number #5, "Lonely Fish". This track starts out with a wall of guitars and drums pounding that gets you heart pumping right off the bat. Vocals comes in with the vocals song slows down while vocals are sung. There is nice use of instrumentation. At the bride states, "You feel yourself like a lonely, lonely fish..Taken out of water, burning with no fire". From what I understand of this track it seem to me the track is about war and how one feel in the conflict. But you can draw your own conclusion about this track. In my opinion I really liked this track and would listen to it over and over again, great work Pasha Black!

This next track I reviews is, "Rainy Night" Track #4 on, "The Lookalike's Dream".
this track starts out with an alarm sound then is burst out with this amazing beat while the vocals are introduced with guitars, and bass. The vocals starts out singing, " The Heaviest Summer Rain Is Washing The Night Away". This Track is really good I think this is my favorite Track from Pasha Black. with punchy drums and grungy guitars and that rich bass just have you bobbin your head. This is truly versatile, really amazing Pasha Black!

In conclusion, upon listing to these tracks I must say that Pasha Black is so versatile and his message is about reality-based events and how people need an escape from the chaos of this world. Pasha has punchy beats, brilliant lyrics, and outstanding wall breaking guitars. In my opinion  Pasha is worth listening to more than once, Pasha Black sound is out of this world and his meaning is to the point.

Review by: SchizoFranic

Goldfinger - The Woman in Gold

The Time I Spoke to Maggie Nolan

From the Carry On films to "Dink" in Goldfinger, Maggie Nolan is a British screen legend.

My first question is, what would you most like to be remembered for?
For being a good parent and a joyful and radical individual

We know most politicians were born in the fiery pit of hell as the spawn of Satan, but what's your opinion of the politics of the world today?
Mostly it seems to be that politics is concerned with the extremely rich and powerful keeping it all to themselves - despite the fact that we all played a part in creating this wealth in the first place!

How does it feel to be fancied by millions of blokes (and probably some women)
Frustrating! I'm not in a relationship at present.

How many times have you been painted gold since Goldfinger and what on earth does it feel like?
Never.It felt a little clamy and greasy but not too bad - had to have part of skin exposed to air ie under bikini and it wasn't easy to remove, lots of soap. I still have a tube of the original Liechner gold make up
I wore, but I haven't tried it - yet!
If you were an alien visiting planet earth, what would you do? Would turn around and go back? Or stay and try and help? Or maybe conquer?
It's such a shambles, I'd stay and try to help
What has been your greatest achievement so far?
Managing to bring up two young men I'm really proud of

What has been mankind's greatest achievement?
Probably our ability to know more about ourselves and the world around us

If you had the chance to speak to every human being on earth, what would your message be?
It's a wonderful world, and we need to know we have the capability to share and enjoy it without diminishing anyone else's opportunity to do likewise

If your life depended on it, which Soap Opera would you do a cameo in?
Probably something like 'Frazier'. I like witty American comedy.

If a tree falls in a forest, and nobody is around to see or hear it, does it make a sound?

Have you ever felt pressured by the fact that what you do in the public eye or when you're acting it may affect society? Have you ever wondered whether you were doing the right thing?
Yes, although there wasn't the celebrity culture around when I was young, so it wasn't such an issue regarding one's private life. I did really enjoy working in productions that said something important
about society - I remember working at places like The Ambience and feeling I was 'where it's at', and touring the provinces with socially relevant theatre; on the other hand, getting a whole audience to laugh is a good feeling, especially if it's at ourselves.

What advice would you give to actors today?
Don't do anything that perpetuates lies

Why do you think music and words seems to work so much better than just words as a means to get a message across?
Music set's the emotional scene so brilliantly

What kind of movies do you watch and why?
I seem to watch more foreign films than American or English - I'm off to see Wim Wender's 'Pina' this week. Although I love Mike Newell's 'Dance with a Stranger' and Mike Leigh's 'Topsy Turvy'

What are your opinions about the power of the internet?
Amazing! But like all technological and scientific advances, it's what's it's used for that matters
Do you think man is created in the image of God (or Goddess) or the other way around?
The 'other way around' I've got the T shirt (I designed it)!

A recent scientific report stated that religion will eventually die out completely. What's your opinion on that? A good thing or a bad thing?
A good thing - wow! all that energy re-directed to the 'here and now'!

