Gary Dranow & the Manic Emotions single, "Mellow Drama"

About Gary Dranow & the Manic Emotions

Gary Dranow & the Manic Emotions is a Park City, Utah-based classic rock band making music for the square pegs. After creating successful business endeavors in the world of outdoor sports, bandleader Gary Dranow turned to music to help him cope with bipolar disorder and the effects of a stroke. The result is a genre-defying collection of songs that provide comfort to those who are also walking a difficult path.

After several successful releases from their debut album, Destiny Road, they are finally ready to release the much anticipated collection. But for Gary Dranow, the band’s leader and songwriter, there is no other song that’s more personal than “Mellow Drama".

About Gary

This classic rock-influenced single has whispers of blues elements reminiscent of the rock of the 80’s. The playfulness of the keyboard sprinkled throughout the single adds texture to Gary’s skilled guitar.

He wrote “Mellow Drama” in the third person, from the point of view of those he’s been in relationships with, both platonic and romantic. As someone with Bipolar with mania, he explored what it must have been like for others to be around him.

“When I was in my late 40s I was diagnosed as bipolar with mania and for the first time, I had a reference for why I acted out as I did from early childhood until I started to be managed pharmacologically. I blew up three marriages and many relationships due to my over-the-top personality,” says Gary.

“It wasn't until I moved to Park City and a Ski Racing buddy of mine, referred me to his psychiatrist, Dr. Kalm (really his name, no joke) that I was put on the right combination of meds and I mellowed out tremendously. Before that I was hyper-aggressive and often people would be put off by my demeanor. That all changed under the care of Dr. Kalm. Now I'm as calm as a lake without wind, very stable, andnow a genuinely nice, caring person.”

Gary's struggles with manic depression have fueled his creativity and inspired him to make music that speaks to the human experience. To have your personal and professional life disrupted by your sensitivity to others around you, it sets you back every time you think you have made a step forward. That is where a lot of Gary's lyrical inspiration comes from in his original tunes.


The Review... "Mellow Drama"

This starts out with that with that iconic sound of the 80's. Guitars strumming along side a guitar lead, bass and the organ, with that classic 80's beat. Anybody from that time will enjoy this. I know I did! As the band  plays they introduce  the vocalist singing, "You think It's easy Being your friend, You think it's easy Telling you things you don't want to hear, I've had a rough time with you, Its not easy being your friends, Tell me what you want me to do." In a very inviting voice with very deep lyrics. The kinda lyric's that hit home. Song writer Gary Dramow writes an amazing track about his struggles in life. As you read above he suffers from Bipolar disorder and a stroke. Hats off to you Gary Dranow for writing such a outstanding track.

In conclusion, readers if you love the 80's style tracks. Well this  is a winner! With deep lyrics and a great sounding band that will take you back to the past with that classic 80's sound. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this band, and I think you will to!

Review by: SchizoFranic