New single coming.... 'Irresistible' - UK rock band Gone Savage

Gone Savage are an originals only UK rock band formed from former members of Sweet Sin, Sam Thunder and Dare.

ABOUT - We would describe our music as Rock with a modern melodic feel, together with a hard edge and tight under belly! All tracks are accompanied by soaring melodies and up to 4part harmonies. The touring line-up consists of Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Guitar and Lead Vocal, with all members singing backing vocals. Live sets incorporate audio and visual effects to supplement the live audio.
LIVE – Not currently gigging but…Previous performances included Stage2 at HRH AOR6, which was met with great enthusiasm from both the people attending and the gathered media. We were also invited to perform an acoustic set for VIP’s and press for HRH.

LOCATION - Based in and around Manchester UK, our current fan base is predominately North West England / North Wales.

INTEREST - In the UK we have a loyal following within the rock record company / journalist community, with the likes of Hard Rock Hell, AOR Underground, Powerplay Magazine, Classic rock radio, Fireworks, Manic Mosh, Steelheart records Italy and many others taking a genuine interest in what we do.

- We are currently on rotation on over 100 national and internet stations globally. We have been invited in for acoustic live sessions, on air interviews and have several live audio / videos of our acoustic versions which are available by request. Also we are able to do specific radio ID’s and tags for you.

RELEASES – Friday 1st November 2019 marked the start of a new era for Gone Savage with the release of a new track BULLETPROOF and accompanying Lyric video. The follow up single, ‘LOUDER THAN THE SUN’ was released on February 7th 2020 and as part of special re-release, ‘LOVE CAUGHT ME OUT’ was remixed and remastered with Will Glover back on lead vocals and dropped on the 25th September 2020 as our last single!

The debut album, PastLife was released May 2022 to much acclaim from reviewers and media alike!
The band has a long history with previous contributors including Vinny Burns ( Dare) James Marsh (Resurrection EP – lead and rhythm guitars and lead vocals) and Andy Halliwell (Sweet Sin) together with the original drummer James Ross (Also Ex Dare).
Currently the band line up is Ian Salpekar and Will Glover with guests musicians brought in to cover live work. All writing and production is done in house by Will and Ian.
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The Review..."Irresistible"

The Track starts out with a wall of guitars the sound is powerful. The drums and bass are booming, introducing the vocalist singing, "Save me Im drowning in you Silently breathing you in I fear" with a roaring voice. This track definitely gets your heart pumpin and your legs taping to the rhythm of this track. Wow, at the bridge there is an amazing change up. This tracks guitars are just played amazingly. This track is Irresistible, what a perfect name for this track.

In conclusion, I was blown away with this track. With the amazing wall of guitar's, and heart pumping drums and bass. Definitely check this track out! Pre-Save this one. You'll be blown away too.

Review by: SchizoFranic