Is "free will" the whole of the law? Can man ever be truly free?
Freedom to me means making choices without prejudice and fear. In fact, I don't think one can be free in the sense of not belonging because we are part of the universe and this we can't control - not yet anyway!

Do you back Nuclear Power? If not, why not.
It's just stupid to imagine we have to go this far to get our needs met!

Do you believe in Ghosts? UFO's (i.e. aliens visiting planet earth)? God?
I think we can conjure up the most incredible images with the power of our mind; images that we can convince ourselves are material and can even become so !. We are really 'magical' beings - God doesn't come into it!

Have you ever experienced altered states of consciousness? How, why and was it beneficial? And would you recommend it to all politicians, business and religious leaders?
Yes, I have and not only with the help of drugs. I think we all do it in order to get in touch with that greater consciousness that is both within us and outside of us. I would recommend it to everyone.
The safest way to do it is through your own mental capacity by emptying your mind and going back to square one, only this time with awareness (keeping your inner eye open!)

What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
Being with Spike Milligan comes to mind -we went on some crazy jaunts.

What would you still like to achieve?
I feel I still haven't made my mark in quite the way I want. I'm known and loved for only a part of me and I'm grateful for this; but there's another part to me which I like also and it's a part I have more control over so in that sense it's more 'me'.

Would you ever record a duet with Justin Bieber?
Absolutely - I love to sing!

Do you believe in manmade global warming? Or is it natural?
Yes, I do and it isn't either/or - there is natural global warming - we can do something about the man-made part of it!

And lastly please feel free to say anything at all you want to the world of readers and tell us all about what you're up to these days, plug something, a website or carboot sale.

Check out how I am now -I was asked (quite out of the blue) to be in a film last year -I hadn't acted for about twenty years - it's a cameo role playing a fictionalized version of myself! It pre-supposes that I hadn't gone to Spain but had hung around acting and became a 'Dame' ! Go to YouTube and enter 'The Power of Three' and scroll down to 'maggie's scenes.'
Also check out my Artwork - there's a link from my website
I'm having some of them screen-printed and I've been asked to show in three East London galleries! - so I feel I'm 'where it's at' again!
Signed, limited editions will be for sale soon - so I won't have to do any more car-boot sales!

Alexa Borden - "Not Like That"

5 out of 5

After I head the opening line ("You're talking crazy, you must be off your meds again") I knew I that I was going to love this track. What can I say? It's perfect guitar-driven pop/rock with great vocals and stellar lyrics. It's an "individual against the society" song and obviously, for anyone who has the ability to self-reflect and ponder on what's happening in the world today will truly appreciate the lyrics. However, the lyrics and disarming melody aside, "Not Like That" is also a very accomplished production from this young Canadian artist. It's one of those records where everything falls into place so naturally that you can just focus on enjoying the song. There's nothing you would want to add or take away. It just works.

Her Spotify bio says that "Borden creates a thoughtful musical landscape that gets in your head and stays." While so many Spotify bios are sexed-up to the point where the picture they portray of the artist is, how should I put it kindly, well ... inaccurate, Alexa Borden's couldn't be more on point. She truly has a talent for creating meaningful music and lyrics AND has a tremendous ear for pop sensibilities, which is probably why I find myself singing the chorus over and over again in my mind. 

Listen here: "Not Like That" by Alexa Borden

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The One Eighties – "No King"

5 out of 5

This is what the new ABBA songs should have sounded like, in case you are wondering. "No King" is perfectly produced and written pop gem. It's got great vocals, great orchestration and great guitars too. Love it!

You'll find the song here when it comes out on October 14: The One Eighties

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I Had a Chat with a Hollywood Star - Why Not?

Chatting with Aimee

Aimee Garcia is an actress best known for her roles in television as Veronica on George Lopez and Alma on the series Off the Map. She has also had memorable roles on All About the Anderson's, Dexter, Lucifer, Greeting From Tucson, American Family, and the medical drama Trauma by Peter Berg. Garcia has appeared briefly as well on such iconic shows as Family Guy, Supernatural, ER, and Bones among many others.
Aimee also works in film. She appeared alongside Jessica Simpson in Major Movie Star and narrated Adam Sandler's Spanglish, Robocop, Convincing Clooney. She is also an avid supporter of higher education with degrees from Northwestern in French, journalism, and international-relations. Hollywoodisation's own Mary interviews the one and only, Aimee Garcia.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background?
I grew up in Chicago. I'm Mexirican (half Mexican, half Puerto Rican). I started dancing when I was 3 and dancing professionally when I was 7 in Chicago. I went to a high school that used to be all boys so my freshman year, there was 800 boys and 100 girls; all the seniors, juniors and sophomores were boys. But, they hated us. They were like, "Ugh now that girls are here, we have to shower and can't burp in class." That experience showed me how to deal with guys. I was a tomboy in high school and loved playing pick-up basketball with my buddies. I'm a late bloomer so I'm just now starting to come into my girliness...Now, I love putting on my heels and going out for drinks with my girls.
What inspired you to pursue your degrees at Northwestern? Why do you think higher education is a must for all people?
I chose Economics because I always knew I was going to be a freelancer, meaning you might make a lot of money one month and then no money the next four so you had to learn how to invest your money, save and make the dollar stretch. It's come in handy, as acting is a freelance career.
I chose Journalism because I think it's important to communicate well. Whether you're writing an email, giving a speech or doing a presentation, you have to learn how to communicate and convince people. Last year, I blogged for NBC from the set of Trauma and this year, I blogged for ESPN. And, right now, I'm writing this interview for you so I'm having to express myself through writing.
I majored in French because I think it's important to speak different languages. I already speak Spanish, so French was easier to learn. I use French in interviews to promote whatever I'm doing and it's the language of love so I had to learn it!
I think higher education is a must for all people because it gives them choices. I don't like people telling me what to do, and if all I had is a high school degree, people would tell me, "You can't get this job because you don't have a degree"..."You can't do that because you're not qualified." I mean, you can always choose to do nothing, but at least you have a choice. I don't like people telling me what to do, so I made sure to set myself up for freedom in life by getting a college degree.
How did you first become involved in acting? I started acting as a kid in Chicago. I did commercials with Michael Jordan, Sammy Sosa and Charles Barkley and danced professionally to help pay for college. Then in high school, I did professional Chicago theater. At Northwestern, even though I didn't major in acting, I performed in plays and musicals. I even played Diana Morales in Northwestern University's production of "A Chorus Line," where I got to dance and sing as well. When I graduated Northwestern University, I moved to New York and worked in finance because I wanted a job that used my Journalism and Economics degrees. But, after 6 months of being a mutual fund analyst, I realized acting was my one true love. Up until that time, I had been acting to pay for college tuition and it was so fun that I thought of it as my hobby. But, after graduation, I decided to turn my hobby into a career. So, I packed up my bags, moved to Los Angeles, and now here I am.
Who do you consider to be some of the greatest living actresses of our time, and why?
Well, obviously Meryl Streep. Not only can she do comedy and drama seamlessly, but she received her B.A. in Drama from Vassar College and her M.F.A. from Yale University and she seems to lead a healthy, balanced life. She doesn't seem to be a tortured artist, which is refreshing. I also love Reese Witherspoon because she has great comedic timing and, yet, won an Oscar for her dramatic performance. I love Angelina Jolie too because she's an incredible actress. (Anyone who has seen Gia can instantly sees she's a star). She embodies and exudes sexuality in such an intriguing vixen ever! But, I think the world will remember her as an advocate for people and children who are less fortunate. She uses her fame, money and influence as a platform to champion for those who don't have a voice. She is using her notoriety to leave the world a better place, and that's very inspiring to me.But, my favourite actress is probably Annette Benning. She can make you laugh, cry and think - all in the same scene. I'll never forget that moment in American Beauty when she shuts the curtains and has a breakdown after the open house. Then, in The Kids Are Alright, she rips your heart out. I especially love the moment where she finds out Julianne Moore's character is cheating on her and she drinks the wine at the table while her heart is breaking. A lot of actors are great, but very few touch your soul. Somehow, Annette Benning moves me every time.
What did you learn from working on George Lopez? What was it like to be part of the first prime time comedy ever to feature an all Hispanic family? Do you ever miss it?
I learned to have fun! George set such a fun tone while we were shooting that it didn't even feel like work. But, he also taught me to work hard. I always say he's the hardest working guy I know. I feel so proud to be part of the first prime time comedy ever to feature an all-Hispanic family. No one on TV looked like me when I was young, so I'm glad that the next generation can see themselves representing on the screen. Yes. I totally miss it! It was so much fun! But, nothing lasts forever so we made history and now we're all doing cool, new things.
You also narrated Spanglish. Did you enjoy that?
Yes. I got to work very closely with Jim Brooks (who co-created The Simpsons). He is such a genius! I remember recording at Sony when Adam (Sandler) rode up in his scooter. He said hi and I was like, "Ummmm...." I felt like such an idiot! That was the first time I was speechless in front of a celebrity.
You are also very active when it comes to charity. Do you feel it is important for those who are in a position to do so, give back to those who have less?
Definitely. I think that any one who is in the limelight should use that platform for good. When I go to school and talk to kids, they listen because they know me from The George Lopez Show. I don't care why, I just care that they listen to me when I tell them they need to get a college degree. So, yes, I think it's important for celebrities to use their influence to raise awareness for things they're passionate about.
What one aspect of charity and activism do you feel most passionately about?
I'm most passionate about education. I'm a true believer that education = choices. I think the more prepared you are and the more you know, the easier it will be to navigate through life. You never know where education will lead you. And, when I say, "education," people usually think of the classroom, tests and homework, but what I mean by "education" is making good choices; choosing good friends who will support you, taking trips that might give you a great business idea, cultivating a relationship with a teacher who might become your lifelong mentor...
What is it like to work alongside other fellow Hispanic celebrities to raise awareness on policy issues in Washington?
This spring, I went to D.C to promote the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's American Graduate initiative with America Ferrera and it was amazing to see how much influence you can have. I was like, "Why are these White House people listening to me? I'm just an actor." But, then I realized I'm an educated actor and that my college degree gave me leverage for my ideas on education to be heard. So, again, because I went to college, I was able to go to D.C. and give national leaders my opinion on how to make positive changes for students.
What advice would you offer the women of tomorrow?
To not limit themselves and to prepare themselves in order to be able to compete. How do you prepare yourself? By getting a college degree and doing internships. I really think woman make excellent bosses; they communicate well, they mutli-task well and they have great social skills - qualities of good CEOs and successful business owners. So, I would say to not be limited by what's around them. If you want to do something do it. Life's too short. The worst feeling in the world is regret. I'd rather regret what I did, than what I didn't do. You never know if you don't try. And, even if you "fail," you'll learn from that experience and that "failure" might even lead you to another successful path.
What is something about yourself that your fans might not know?
That I'm starting to become a girl and just now getting into fashion. I'm a late bloomer, but better late than never I guess.
How do you think your life has changed most since your early days?
I definitely meet more influential people now and get to have cool experiences, but other than that not much has changed. I have a lot of the same friends I had back in Chicago and at Northwestern and I bet if you asked my grade school friends if I've changed, they'd say I'm the same... or at least I hope they would!
What is the most insane thing you have ever done? What do you like to do for fun in your spare time?
The most insane thing I've ever done is jump out of a plane while doing 6 summersaults 15,000 feet in the air. I don't know what I was thinking but I was dared by one of my friends...and I never back down from a dare. I also traveled by myself through Turkey, Greece and Israel and would sleep at random locals' houses. I could have gotten kidnapped or robbed. But, I guess I was so naïve that nothing happened to me and I made it back home.
In my spare time, I travel. I just went to the Cook Islands and went deep-sea fishing. I caught a 20-pound Mahi-Mahi so I was stoked. It took me 20 minutes to reel her in...she was feisty. I also play golf, which is a very mental sport. I play poker with my buddies and, of course, hang out with my friends.
Are you excited about your new role on Dexter? Can you tell us a little about that?
Yes! I love Dexter. It's actually my favorite show. And, my role is so fun. Jamie is fearless, fun and smart. She moves to Miami for grad school and is Dexter's nanny. I like her because she's feisty but fair. She's also Batista's little sister so like any little sister she has her bratty moments, but she's really comfortable in her skin - literally. In the first episode, Jamie's wearing a bikini and walking around totally comfortable. She's a Florida girl so being in her bikini is like being in her pajamas.
You are also star in the film Go For It? What exactly is the movie about? Do you know when it will be released yet?
Go For It is like Step Up meets Flashdance. I play the title role and do all my own dancing. There's no guy with a wig or body double (like there is in most dance movies). It's a coming-of-age story about a Chicago dancer named Carmen, who dreams of becoming a professional dancer. But, her brothers want her to grow up and find a job, her parents want her to go to college, and her best friend keeps dating horrible guys. So, she's being stretched a million different ways. Go For It! also features the Beat Freaks and Gwen Stafani's Harajuku Girls. We shot the movie in 18 days and Lionsgate picked it up for national distribution so it was pretty cool. It hit theaters in the spring and will be out on DVD Sept. 27.
Anything you would like to say in closing?
I just want to tell anyone who's reading this to never give up. I know it sounds so cliché, but I always say there are two types of people; the people who quit when things get rough and the people who get back up when they fall down. The choices you make determine which one you are. If I were you, I'd say be the latter, life's too short.

Silja Rós – "Lie Just To Lie" 

 6 out of 5

This song isn't out yet. So under normal circumstances, I wouldn't write about it yet BUT in the case of this track, I thought I should make an exception. It's fantastic from start to finish and one of those songs where the old meets the new in the most compelling way imaginable. 

There's a bit of retro soul, a touch of sixties pop influence (in the vein of Dusty Springfield) and also influences from more modern artists like Duffy and Adele. But the point that I am trying to make here is that with its orchestration, guitars, drums and absolutely brilliant vocals "Lie Just To Lie" is a gem. Also, listen to the timber in Silja's voice. If her performance doesn't give you chills, check your pulse.

You'll find the song here when it comes out on October 21: Silja Rós

News post/review by Tom Tikka for MBTM

5 out of 5

Sometimes fantastic music is made at home. Although everything about "A Simple Way" is very rough and ready, including the vocals, there's something about the song that just works. It's very artsy in the folk sense of the word and reminds me of Nick Drake's Bryter Layter. What I can I say ... it's brilliant.

Listen here: "A Simple Way" by Greg Herzenach

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5 out of 5

ECHLO's "Head High" is a bone-chilling alt/art pop track. It has a very ambitious arrangement and vocals that are absolutely fantastic. And "I can't breath" is a great hook both melodically and lyrically. Well, the score I am giving it says it all: bravo! 

Listen here: "Head High" by ECHLO

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6 out of 5

Well, it doesn't get better than this folks. Hence 6 out of 5. "So In Love" is timeless with a brilliant arrangement and out-of-this-world vocals that are so filled with soul that at times, one might be fooled into thinking he's listening to Aretha Franklin. A stunner! Wow! 

Listen here: "So In Love" by Jennifer Holliday

News post by Tom Tikka for MBTM

KAØØS – "Running"

5 out of 5

A stunningly beautiful, albeit melancholic new single from KAØØS. This song will haunt your dreams, not just because of its subject matter (suicidal thoughts) but because of the power in its lyrics, composition and vocals. Love it!

Listen here: "Running" by KAØØS

News post by Tom Tikka for MBTM


MIXIE – "Fuccboi"

4 out of 5

A brilliant new pop single from MIXIE that'll set your foot a tapping. That is if you are on one of your innocent moods. If you are not ... well, I won't get into that here. 

Listen here: "Fuccboi" by MIXIE

News post by Tom Tikka for MBTM

No it's Not Music. It's Dennis the Menace

So I Actually Had a Chat with Dennis the Menace and He Threatened Me with A Biff on the Conk

No introduction needed for this megastar.

Dear Dennis, thanks so much for answering my questions and taking time out of your busy schedule of terrorising the local community.
No worries, but make it quick, I’ve got a busy day’s menacing ahead of me. I’m down to splat Walter with a tomato in fifteen minutes then it’s jelly in Sergeant Slipper’s shoes at half past.

My first question is, have you ever been served with an ASBO? (Anti Social Behaviour Order).
No, but I’ve been served with burger and chips.

Could you tell us why, in 60 years, you have not aged?
The Beano keeps everybody young. Except my parents – they look older every day, Hyuk-hyuk!

Do you use hair dye?
Do you want a biff on the conk?

What breed of dog is Gnasher? And have you ever thought of getting the Dog Whisperer involved to sort him out?
Gnasher’s an Abyssinian Wire-Haired Tripehound. The dog whisperer stopped whispering and started screaming when Gnasher took a bite out of the seat of his trousers.

Have you ever had a girlfriend? And if not, why? Something we should know? We hear that there may have been something between you and Minnie the Minx? Can you confirm or deny these rumours?
Girls? Are you daft in the noggin? Minnie’s my mate – and if you ask her this daft question she’ll belt you up the hooter.

What do you think of Justin Bieber?
Shouldn’t you be asking Justin what he thinks of me? I’m the real star, mate.

Is it true that you once auditioned for Disney but they thought you were a little too wild?
I’m not a little too wild for anything – I’m a LOT too wild for EVERYTHING!

What’s your favourite song? Film? Book?
Loud. Scary. Funny. In that order.

When will we see you in 3d?
3d’s not big enough for me – I need 4d at least!

Would you mind if we introduced you to a fashion expert to sort out your clothes? Only you look a bit like a poor rugby player.
Listen, sunshine, don’t diss the stripes, ok? This is a fashion classic. The punk rocker’s nicked this look back in the 70s.

What do you think is the meaning of existence?
A whippet in a bowler hat. Work that out if you can, Mr Smarty-pants.

Do you believe aliens visit planet earth?
I’ve met Plug from the Bash Street Kids. After you see him you’ll believe in anything.

Do you believe in ghosts?
Yeah. They’re scared of me.

Are you still the World’s Naughtiest Boy? Or is Nasty Norman worse?
Of course I’m the World’s Naughtiest! I’ve seen off every challenger over the years! Bring ‘em on and I’ll send ‘em packing!

What happened to Walter?
What? Today? Well, I custard-pied him at 9… swapped his homework for my baby sister’s old nappy at 10…

I have a spare pea-shooter, would you like it?
I already have an Inter-Continental Ballistic Peashooter, why would I want another one?

Are you a vegetarian? Or would you make bacon sandwiches out of Rasher?
Are you trying to get on my wick? Ask a sensible question… or else!

Unlike other stars and celebrities, you don’t seem to have had any plastic surgery and we almost never see you in the gutter press getting out of stretch limos. What’s the secret of keeping such a low profile?
I’m too busy having fun and menacing to get involved in any of that celebrity rubbish.

And finally, do you have a message for all the big boys and girls out there who have followed your exploits for decades?
Carry On Menacing but please, look after the planet for us kids eh! 


Kevin Andreas – "Strawberry Wine"

5 out of 5

A great new single from a Brooklyn singer, songwriter, producer and multi-multi-instrumentalst. This is as funky as they get. Great groove, great melody and an exciting arrangement.

Listen here: "Strawberry Wine" by Kevin Andreas

News post by Tom Tikka for MBTM

5 out of 5

"Waiting For The Love" is one of those tracks that makes you smile as you listen simply because it's that good. It's a mixture of soul, blues and pop and here's the thing, it's done very, very well. The vocals are top-notch, soulful but not too dramatic and the arrangement works like a charm. I like how the song begins with just an acoustic guitar and some keyboards but little by little grows into a full-blown pop production. As wonderful as the final product is, the acoustic beginning makes you realise that "Waiting For The Love" would have also worked as an acoustic number, it's that well written.

I heard this song in the car for the very first time and it fit the moment perfectly. It was close to midnight, it was raining and I felt down and out. In other words, I was in the right headspace to listen to the blues. Obviously, what I got was much more than that. Some songs have healing power. This is one of those tracks.

Oh, and while I'm not sure if it is wise to wait for the love to come find you, I do know this much: I absolutely adore this track.

Listen here: "Waiting For The Love" by Wild Celia

Review by Tom Tikka for MBTM


Clark Graham – "The Girl With Mountains In Her Eyes"

5 out of 5

”The Girl With Mountains In Her Eyes” is an Irish-flavoured, ultra-melodic pop tune that sounds in part a bit like the Hollies and believe it or not, Sir Paul. This could have been on some of Macca’s Wings albums from the 70s. 

I like the fact that the drums are minimalistic and most of the rhythm comes from the acoustic guitars that are the driving force behind the song. Clark Graham does a wonderful job with the arrangement. It all fits and flows forward naturally. On top of that, the track truly has it all: great lead vocals, effective harmonies, subtle but smart use of keyboards (check out the middle eight and the outro) and an absolutely irresistible melody. Oh, and I also want to point out another strength. This song has something that most modern songs don’t: a real, breathing middle eight. In case you are wondering, you are right, that too is very, very good. 

I think most men have fallen for that “girl with mountains in her eyes” at least once in our lifetime. Whether we should have held on to her or not is another question. Love can sometimes find us when we are not ready for it and the result is that we foolishly or shall I say carelessly, let it slip through our hands. And you know what? I’m kind of glad that this happens because that’s when songs such as this one are written. The world would be a worse place without them.

Listen here: "Girl With Mountains In Her Eyes" by Clark Graham

Review by Tom Tikka for MBTM